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  1. P(at least 1 triumph)=1 - P(no triumph)^n Where P is the probability of an event and n is the number of die. So if you have three die it is 1 - (11/12)^3=397/1728
  2. Yes. The talent description reads "When an adversary becomes engaged with the char­acter, the character may force the adversary to make a fear check". The character can choose to not force a fear check. Narratively it could mean that character uses his Bruce Wayne voice instead of his Batman voice.
  3. Handing out conflict more often

    I had forgotten about that yeah, i agree it is unnecessary to lower the die size for dark siders.
  4. Handing out conflict more often

    I think you should also use a D4 if the morality is less than 10. It should be hard to be redeemed because the dark side is seductive. So D4 for 90+ and 10-, D6 for 80+ and 20-, D8 for 70+ and 30- and D10 for the rest.
  5. Unknown Ship, need help identifying

    I think it is this one: It seems to be a modified version of the consular.
  6. Imperial Counter-Slicer

    Splicer maybe, like in joining a rope by weaving the broken strands together? But it might be to similar to slicer.
  7. Playing a Mandalore.

    There is a stat block for mandalorian humans in Friends Like These.
  8. One way for the PCs to acquire soldiers and facilities could be for them to take on obligations to planet and organisations they control. An example could be that the PCs control Corellia and wants to take over Duro. By taking on the obligation "Weak defence at Corellia" the PCs gain a attack fleet. The the obligation can be triggered by an imperial fleet approaching Corellia. The PCs would then have to either defend Corellia or lose Corellia. This can be scaled, at the start of the campaign it could be recruiting freedom fighters in a village. Faclities could be gained in a similar way, except the obligation would be to supply the facility with material or personnel. The obligation could also be a debt. E.g borrow money from a trade consortium.