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  1. MM notes this as being a Feb/Mar release. Worth noting that FFG has a preorder page up on Amazon that lists the release date as May 31. Hopefully that's just them trying to underpromise and overdeliver.
  2. Overall Variety in MoM

    Considering that I just read an article which listed MOM/2E as one of the top 10 bestselling strategy board games of 2017, I find this statement absolutely hilarious. Arkham Horror also made the list, which I think shows how both games have their fans. But it's immature to confuse "This isn't exactly the game I'm looking for" with "This is a major flub for the company."
  3. Battlefields was a trilingual expansion. Feel free to buy the German one; it'll work just fine if you speak English and the rules are in all three languages. All that changes is the cover text.
  4. Nekrovirus Ground Forces

    Capacity doesn't matter. You don't check capacity during a space battle, only afterward, and by then all of your GF have returned to the planet.

    Yeah, definitely. You play a veto WHEN an agenda is revealed, and then you play riders AFTER an agenda is revealed. Definitely pretty straightforward when phrased that way, and I believe the clarification/errata was specifically to cover the Veto/Rider interaction. I've updated my wiki page.

    Actually, I Just checked some things, and Riders say "After an agenda is revealed..." while Dane has said the Veto card is errata'd as "When an agenda is revealed..." In other words, the intent is that you check for Vetoes first, and then check for Riders. So I'll update that on the wiki. (And I haven't had a chance to playtest N'orr yet with the two techs. I want at least three games with them before deciding.)

    IndyBart: That's a good summary! I've stolen it and flesh it out a bit for our group's TI4 wiki page. Thanks!
  8. Huh, weird. We didn't see any of that in our playthrough, and IMO we weren't exactly speedy at completing it!
  9. Yeah, that's definitely a mistake on behalf of the coders. The app should know that there's a wall there, and thus should know not to spawn any non-phasing monster there. In general, I'd use the following house rule: If a monster ever spawns in a room without any doors, assume there's a hidden door that lets it out if the app says it moves.
  10. My wife and I just beat Ill-Fated Exhibit . . . and I'm not sure if it was just our luck, but I have to ask, why on Earth does the game load you up with so many weapons and pointless trinkets? I don't mind the occasional red herring, but we wasted an entire turn getting one Search puzzle open, just to get an Elder Sign. To evade monsters. Of which there are none. And I felt bad that my wife, playing Marie Lambeau (with nothing but the Shriveling spell), was unable to ever once use her special ability. (Y'know what would have been nice? Having any noncombat spell instead.) I don't know if there's some way for that scenario to play out where monsters suddenly pop up and become relevant. If not, then it feels like they were trying to pad a simple 5x4 logic puzzle into a few hours of meaningless exploration.
  11. You check for capacity after space combat, before invasion. Carrier goes boom, so do your troops.
  12. If an action card is cancelled, it's like it never happened. If it required an action, that action isn't used/lost. If you have another copy of that card, you can play it. (This was confirmed by Dane some time back, though I don't have a link.)
  13. Question regarding Phasing.

    Yep. When a creature has phasing, try to sort of "defocus" on the details of the board and just look at the squares. The monster treats the whole board as if it were a big, open, featureless plain. Phasing is scary.
  14. I have a feeling that this would make sense to anyone already familiar with Armada and its dice. To be honest, though, I'm completely lost.
  15. Saar racial tech

    Sure they can. If they move a space dock into an activated system, the last step in that system is Production. It's one of the things that makes them so powerful.