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  1. I think it might have been a better model if they released the ship packs with the bare minimum cards necessary to play the ship (so pilots and any ship-specific cards like S-Foils or titles) and then released a generic card pack to go with each wave. Adjust prices accordingly. That way you can get precisely the ship(s) you want and buy one or more card packs to get as many of the cards that you could possibly want or need, regardless of which faction(s) you play. Either put the faction-specific cards like named crew in with the ship packs, or release an additional faction-specific card pack for each wave as well so you don't end up paying extra for cards you can't get have more than one of anyway. So you might end up buying something like 2 Y-Wings, an X-Wing, a YT-1300, two 'Wave 1 Generics' packs, and a single 'Rebel Heroes #1' pack, and be good to go. If you already have the ships you want, you just get the generic pack and the heroes pack if there's new stuff in there that you want.
  2. The game comes alive with more ships. I know you might not be inclined to buy more stuff if you're not really feeling the game, but 200 point lists going at it are where it's at. I enjoy escalation games but they take all afternoon to complete.
  3. Rather than using shields to recharge the generator, I would have preferred something like recovering a charge on a blue maneuver (you have extra power from the engines to shunt into recharging the generator) or if that is too easy, taking a disarm/strain/stress token or something like that. Edit: Ooh, maybe an ion token? So you can recharge once for free but the next one will force you into a 1-straight?
  4. I was being mostly hyperbolic. But they did nerf every pilot and just about every upgrade in my favorite version of beef, so cut me a little bellyachin' slack!
  5. Except that they don't seem to be releasing anything additional in the re-release ships. If it wasn't in the conversion kit, it probably won't be in the Jumpmaster. I'm very underwhelmed by both the Scyk and JM5K rereleases for that reason. Both ships could stand a pick-me-up (esp. the Jumpmaster).
  6. I think they overnerfed it. I always took it on my U-Wings if I didn't need the space for something else, but at 6 points, I will rarely if ever take it anymore. I think 4 points would have put it in the sweet spot. And seriously, did they need to nerf EVERY aspect of Beef?
  7. I've been thinking it'd be fun to make a config that could help out both the JM5K and the Shadowcaster. Bring back Gyroscopic Targeting! To work well with both ships you wouldn't want to tie it to moving fast anymore, but maybe non-straight maneuvers? Something like (just pulling this out of my *** here): Gyroscopic Targeting Configuration: Large Ship, Single-Arc Turret Only 1 Charge. During the End Phase, you may spend 1 <charge> to rotate your turret arc. After you fully execute a bank or turn maneuver, regain 1<charge>
  8. Also, aren't you the guy who has been waiting a loooong time (and will wait that much longer) just so you can play Epic?
  9. I have tried, and my friends have. The YT-2400 is so overpriced that there's no room for a decent list, even if you're not trying to make something tourney-worthy.
  10. I feel like there were a couple of glaring oversights in the points overhaul. Not so much what was touched, but what wasn't. I primarily play Rebels, so I'll focus on them: I'm sad they didn't lower the price on the YT-2400 at all. The title is also ridiculously overpriced. I'm sad that the ship's going to collect dust for another 6 months minimum before the points get looked at again. I also feel like A-Wings could have taken a slight reduction. They need ...something... to make them more enticing. Regarding general upgrades, a bunch of missiles would have been a lot better if they'd been reduced by 2 or so points. Why is Gonk so darn expensive? He's terrible! And I feel like Veteran Tail gunner should be 2 points, maybe even 1, based on how often one actually manages to get it to work. Other things I just don't get are things like Inertial Dampener. I understand that Handbrake Han was a problem, but I don't know why they'd drop the illicit slot from YT-1300s THEN mess with the points. Dampeners are a mess and pretty terrible on anybody but Han w/R2D2. Better to ban or errata I.D. than to restrict the Falcon's access to some cool Illicits (which also should also have dropped in cost more, IMO). What about you guys? What stuff do you think should have been changed, but wasn't? What might you do differently. And do you think if there were a large enough consensus, do you think a petition might convince developers to make those changes sooner than 6 months from now?
  11. A good way to come close to Tycho's ability without the 14,239 stress tokens would be something like: You may treat red actions as white. 1.0 Tycho could take actions all day long but couldn't do red manuevers once he was stressed. This version lets him basically do that, AND do red maneuvers, but he'll need to clear the stress if he wants to take actions again. If you want to make him immune to stressors like Panicked Pilot and abilities, just say "When you receive a stress token outside of the Perform Maneuver step, you may discard that stress token" or something like that.
  12. Yeah, I think they should give strain (automatically) or a chance to ionize (on hit, focus, or crit, depending on how punishing you want to be... or maybe just if you attack while sitting on one).
  13. I had played around with some ideas for B-Wing pilots. One that I think would be good for Hera would be the following, since it's so much like her crew card. It's similar to your second ability. While you have exactly 1 stress token, you may execute red maneuvers and perform actions, even while stressed. Lets your squeeze the juice out of your B-Wing when necessary, but then you may need to spend time destressing afterwards.
  14. Nah, I disagree. If it were that powerful for ships to be able to shoot out of front/back arcs at the same time, Veteran Tail Gunner would be a must-have on Arcs. As it is, VetTailGunners are kind of a joke according to most people. Think about how many times you've had the opportunity to shoot at two things, one in front and one in back (or side/side) in a game. It happens more often front/side, and most often when you can doubletap.
  15. Personally, I've been thinking lately that Veteran turret/tail gunner should just be baked into ships with multiple arcs. The idea being that a ship with multiple arcs (either inherently or added by a turret) should all be able to fire once from each arc... with the limitation that you can't fire out of the SAME arc in the case of stuff like Y-Wings, Lancer, etc. Then, you could have things like BTL-A4 configuration that would allow a Y-Wing to fire both its turret and primary in its forward arc, but would restrict you to shooting only one weapon when the turret is in a different arc. Or a Veteran Turret gunner might allow you to double-tap from the same arc for a hefty price.
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