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  1. pklevine

    Public Knowledge question

    The number of planets you have is public knowledge -- but what "public knowledge" means as far as self-reporting is 100% down to table/group rules, not game rules. It's all about how cutthroat (and, dare I say, mature) your particular group is. Our group plays to have fun, socialize, and enjoy each other's company as much as try to win. So if I asked how many planets someone had and their response was, "I don't have to tell you that," I'd probably respond, "Do you really want to slow the game down by making me come over there, touch your cards, and count them all myself?" and if they did, I'd take my sweet time doing so every single turn until they realized how silly and counterproductive that sort of stance is. If someone actually LIES about something that's public knowledge, they get one warning that we don't do that. Do it again, and we'll find an adult to play with instead. (Exceptions made, of course, for the VERY FEW games where "lying about public knowledge stuff" is explicitly part of the game and expected.)
  2. pklevine

    "Fire spreads" direction dice?

    There's really no universal way to handle this, because first you need to roll to pick a fire space that isn't already surrounded by fire and has free room to spread, then you need to roll to pick a spread direction. I suggest that if you want to do this randomly, toss a d12 into your box (because it can act as a true d2, d3, d4, and d6, and a jury-rigged d5 and d7-11). Then just assign numbers (on the spot) to all valid fire spaces and roll, then assign numbers to whatever directions are available for spread and roll.
  3. pklevine

    direct hit playable by any player?

    No. Direct Hit explicitly says you play it after "a hit produced by your units." If you aren't in the fight, you don't have any units producing hits in this fight!
  4. pklevine

    Behind Closed Doors

    (Very minor spoilers.) We played BCD last night and hated it. Even having read this thread and knowing that there's a hidden timer, its "Times up, you lose" ending was so anticlimactic. And the entire adventure was just a repetitive series of fetch-quests involving equally repetitive puzzles. Worst adventure yet IMO.
  5. pklevine

    Mansions of Madness Bug Report

    Scenario: Behind Closed Doors Platform: iOS (all versions) -- plus probably every other platform! There's a mistake that got through proofreading. When an investigator tends the fire, it says that it responds "to your administrations." Clearly you meant "ministrations." (Also, this scenario was terrible and we'll never play it again. Even knowing that we were on a hidden timer, it ended anticlimactically and was just a drawn out series of repetitive fetch-quest puzzles.)
  6. pklevine

    A Few Questions Before My First Game

    Also make sure you at least glance at the important errata: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1902562/verified-errata-k-yes-hyper-metabolism-wrong Or, if you have time and aren't worried about being overwhelmed, read through the updated Living Rules Reference which includes the errata above plus much more: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/3a/fc/3afce41b-b757-4dc8-b005-3a5efffd0fad/ti4_living_rules_reference_v1_1.pdf
  7. pklevine

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    Agreed. That's why (IMO) it's important to leave the "traitor" cards in. Our house rules only "fix" them to not end the game prematurely -- they still screw over the rest of the party and usually cause you to lose naturally.
  8. pklevine

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    To be clear, we've left those "traitor" cards in. But the house rules fix them to ensure that the game doesn't end prematurely.
  9. pklevine

    Traitor insanity cards have got to go.

    We've house ruled all insanity conditions so that they can't end the game prematurely, for precisely that reason. There's no fun in an anticlimactic ending. Details here if you're interested: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/267423-our-house-rules-for-gameplay-and-investigators/ Alternatively, you can simply pull those out of the deck, of course.
  10. pklevine


    The wording of the card indicates that the person activating these an as action discards Damage. So that would be you, not another investigator. That said, it would be completely reasonable to house rule that you can use these on someone else in the same space, as it fits the theme of what they are and can do. But definitely not across the map!
  11. Now that I have SOT, I've updated my foamcore insert to pack everything into the core box and the SOA box. I've taken detailed pictures, and will gladly answer questions, but I'm not organized enough to make actual design plans, etc. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1983923/my-custom-foamcore-insert-and-organizer
  12. pklevine

    Sanctum of Twilight: Got it!

    I are jelly! My FLGS is still waiting on their copies to show up. I don't collect the boxes or anything like that, so I'm okay with it being weak cardboard; I'll be trashing it anyway. In fact, once I have this in my hand I plan to revamp my current custom-built foamcore insert so that it spreads across the core box and the Streets of Arkham box. (Will post photos after doing so.) Pretty sure I can comfortably fit everything in both.
  13. pklevine

    Sanctum of Twilight: Still 1Q2018?

    iOS updated for me as well just now (USA).
  14. pklevine

    Sanctum of Twilight: Still 1Q2018?

    Someone on BGG said that the app updated, but it hasn't for me (iOS).
  15. pklevine

    Tile Organization

    I stack them in the box* -- first the huge pieces (loose, since there's only a few), then all of the large (square) pieces collected by expansion and collated with a rubber band, then all of the small (rectangular) pieces collected the same way. Then when we're playing, one of us handles the app and another handles tiles; the former will say, "I need the dining room -- large, tentacle; it's got an attached kitchen and big dining table," which gives the latter all of the info needed to quickly pick up the right pile and then locate the tile in question. We don't sort the tiles further than that, because that seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Organizing them by size and expansion seems to do the job fine. * I made a custom foamcore organizer. I'm about to revamp it once I get SOT, at which point I'll post full pics.