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  1. @OggDude I am wonderhin how to use the swCharGen.dll and the swCharGenLib.dll in a .NET Project. Untill now I managed to get the CharData filled by copying all xml-Files with their Folders into my Project-Folder and runnung: Dim dat As New SWCharGen.CharData(SWCharGen.CharData.LoadBehavior.LoadMerge) Now I want to load an Adversary from a xml-File. I tried: Dim adv As New SWCharGen.Adversary(dat) Dim advPath As String = "[Path to my Project here] \Imports\Trouble Brewing\Adversaries\Bandin Dobah - Crime Boss - Nemesis.xml" adv.Load() ...but the Adversary-Object stays empty. Could you give me a hint how to do that? Or is there a documentation or a git-repository that shows how to use the Libraries? I really dont want to parse the xml-File myself...
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