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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this! Would also love to hear 1) Will Imperial Assault ever get more physical content beyond playmats (Raid mode doesn't intrigue me, honestly). I played campaign and was a competitive skirmish player and when it was said at a Q&A that there was no more physical content in development, the competitive scene locally and abroad was decimated. 2) also would love to hear more about LOTR Journeys in Middle Earth future plans. Right now the price tag does not feel worth the value or depth the game brings. 3) Destiny. What's the long turn plan? Can we expect this game to fizzle out and die and be neglected as your company looks towards the next shiny new product (much as happened to IA with Legion)? Thanks for the great products you bring!
  2. I've heard nothing about anything like that. But it would be cool!
  3. The OG IA designers are really gone though... 😓
  4. I've got a Vader Rancor list I can't wait to bust out some day. I love this list, wish you could fit in extra armor but it'd be tough, with the emperor maybe feeding frenzy is better (problem is they have to be adjacent though, negating the Rancies reach ability).
  5. eSabs are in a slightly better spot but they still need a surge for damage imo, or a reroll. I'd give royal guards back their surges, but keep the modified non-guardian only block distribution, the surges are what really killed them long term I think. Really FFG just needs to give Imperial Assault a holocron like Destiny has and not be afraid to change text on cards without feeling like they have to release new cards with the text on them.
  6. I would wager Heart of the Empire since the first two expansion apps came from Big Boxes, maybe after that they would switch to the 3 small boxes.
  7. Just to be clear, the Skirmish mode is AMAAZIING, but it's not easy for everyone to find a regular competitive playgroup if that's what you're looking for (unless you're content playing on Vassal, there's still a bunch of people who play there every day)
  8. This is an awesome idea. I've grown bored of the meta right now too, so I've been thinking of just making fun/thematic lists to pair against each other (stormtroopers vs rebel troopers, creatures vs droids, Rhodians and Trandos vs Wookies, etc.
  9. It's definitely worth it if you want to play Campaign in any form or fashion- it won't change and it's always there as long as you can find a few folks to play it with you. There's so much content that it will last you for quite some time to get through it all (I mean there's 6 expansions plus the base, plus all the character packs and even those each include 1 campaign mission). The number of campaign missions to be played has got to be in the 100s at this point, especially if you include the app (there's a few good fan-made ones as well I hear). And then there's the option to play the App instead, or you can find a number of folks through Discord that may be willing to do an online campaign through Vassal. Also if you're into painting, the minis in this game are a blast to pain. If your interest was strictly for competitive skirmish, I'd be a little more hesitant (this is coming from someone who has placed at Regionals and Store Championships) right now because you will need to buy a ton of stuff to have a top tier list, and Spectre Cell is dominating the meta right now. Skirmish is an amazing system though, and if you're just wanting to play it casually you're in for a good time no matter what expansions/packs you decide to buy.
  10. The Vader vs Ezra attack thing is so weird, but before rerolls or turning a die they both average just above 5 damage when attacking one another, which is crazy (Vader has 52% chance to hit Ezra for 5, Ezra has 51% to hit Vader for 5). Of course Vader's reroll and Ezra's getting to fix a die really change that math, but it is pretty insane that Ezra's attack is close to the same as the strongest figure in the game, and with Brash he has the movement to set up pummel- something much harder for Vader to pull off. I'll be honest guys- the meta for IA has grown stale for me, the only two/three "counters" (I put that in quotes because statistically Spectre has still been winning the most of the time by far) to Spectre are Hunters or Vader and maybe the Box with Han Drokkata. That's it. I enjoy solving a puzzle, and Spectre can be beat, but man everything has to go almost perfect for you to win, whereas Spectre can lose 1-2 figures early and still come back many times to win. Attacking Ezra is one of the most frustrating experiences in this game- with Kanan nearby he has access to every defensive bonus a figure can have in this game- He can play On the Lam, he can dodge, he can reroll, he has static blocks (2 of them!!) he can recover damage later, and at the start of round he gains movement points to either put him in safety or position him to attack. With no product for the future to speak of, I'm not confident about where the meta is right now that the game can survive an extended absence of some sort of new Skirmish content release (the overall decreased turnout at tournaments this Regional season sadly supports this idea). This is still my favorite game of all time, but the design of the Spectre Cell card (and especially Rebel Graffiti you gotta be kidding me about that card) don't give me any sort of confidence about the design of this game for the future. We really need an FAQ or a new expansion, we need so many figures recosted (it's super depressing how much content in this game is unusable at the competitive level). Right now I don't want to even play on Vassal anymore because I'm pretty sure I'll end up usually facing either Spectre Cell, Vader/Palp/Thrawn, Han/Rangers, or some sort of IG list (very few folks even run the VP manipulation list that I adore). It just gets old after awhile.
  11. Not sure how good it would be, but if you temporary alliance'd her into Scum she'd be cool with Hondo/Onar/ Etc. Maybe something like Leia Hondo Onar Greedo Gideon R2 eJawa c3po Regular Clawdite Run all the big Hunter stuff (assassinate/heightened reflexes/tools for the job), On the Lam, 2nd Chance, and Intel Leak, Negation, and maybe Strength in Numbers? Then flavor 0 costs to taste.
  12. Ah yes, you are correct, I had a mind slip and was thinking about the Rancor combo'd with Wild Fury. My bad!
  13. I'll be moving to East Iowa in the next month or so, wondering if there's any Campaign/Skirmish going on in the region? I'll be living in Burlington, Iowa. Thanks!
  14. It's a really bad command card as is, far too situational to be of use (though you could set up some cool parting blow shenanigans with the right cards). If you get an extra move out of it then it's definitely not worth 3 (Price of Glory would be far better for 2), and if you're getting a force choke out of it why not just run Force Surge (2 cost) to give you better consistency. It's laughable how bad it is compared to Son of Skywalker and they both came out in the Core Set. Best use would be moving/Force Choking something, then using the card to attack someone close. Single Purpose on the Original no "Driven by Hatred" Vader with brutality and this would be pretty sick though, but again far too difficult to set up.
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