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  1. TheWelcomeMat88

    Beginner list, need feedback

    I echo the Jabba sentiment! He's actually a competitive figure too and he pairs really nicely with Hondo (Hondo gain earn back the VPs that Jabba spends to order a hit in later rounds). Plus if you want to run Scum to their max potential you want Hunter Cards, and I think there's a few in his pack. The only other scum I would REALLY highly recommend you pick up is Greedo- he is insane for his value.
  2. TheWelcomeMat88

    Beginner list, need feedback

    So unfortunately "Explosive Armaments" is an attachment- this means that it's abilities only apply to one deployment card figure/group that it is paired with. So the ability only works for one set of figures. Are you wanting a more competitive list or just a fun list? Working with what I know you have, I would honestly just upgrade the Weequays to the elites (they are far far better) and drop EA and add in a regular Jawa. EA is fun but to maximize its value you need to run Gideon + C3PO and focus up the 2 figures (either Elite Weequays or HKs). Without the focus it is much much hard to trigger the double surge.
  3. I'll try to post here whenever a new video's been uploaded. Starting a new series going over each trait's command cards. Hopefully my ramblings are helpful to someone! Any feedback is appreciated. Cheers!
  4. TheWelcomeMat88

    The Welcome Mat YouTube Channel

    Five videos are up now! Just starting a new series going over each Trait's command cards. Let me know if you think I should add music in the background and such- feedback of any kind is appreciated! Cheers!
  5. TheWelcomeMat88

    Game defining command cards

    I don't often run fleet footed or urgency. There are plenty of other movement cards (Opportunistic, the 2 costs for each faction) as well. That being said they are both solid options.
  6. TheWelcomeMat88

    Any players in West London...?

    @Cajo_C know anyone? (I don't know Alistair's name on the forums here)
  7. TheWelcomeMat88

    Skirmish Map ratings

    Steer clear of the map with the Hired Guns map if you're looking for balance, it's probably one of the craziest maps out there. One REALLY cool map I enjoyed was the Carbon Chamber one from the Bespin Gambit. Super cool objective here. My understanding is that many players enjoyed the ISB Headquarters (i think thats the name) from the ISB Infiltrators pack. I think most players loved Jabba's Palace from the Jabba figure pack- his map is both very thematic (with Jabba's throne room and a Rancor pit you can fall into!) and offers a great blend of objectives vs kill points, and the deployment zones were so balanced different players preferred one side to another over tiny things relating to player preference (not obvious big differences like the deployment zones on Nal Hutta Swamps from the Alliance Rangers pack). That should give you enough to get started!
  8. TheWelcomeMat88

    What to build with the first three waves?

    Now this is fun! Let's try here. Part of how balanced these lists will be depends upon Command Card distribution, and early waves Imperial Lists tend to do better on missions where you just sit on stuff and get Victory Points. Rebels: 40 Points- 7 Activations/10 Figures/56 Health 2 C3PO 3 R2D2 3 Gideon 3 Mak 7 Rebel Saboteurs 9 Rebel Troopers 10 Luke Skywalker 2 Rebel High Command 1 Balance of the Force Imperials: 40 Points- 6 Activations/ 10 Figures/ 65 Health 10 Kayn Somos 8 Heavy Stormtroopers 9 Stormtroopers 8 Royal Guard (Make sure you are using the fixed version, which should have been included in newer copies of the IA Core Box) 2 Imperial Officer 2 Imperial Officer 1 Rule by Fear
  9. Hey everyone, I'll use this thread to update when I post new videos on the YouTube Channel. I tried a quicker format this time- and now there's no watermark! Let me know your thoughts below. Cheers! The Welcome M@
  10. TheWelcomeMat88

    Best list to combat spectre cell

    And what's crazy is I watched Isaac play a game on Vassal the other day on Tarkin against Spectre w/ his Han Rangers, and Zeb was overexposed early so he took him out, Ezra was moved up aggressively w/o On the Lam and died before any Rangers or Han were dead (though some damage got through), and Spectre Cell still came back to win.
  11. TheWelcomeMat88

    New YouTube IA Content

    Hello all! I've decided to start a section of videos on my YouTube Channel where I will record IA Skirmish games played on the Vassal module, most games will probably include commentary by me. I haven't decided what editing software to go with yet, so the first few videos will include watermarks. If I get in any live "In Real Life" stuff it will probably be more directed toward the App Campaigns, but we'll see! I also hope to do a review of each Command Card in the game so far- I'll have a written version at some point when it's done, and then I'll do short separate videos for each Trait's command cards. The channel is called "The Welcome Mat." Any questions, comments, and opinions are welcome! Here's a link to the first video:
  12. Theoretically it's nice to think of them as having 2 extra health, but if you are wanting to run Trandos competitively you have to take into account the amount of pierce that's in the meta these days...Darth Vader and the 5/6 members of team Spectre cell have access to pierce 2 or pierce 3, so that block isn't always guaranteed to be valuable. Extra Armor is really strong because it is so flexible. I think the Trandos are fun, but the problem for them is that stat-wise they don't hold a candle to Elite Weequays for the same cost- and weequays have the better trait "Smuggler" compared to "Brawler" for the Trandoshans. Weequays also have a reroll and are more consistent ranged units who have a way to potentially 'get rid' of dodges via making an opponent reroll (which is very strong). In the current meta Weequays aren't seeing as much play because 1) Doubt makes it hard to focus them both in certain matchups, 2) Vader and Spectre Cell lists get "in your face" pretty quick, so it's likely they will sometimes only get 1 focused attack before biting the dust. Also, another thing to take into account with the Trandos is that pierce 2 can be negated by Zillo Technique (basically still an auto-include in every Imperial List it's just that good), so one of your attacks is gonna do next to nothing. All that being said, Trandos are a bunch of fun. If you run some of the "Strain Train" cards like Shoot the Messenger, Out of Time, and stuff like that, you could really do some fun strain things. Also "Headhunter" is a really strong upgrade for them because you can force your opponent to discard cards from hand, which is a very strong ability. They do slightly better on maps like Tarkin Initiative Labs, but struggle on long maps like Lothal Wastes (likely to see the next tournament rotation soon). Can't wait to see those painted beauties
  13. If you're gonna try them, I think the Regulars may be the way to go. 3 cost for 6 health points is a pretty good health to cost ratio, and if they are adjacent they only do 1 dmg max less than the elites who cost 2 more points. They have pierce 2 and the strain can definitely help add some damage or (hopefully) mill a few good cards. Probably one of the nicest things they can add is the bleed, which does mess with Spectre Cell if you can pile it on a few figures.
  14. Hate to burst your bubble, but the Elite Trandos have nearly the exact same damage profile as Elite Sentry Droids... when they get adjacent for +2 Damage. And that's before the Sentry Droid's reroll which they get every attack- and from range- and they have the same health. The only thing Trandos have going in their favor is better command cards to spike damage. I really want them to work too because I LOVE their minis and I love the idea of them, but they just don't cut it 😕
  15. TheWelcomeMat88

    IA in South Florida?

    There's a Regional down there early February, so there's definitely still a community around!