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  1. TheWelcomeMat88

    New to skirmish

    And lastly here's one for Mercenaries (assuming you buy Jabba's Realm and one extra character pack, the Jawa Scavenger) 12 IG 88 (buy the Jawa pack for his "Focused on the Kill" fix)*** 6 Onar Koma (Jabba's Realm) 7 Elite Weequay Pirates (Jabba's Realm) 6 Hondo 3 Gideon Argus 4 Clawdite Shapeshifter 1 Temporary Alliance 1 Devious Scheme Command Cards 3 Take it Down 3 On the Lam 2 Blaze of Glory 2 Tools for the Job 2 Run for Cover 1 Intelligence Leak 1 Price on their Heads 1 Marksman 0 Element of Surprise 0 Urgency 0 Take Initiative 0 Planning 0 Let's Make a Deal 0 Celebration 0 Stimulants
  2. TheWelcomeMat88

    New to skirmish

    Now here's an Imperial List you could do if you have Jabba's Realm 40 Points Imperial 18 Darth Vader -5 Driven by Hatred 9 AT-DP 7 Elite Riot Troopers 7 Elite Jet Troopers 2 Regular Officer 1 Lie in Ambush 1 Zillo Technique The Tricky thing for Imperials is that you lack a bunch of the really good command cards, so you could actually have a decent squad but half your command cards would be subpar. *or you could sub Lie in Ambush and the AT-DP for a set of Elite Sentry Droids (or get rid of Vader and do them but add a probe droid or something)
  3. TheWelcomeMat88

    New to skirmish

    Ok you have a limited collection so it's gonna be tough to make an optimal list, but let's see what's the best we can do. I would highly recommend you get Jabba's Realm (it has an amazing campaign, which also has an App campaign version that just came out in the past month or so as well)- it has all the nice toys for Skirmish that you'll really need for any faction to be honest. The following list would also require Han and Chewie's small packs, but nothing beyond that. Rebels 40 Points 15 Chewbacca *Requires Chewbacca Pack -4 Wookie Avenger 12 Han Solo *Requires Han Solo Pack -2 Rogue Smuggler 5 Jarrod Kelvin 5 Jyn Odan 3 Gideon Argus 3 Mak 2 Rebel High Command 1 Balance of the Force *or sub Rebel High Command for C-3PO if you buy his pack (c3po is amazing!) and maybe R2D2 for Mak, then switch out a Spy card for something else instead (single purpose wouldn't be a bad choice) Command Cards 3 Debts Repaid (Chewie's card) 2 I Make My Own Luck (Han's card) 3 On the Lam (Jabba's Realm) 2 Run for Cover (Jabba's Realm) 2 Slippery Target (Han Solo Pack) 2 Tools for the Job (Jabba's Realm) 2 One in a Million 1 Intelligence Leak 1 Marksman 0 Urgency 0 Element of Surprise 0 Celebration 0 Fleet Footed 0 Take Initiative 0 Planning
  4. TheWelcomeMat88


    Good point on them being non-unique and elite.
  5. TheWelcomeMat88


    I like the idea, except for the fact that it's an attachment...so only 1 character gets use of it. If you want to run 3-4 force users, you probably need something along the lines of "Spectre Cell."
  6. TheWelcomeMat88

    Next expansion?

    Wait a second, we are all forgetting about the most important character they skipped in Jabba's Realm...Bidlo Kwerve, the head that saved the galaxy...
  7. TheWelcomeMat88


    "For My ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is." Cant outdo Yoda!
  8. TheWelcomeMat88


    It'd sure help Vader in his matchup vs SC that's for sure.
  9. TheWelcomeMat88

    Next expansion?

    They did say they are working on App Campaigns, so we know there's at least some sort of content on the way, even if we aren't guaranteed physical content.
  10. TheWelcomeMat88

    Spectre Cell and concurrent interrupts?

    Isn't this the same argument as Call the Vanguard? Wasn't that ruled you have to move first (and use all movement points), then attack?
  11. TheWelcomeMat88

    Legacies vs Way of the Force

    So I'm considering doing tournaments on the side (Imperial Assault is my main game, so just occasionally)- how exactly are the tournaments structured?
  12. TheWelcomeMat88

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    It'll be interesting what they do with Rogue One and Solo, and we haven't dipped into Endor too much either (alliance rangers). Rogue One is strange for a box because most of the characters weren't together before the film...maybe boosters, but I can't see a box set for them. These seem sorta likely to me in a "boosters only" wave: Yoda- he doesn't really fit in any box set during the OT time period, and Rebel force users still need more boost. Rex- he wouldn't fit in a box set now, and he's such a big fan favorite. Maybe slip a Leia fix in here (not confident on that at all though)? 4Lom/Zuckuss- if they make it in, it'd have to be a wave. This would be a perfect way to include Boba, Dengar, and probably Bossk fixes (Bossk is the closest to competitive and only needs slight tweaking) Agent Kallus- so much cool potential here. If he gets in, it's the same wave as Rex. Lobot would be cool for a Lando fix, but I dont see him making it. I hope to be wrong! It could be a long time before we get another announcement...wasn't it 6 months after Heart of the Empire (October to April) for the last wave?
  13. TheWelcomeMat88

    An Ode to Rebel Graffiti

    If this card could only be used in Rebel faction lists I wouldn't have as much grievance with it- people will learn more how to go against SC lists in time, and objectives are obviously one of their major weaknesses (can't afford many actions to pick up crates, for example), so Sabine's card helps mitigate that. But in the scum VP manipulation list, it's just bonkers that they get yet another tool for easy VPs. Yikes. Looks like the meta going forward may be something like Rebels- vast majority SC, a few other lists Scum- tons of variety here. will creatures sneak back in (i'm skeptical, but who knows)? VP manip seems to rise to the top, but Jabba isn't necessary for those lists. Strain lists could be pretty strong here. Empire- more variety than before, but with his new tools Vader is stronger than ever.
  14. TheWelcomeMat88

    Lie in Ambush timing ?

    I never noticed this till now, but are the terms "Use after activating a group" and "Use after you resolve a group's activation" different timing windows? The first sounds like you would need to do the deployment/play squad swarm at the beginning of a group's activation (before they have taken any actions), whereas the 2nd (strength in numbers and DTs) are clearly after all the actions of the figures in the group have resolved.
  15. TheWelcomeMat88

    Death Troopers. Thoughts so far?

    It seems like they really need the damage or surge token (either from other eDTS or from Thrawn especially). With concentrated fire you could have a pretty nasty attack, I think the power to chain is what makes them to strong- an eDT into a Thrawn attack followed by strength in numbers could easily finish off some beefy units without your opponent being to retaliate. Seems like they could combo well with riots by dishing them some surge tokens to get off that +2 surge or +1 damage if you roll excess surges. But the other big part they bring is activation economy. If you love brawlers though, you may have to ask what's better in your list: eDTS or 000. I would say usually eDTS for trait synergy right now. Comparing them to elite Jets (same at 4 cost), EDTs only have a 37% to do 4 vs a black die, eJets have 54%. But if we add a surge token the eDTS surge up to 68% to do 4 damage. So if you have Thrawn or another eDT, i would say the eDTs hit harder than eJets without having to risk being as up close and sacrificing safe positioning.