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  1. MikeEvans

    Han and the 2 Tubes

    I played a game with this list tonight. It did very well and I killed two-thirds of my opponent's list before he conceded. I didn't get into hull on Han (due to good dice, ranged bonuses, and LOTS of evade tokens provided by Lando) so R2 didn't make much of a difference, but Leia was clutch one turn of the game and the Tubes bros. did good work. Can't wait to play again.
  2. MikeEvans

    Han and the 2 Tubes

    I can't wait to try this out. I played a somewhat similar list with Han and 2 x-wings and I loved Kanan. If you were to modify this to work with Hyperspace, what would you do?
  3. MikeEvans

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    When they revised the Quick Build list, they bumped Leevan and Kulbee up to their proper threat level of 3, even though some of their upgrades (R2 and Afterburners) were actually lowered in points cost. I'd say this is proof that the original threat level of 2 was either a typo or a mistake. I am vindicated!!!
  4. MikeEvans

    Hyperspace format is non-inclusive towards women of color.

    Please, pretty please, tell me this is tongue-in-cheek. I can't really tell. If it is, it's hilarious. If not... 😓
  5. MikeEvans

    Improving Cannons

    @Hiemfire is correct, I meant that Scyks would pay less for the upgrade, because they don't generally have as much potential as ships with a higher primary attack. I like your idea, btw. No, you would need to purchase a cannon and its corresponding linked cannon upgrade to make everything work. So you'd buy a jamming beam cannon, then buy a linked jamming beam modification. If this is on a B-Wing, if you performed an attack and scored 2 hits and a crit with your primary weapon, you could spend one hit to deal a jam token, and do one regular and one critical damage. Or spend two hit results to deal 2 jam tokens and do one critical damage. I agree that a better way to make the jamming beam cannon work would be to make it grant a jam action. Same for the tractor beam, honestly. Make it work like the tractor beam on the quadjumper... extra tokens in bullseye. Edit: Though I do suppose that giving any ship with a cannon slot the ability to work exactly like a quadjumper might be problematic, as well as steal the QJ's thunder a little.
  6. MikeEvans

    Improving Cannons

    Let's face it, most of the cannons suck. Jamming beam is particularly awful (as its range is 1-2). I'd love to see these upgrades a little more useful, without being too powerful. I had the idea for possible upgrade cards that might allow you to get some benefit from the cannons without sacrificing your ability to deal damage. I'd appreciate any (constructive) criticism. Apologies if suggestions like this have already been suggested and discussed. I'd probably make these upgrades modifications, as making them something else (cannon/sensor) would limit which ships could take them. Linked (Ion/Tractor/Jam) Cannon: When you perform a primary <forward arc> attack, if the attack hits, you may cancel remaining <hit> or <crit> results. For each result canceled, the defender gains 1 ion/tractor/jam token. The idea here is that if you nail the defender with a good hit you can decide whether to sacrifice some of your damage for control effects. I would suggest variable pricing based on primary weapon value, to make it a worthwhile option for ships with weaker primary weapons, like the Scyk. Dual Targeting System: After you perform a primary attack, you may immediately perform a bonus attack with one of your cannon upgrades that does not have a <bullseye arc> requirement. This is the stronger option because it lets you have your cake and eat it too. Unsure whether this should be limited to attacking the same ship, or whether you should be able to split your shots. The no-bullseye bit is to prevent abusing this with Heavy Laser Cannon, which would be pretty OP. Thoughts?
  7. MikeEvans

    Pick the date: Points Release ???

    My only prediction is that the whole thing will be a total $h1tshow. 😐
  8. I do like the idea of spreading damage to survive initial contact with the enemy, while using my own 4x 3-dice shots to remove an enemy ship without losing my own. I think B-Wings are probably better for this (with their higher shield ratings) but it should still work. Pity there aren't enough points to put R5 Astros on the ships to help cancel the crits sustained with Selfless. Have you tried this squad yourself?
  9. So my store is hosting a small tourney with the Battle of Yavin rules. I'm inclined to play Rebels and go with quantity over quality. Specifically I'm thinking about playing either 4x Blue Squadron Escorts w/Protorps, or 2 Y's and 3 X's. I've had a lot of success with 5-ship rebel lists recently, but I usually sub one of the X's for a U-Wing, which won't be legal. I like flying in formation... fragile aces might be able to dodge some of my arcs, but not all of them. In my games, I've had good luck in attrition battles against fewer, higher-initiative ships. I also figure that there will be plenty of TIE swarms and having a swarm of my own might increase my chances of surviving the withering hail of fire. Question is, if I do the 3X/2Y, should I put R4 Astros and Dorsal Turret on the Y-Wings, or should I drop the Astros and upgrade the turrets to Ions? Or is it way better to have 4 X's with Proton Torps? Or should I scrap the idea entirely and go for something else?
  10. Hate the metal coins. Love burgertokens, which are my token of choice, because they have a nice heft to them, and I can actually see what they are across the table.
  11. MikeEvans

    And tlt is?

    When harpoons and Trajectory Simulator were coming out, I stopped playing 1.0. I wouldn't say they directly caused me to quit, but it was proof to me that the game was just getting worse with no real way to salvage it short of a new edition. Lo and behold, 2.0 was released and I'm back with a vengeance. I just hope they keep a lid on the junk that put me off the game in 1.0.
  12. MikeEvans

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    Quick nitpick: The Heff Tobber U-Wing build can indeed rotate its turret, because the ion cannon turret upgrade includes a "rotate arc" action on it. Incidentally, that is my favorite quick build card because I love the thematics, and I will play it regardless of its threat level. I don't think anybody here is obsessed with try-harding at quick build games, and I think everybody understands that points cost does not necessarily equal power, due to many factors. We just think that a couple of the builds are such outliers in terms of both power AND points that there must have been a mistake when they were released.
  13. MikeEvans

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    Good idea. I'll send them a message about it through the rules question contact form. I don't use Twitter, unfortunately.
  14. MikeEvans

    Quickbuild: Are Kullbee and Leevan priced incorrectly?

    Well, that graph shows exactly how crazy those pilots are compared to the rest of the pack. If they were 3 Threat they'd be right in the middle of the pack. I understand that points/threat alone do not translate into raw power, especially when you are considering squad synergy. I understand that putting a really expensive upgrade (or three) on a ship that can't squeeze every last drop out of it will result in a ship that is stronger on paper than it is in practice. And yet I still maintain that Leevan and Kullbee are overpriced. The difference is just that severe, as you can see by that chart. Look at the Cavern Angels Zealot w/R2 and Deadman's. The Zealot has no synergistic abilities (in fact it has none at all) and it's Initiative 1. Why does this have the same threat as something that's HALF AGAIN more points? The 2-Threat X-Wings that ARE synergistic are Garven, Biggs, and Edrio. Garven and Biggs are almost naked. Edrio's highly synergistic but also highly selective about who he can fly with to gain any value from his ability whatsoever. He basically needs his brother or somebody with Coordinate who moves before him. I really do think it's a typo.