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  1. I've seen them pop up a few times in older scenarios, yes.
  2. IMO, Akachi is the second weakest ability in the game. From "eh" to "worst," they are (IMO) . . . #3: Wendy Adams -- "You cannot become Stunned or Restrained." Um . . . wow? Seriously, how often does this come up? It's the rare result of certain specific attacks and horror checks. I guess it's just good enough to be worth having, but very weak. Possible ways to fix it: Maybe add Dazed to the list? #2: Akachi Onyele -- "Effects cannot cause you to discard Clues unless you choose to." Even rarer than being Stunned and Restrained. She's not a badly balanced character otherwise, but that's weaksauce. Possible ways to fix it: I like the idea above of letting this ability also apply to any ally in range. That would make it feel worthwhile. #1: Amanda Sharpe -- "You may perform two additional puzzle steps when attempting a puzzle." Okay, I realize that this seems decent on the surface, but unless you're playing with two or maybe three 'gators, it's really unlikely that Amanda will be the one to stumble across a given puzzle. Every single time we play with her, it's always someone else who ends up having to swap tiles around. We've never had her bonus come up once. Possible ways to fix it: She's actually the only 'gator that we have house ruled, and we did so to just give her another minor niche. "Also, once per turn, you can read a journal as a free action." That way, we can at least hand the Old Journal to her in scenarios that have you read it, and she feels useful. Also, it's very in keeping with the whole "student" thing.
  3. We've had some good luck with barricades. One barricade once held off a shoggoth for three full rounds! (Yes, we got lucky.) Other times, the monster has just waltzed right through. I definitely like the idea that smashing a barricade should stop the monster's attack and further progress into the room. Actually, what do y'all think of this house rule? Barricades: If a monster rolls 2+ successes on its Brawl roll, the barricade is removed at the end of the mythos phase. Thus, a barricade will keep even the strongest (corporeal) monster from walking through a door for at least a single turn.
  4. I rebased the minis onto clear Litko bases, and it is a world of difference visually! I'm not saying they're the best gaming minis out there or anything, but they've gone from "meh" to "nice!" with just that one change -- the ugly black squares are a big part of what detracts from their appearance IMO. So after doing that, I always use the minis, and happily so.
  5. I didn't even hang onto the included sheet. As I recall, the only actual rules it added were "Moving Room Tiles" (which contained absolutely nothing that wasn't common sense) and "Key Tokens" (if you put a key token on a card, nothing can make you drop or lose it). Pretty simple stuff.
  6. Yeah, the only possible "race-specific sculpt" I could get behind would be a single flagship, and then only if it were so over-the-top that you needed only to glance at it to know, "Oh yeah, that's their flagship." I really don't want to have to consult a graphic reference every time I look at the board to remember which one is the N'orr cruiser and which is the N'orr carrier. Also, +1 to Dweomer's question; what strategy are you missing?
  7. So, one of the things that was confirmed in the recent TI4 documentary was that FFG doesn't consider the old Twilight Imperium RPG to be canon. That makes it hard not to wonder, are there any plans -- or at least possibilities -- for a new Twilight Imperium RPG using the Genesys system? After all, few other board games boast a setting as robust, exciting, and interesting. I can't imagine I'm the only one who would love to see this.
  8. Like I've said, my issue with the Winnu is not necessarily that they're too weak*, but that they're too narrowly focused. They're the only race that has exactly one path to victory which makes use of their racial strengths. Any other path they take is automatically more difficult than it is for any other race, because they have zero inherent aptitude for it. When you play the Winnu, you must try to take Mecatol Rex first and then hold it. And that makes them not weak, but flawed, and I can say that with confidence without having played dozens of games. * Actually, at the moment I do feel that they're genuinely underpowered, but I want to play more before making any definitive statements there.
  9. There is one thing balancing Hacan's most jerk-move racial tech, and it's the same thing balancing Yssaril's Action-Card-stealing tech -- the moment you actually research it, the entire table is going to stop trading with you and go on high alert. The moment you actually use it, expect a coalition. Granted, it's still OP, but at least there's that social mitigation factor.
  10. Cool, thanks for the links and info. To be honest, it looks a bit complicated and confusing on the surface -- in particular because none of the symbols are at all intuitive (why is the advantage a cyclops smiley face while failure is a triangle??) -- but I know that doesn't necessarily translate to how it plays. I'll look for some reviews that discuss the system, hopefully with examples of play that go into what it's like using the dice.
  11. I guess they sent those out in batches, because I got one earlier today as well saying the same thing.
  12. So, for those of us who have never played the SWRPG (and don't want to), is there a resource somewhere that explains what "narrative dice" are? Because so far it feels like the FFG news keeps mentioning them as a key part of Genesys, without actually explaining them. (Unless I missed a news article that did, of course.)
  13. So, to address those talking about Winnu, we finally played a game with Winnu in it and . . . well, it's hard to say from just one game, but they definitely felt a bit weak and very pigeon-holed. Winnu basically has only one strategy in the entire game: take MR. So they had no choice but to start with Antimass Deflectors, get Gravity Drive on the first turn, and take MR immediately afterward. Then they reinforced the holy **** out of it as quickly as they could, which was not that fast because they didn't have a lot of resources. The first problem was that this left their home world practically undefended for a round. They had to give their nearest neighbor (Yssaril) a ton of concessions to play nice, and were just lucky that Yssaril had no objectives involving home systems. (It was a 5P game, so Yssaril was close and N'orr was far.) The second problem was that until they got the ability to flip values, they had very few resources to work with, because it took a lot of energy to just defend MR and their homeworld, once N'orr started creepingup. The third problem was that they eventually lost MR, and weren't able to get it back easily, at which point they had very little to work with and couldn't recover. So I do agree that the Winnu seem problematic. It's not so much that they're "weak," it's more that they only have one possible strategy, which makes it too easy to stop them. All you have to do is keep MR away from them, and Winnu's racial abilities are useless. Again, I need to play more games with Winnu before I can really say for sure, but my initial instinct is that they're the only race so far whose revamp was unsuccessful.
  14. Planetary Invasion is one of the steps of a tactical action, yes. So basically, Winnu on MR will always have a space dock and PDS.
  15. This game, in either edition, really isn't hard to wrap your brain around. It's vast, sprawling, and complex -- but that's not because the rules are confusing, but because there's just so much you can do. Expect your first game to go poorly because you didn't have a viable strategy, your second game to go better, and to feel by the third game like you really understand what you're doing.