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  1. TheWelcomeMat88

    Store Championship List and Prizes Dropped

    No, Heroic Effort is an anomaly. I have a copy too, it seems to me they used a different material and a different size card, and mine came in a different sleeve than they normally package them in as well. Also for some reason they made Heroic Effort an attachment, when it's just an upgrade. Seems like they got a little sloppy on this one!
  2. TheWelcomeMat88

    Jarrod, Is he any good?

    Jarrod "can" hit hard, but his base stats aren't actually...impressive at all. He has a 82% chance to get 3 damage vs a black die (so he is nice as a "finishing off figures" piece), and only a 53% chance to get 4 damage. That's actually pretty lackluster. Of course is Jax is closeby those numbers get a bit better with an extra pierce. Consider that there Jets and Riots in almost every imperial list with access to surge cancels, pierce negation, and blocks for days, and Jarrod's in a tough spot on the damage race. NOW a focused Jarrod is totally better, he has a 75% chance to do 5 damage. It seems to me that Jarrod's best role is as an objective runner and finishing figures off piece. Deathblow and looking for a fight can help him add damage, and he loves stuff like prepared for battle and veteran instincts. Extra Armor and giving him a block or 2 may go a long way to help him be more survivable, especially with Doubt getting rid of some focuses or tokens, so Jarrod may actually fair a bit better once Tyrants comes out. If you could still activate Jax after Jarrod is defeated, man oh man would I be using this guy all the time.
  3. TheWelcomeMat88

    New Jabba Campaign

    There's definitely some moments where you make moral choices, but it's mostly choices like between different shades of grey. I'm not sure about Biv in the app in the normal campaign I found him lackluster but you do you....Shyla is a always a good choice. Vinto is good but he's just not my favorite to play- in general I find white die characters in this app campaign less forgiving (I had to face weequays, HKs, gamorreans multiple times), and especially in this campaign there aren't many pierce surges flying around so i tended to survive longer with my other folks w/o getting wounded.
  4. TheWelcomeMat88

    New Jabba Campaign

    Wow just finished my first go through of Jabba's Realm and I can't wait to play through it again already! I won't say any story/plot spoilers but there are definitely decisions you make mid-missions that change how a mission finishes in the 2nd part, and some decisions which will branch you in a different path altogether. There's a certain character who really gets fleshed out, and from what I've heard you will learn more things on future play-thrus if you make different choices. I really enjoyed the first App Campaign, but this one just takes it to a whole new level! The only thing I will say is that I would make sure to carve out a good 2 hours for each mission, maybe 2-3 hours if you are playing with a group. Just about every mission I experienced so far you will be adding tiles or whole new sections of tiles, so it just takes longer to set things up, and there's a lot more moving parts to keep track of on the map than in the first campaign. My team was Jarrod, Kotun, Shyla, and Vinto. I had a few pretty neat combos, like for example Shyla had a BD-1 Vibro Ax with a Vibrogenerator, so I wasn't really wasting surges but got to add +2 damage to each attack (it makes you lose 2 surges). That worked awesome with her swords dance and 1 red die so I would usually get another 2-3 damage through. Kotun had a Sporting Blaster and the Bolt Upgrade so 1 attack I could add a red die and a power token to pump out some pretty sick damage..Jarrod had the Force Pike and High-Impact Guard, and in the final mission I drew a turbocharger which let me add surges (i had 3 surges to add damage so that was real nice). Also Jarrod is so freaking fun, I love Scouts Loadout in the app (since deployments keep happening all the time mid-mission), my Jarrod also had a Combat Knife and a R5 Astromech- that astromech was a real MVP because I kept getting crates and money without having to waste precious actions, and most of the items were decent, in 1 mission in particular a shock grenade literally won me the mission. I found Shyla is still good but not as powerful in the app because the App figures usually get boosted movement so moving them around doesn't do as much...except on 1 or 2 mission where you can do some pretty nasty things with it...I love handing out stuff with Kotun, but I did find that her abilities feel sort of cluttered as you go on. I think I need to give her a shot in skirmish now, handing out tokens for free is just so gratifying. Vinto was actually my least favorite, he was okay, he is nice to finish stuff off...Battlefield Experience and Rapid Fire were pretty key with the opportunity to give him rerolls (especially before I got the Disruptor Pistol).
  5. TheWelcomeMat88

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Combat Resupply, I mean.
  6. TheWelcomeMat88

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Also BT-1 and 000 and Sentries would be great candidates for using that card even in merc lists, so you can still buff those merc attacks to all close figures...that's crazy
  7. TheWelcomeMat88

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Also no one is talking about it because the other flashy stuff, but Combat Resupply is bonkers good. On round 1 even you can easily hand out more than an assassinate's worth of damage without even spending an action. And then there would still be room for the block tokens from Extra Armor...
  8. TheWelcomeMat88

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    On the empire side of it, Jets have easy access to grenadier and overrun (and now this) for unmitigated damage. Rebels have Drokkata with shrapnel and other shenanigans plus Sabine for unmitigated AOE damage. Combining that with heavy fire could potentially kill more figures without even having to attack them (super strong for taking out Han) or force your opponent to make suboptimal positioning choices. Let's at least give it a shot and see.
  9. TheWelcomeMat88

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    Sure seems like it, meaning it combos well with Heavy Fire, as does price of glory
  10. TheWelcomeMat88

    What if Rebels had Temporary Alliance

    If Saska cost 4 I would take her as a spy smuggler and with that ability.
  11. TheWelcomeMat88

    Tyrants if Lothal is now in shipping status!

    My bad, my bad!
  12. TheWelcomeMat88

    Tyrants if Lothal is now in shipping status!

    😊 Gotta be out before NOVA since Kanaan is the promo there...so it's possible.
  13. How would this shake things up? Imagine Greedo and Weequays fighting alongside Han...fair or busted? Would this offset the "Doubt hate"?
  14. TheWelcomeMat88

    Desperately seeking Boba

    Last I heard he was hiding in the Sarlaac...maybe Jabba's Realm is our way forward?
  15. Tournament starts at Noon and registration is beforehand! Skirmish scene is new here so feel free to bring anything and just have a fun time meeting other players and enjoying this great game!