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  1. TheWelcomeMat88

    Top 22 at European Nationals?

    I really like that. Also incentivizes players to win as much as possible to get a bye and not throw games because of letting a friend win or not playing to not reveal command cards near the end of swiss. Plus it gives space for a few more players (thinking especially at Worlds) who probably deserved to be in at the end but got ousted becuase of strength of schedule not in their control.
  2. TheWelcomeMat88

    Glory of the Kill (and other misleading art)

    Take initiative with C3PO was always weird to me.
  3. Here it is! Scroll to the bottom for link to stores. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/6/a-time-for-heroics/
  4. TheWelcomeMat88

    eClawdite vs rClawdite

    Mercs have Jabba. He is basically all supprt.
  5. TheWelcomeMat88

    Homebrew Characters Thread

    @Bitterman did you ever playtest that gonk droid? Seems like 3 of them with like an atdp and bt1 type figures around could be insane (atdp rolling 6 dice?)?
  6. TheWelcomeMat88

    Twin Troopers 31: Emperor Palpatine

    Yeah especially drawing it round 1 then wait to activate palp after they already focused people up. Totally messes up their plans:)
  7. TheWelcomeMat88

    New Player's Competitive Buying Guide

    Surprised i dont see more lists with both?...too many weequays, not enough rhodians!
  8. TheWelcomeMat88

    Episodes 49 and 50!!!

    No need to slow down😂! Congrats Kenny! I have only listened to 49 so far and I loved that meta discussion at the end of Madfuhrers episode. That about sums up how i feel about everything right now. I wonder if a hand limit would also help to discourage slow play (ie waiting for blaze of glory) and prevent stacking ridiculous amounts of damage as well?
  9. TheWelcomeMat88

    R2D2's Lucky

    So to clarify, what would this mean for Tress when she releases? Her krayt dragon fury says "while attacking x equals the number of surges ROLLED." So if an opponent tough lucks a die she rerolls while attacking, the surge(s) from the rerolled die still count towards the x because they were rolled correct?
  10. TheWelcomeMat88

    Starting our first campaign tomorrow night.

    This app simulates the original campaign but not as good as legends of thr alliance. https://imperial-directive.herokuapp.com
  11. TheWelcomeMat88

    Store Championships?

    Thats interesting. Just wondering when they will post the list of stores lol😂
  12. TheWelcomeMat88

    Store Championships?

    Does anyone know when the season starts?
  13. TheWelcomeMat88

    Davith Elso

    Davith is... "Chris Angel, World's Greatest Magician"...
  14. TheWelcomeMat88

    Davith Elso

    Actually pulking off Vanish with Maul and Greedo around could be pretty funny...no one they really want to attack
  15. TheWelcomeMat88

    Davith Elso

    You could try him with Maul in Mercs? Other than that Kotuns command card helps give out surge tokens. Blitz and Hera could both help?