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  1. What kind of ship(ships?) are the PCs using?

    If it is a lot smaller I would do something like a trenchrun, where the PCs has to knock out subsystems.

    If the PCs ship is the same size. Toss in a boarding action from the BBEGs cap ship.

    Have the battle take place in an interesting environment. Like an asteroid field where the PCs have to dodge boulders, but th BBEGs cap ship just plows through the asteroids. Or maybe the BBEGs ship dives into the atmosphere of a gas giant, where the PCs have to dodge lightning strikes. The BBEG also pops out behind clouds to fire some shots and then hide again. You can also have the BBEG hyperjump to a new location after he takes some damage.


  2. In my opinion he should not earn any conflict for this case. The book suggest that conflict should be given if he chooses to not intervene. The FaD PC didnt seem to have a chance to affect the outcome. So no conflict should be given for that.

    However could be made that the FaD PC should be given conflict for tossing a Corsec officer. If it the PC used violence as a first solution before the PC was attacked by Corsec.

  3. I would not play an anti-hero with the goal of having a static morality score. Instead I would aim to have the morality be between 30 and 70 and be ok with it fluctuating. To me the compeling part of an anti-hero is the inherent conflict of doing bad things for good causes. I would roleplay it as doing what is nessesary until I hit 30. Then my character would realize that he is no better than the enemy and try to be better(and increase morality score). The fun part then is when he has to break his conviction because **** hits the fan and has to start taking conflict again. And then keep bouncing beteween 30 and 70 or any other values that feels appropriate.

    If the character becomes a darkside paragon I would ask the GM to introduce a character to act as a morality pet. Someone like Padme to Anakin, someone who tries to keep him good.

    On the other hand, if the character is a lightside paragon, it is time to introduce a personal tragedy. For example when Anakins mother is killed by tusken raiders.

    Hope this helps. I know the example isnt the best, but hope my point gets across anyway.

  4. This is awesome. Im stealing this for one of my adventures. Now the feedback: 

    I think you have forgotten to substitute mynook in some place under Energy Parasite. Also I couldnt see what its flying speed is. And the jpeg is on the small side, kinda hard to read the characteristics.

    On a more mechanical side: Maybe make it a rival instead of a minion, since minions only have skill ranks in groups.

    But like I said awesome idea!

  5. 1 minute ago, penpenpen said:

    I don't there's a 1-HP attachment for that outside the ship building rules, but regardless this would be funnier with Jump boots, as it would allow you to jump to hyperspace, but limit you to maximum altitude of 35 metres...

    Yeah. I didnt read the rules before posting that. But now that I have I can make it worse, if hyperdrive is still allowed.

    Rocketboots with hyperdrive and astromech socket (because it is obviously a starfighter). It also has a astrogation droid brain, autopilot droid brain and a gunnery droid brain. Bonus! Droid brains argue when installed together, so you basicly become Rogue Trooper.

  6. 25 minutes ago, Tramp Graphics said:

    Yes, but that's not what this talent does, not by the way it is written, not by the intent of the writers, not by the lore from which it was taken. 

    It was more of a joke than a real argument. But according to the rules it is a perfecly valid interpetation of the talent. As others have said in this thread the talent makes no mention of how the force is manifested, only that it is involved. 

    Also I would claim that the intent of the writers was to leave it open to interpetation. Of course I have not way of knowing the game designers(writers) intent, but neither do you. Or rather you havent yet given a quote where game designers support your interpetation.

    The lore is always in flux and often contadictory, so I would not give it much weight.

    So I suggest we leave it here. Neither of us will convinced the other. Lets just play the game in a way we enjoy and help each other where we can. :)


  7. 2 hours ago, Archlyte said:

    2) I do this, and I was doing it a bit too much I think initially because couching my feedback in too much of the positive stuff made the point get lost in the good job sandwich.

    A good rule of thumb I use when giving feedback is: 2 good things and 1 criticism. That way the criticism isnt lost (hopefully) and it is still mostly positive feedback.

    If the GM is having trouble describing the scene, maybe suggest that he use maps and pictures. You know the old saying "A picture says more than a thousand words".

  8. 23 hours ago, Magnus Arcanus said:

    You don't need to lower the die size for dark side characters. In order to fuel their powers, they need to use Dark Side Pips, which still carry the +1 conflict per pip used.

    I had forgotten about that :P yeah, i agree it is unnecessary to lower the die size for dark siders.

  9. 32 minutes ago, Ender07 said:

    I think that would make sense, a D4 if you are 90+, D6 if you are 80+, D8 for 70+, and D10 for everything else...the higher you go the harder it is to stay there and you can't rely on lucky die rolls to save you.

    I think you should also use a D4 if the morality is less than 10. It should be hard to be redeemed because the dark side is seductive. So D4 for 90+ and 10-, D6 for 80+ and 20-, D8 for 70+ and 30- and D10 for the rest.

  10. One way for the PCs to acquire soldiers and facilities could be for them to take on obligations to planet and organisations they control.

    An example could be that the PCs control Corellia and wants to take over Duro. By taking on the obligation "Weak defence at Corellia" the PCs gain a attack fleet. The the obligation can be triggered by an imperial fleet approaching Corellia. The PCs would then have to either defend Corellia or lose Corellia. This can be scaled, at the start of the campaign it could be recruiting freedom fighters in a village.

    Faclities could be gained in a similar way, except the obligation would be to supply the facility with material or personnel. The obligation could also be a debt. E.g borrow money from a trade consortium.

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