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  1. Is this what the Rebels mean when they say Imperials are all washed up?๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. RE: Tector For... 1) It is canon in the most canonly way possible being from OT. 2) We have already seen most of the bottom. 3) Completionists want it. Against... 1) Shouldn't be canon as it's allegedly an upside down mistake. 2) Don't want another Imperial SD. (Some unimaginative artists have portrayed the top this way). I don't think there is an actual canon depiction of the top. 3) Only completionists want it. This is my own sum up of 2 years promoting team Tector. I have my own well balanced custom one for friendly play though.
  3. What happened to team Vindicator? Anyway, still looking forward to Dornean gunship flotilla and Imperial support vessal/Dreadnought.
  4. "Rakeheck" for the more polite.๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. In regards to the Onager, possibly all the cards may not have been revealed. I see titles with the star destroyer logo and no"Seventh Fleet Star Destroyer" title cards. I also see a card without a dot that is titled "Bombardment Ca...". Maybe there is more than one of this card. I am thinking that the main gun uses this card as a discard to fire. If this ship has multiple upgrades on the ship card for the weapon and multiple Bombardment Ca(nnon) cards then it could fire more than once. Is it known what kind of weapon this"Kyber Cannon" is? And what kind of upgrade it would possibly use? ๐Ÿค” On second look, what I thought was a star destroyer logo is actually a different logo all together! And now I see a new thread for just this kind of thing! Sheesh.
  6. With an announcement just days away, I'm predicting Venator with Imperial paint job and wingless Liberty or Assault Frigate mark 1 as a second Rebel medium. Now the wait and see for how far-off this is. ๐Ÿ˜—
  7. Put the gun case in a duffle bag.
  8. I would like to see them finish the list of ships visually represented in episodes IV, V, and VI. I can think of five, two of which are squadron size.
  9. Fighter direction in the USN is also done by escorting cruisers from time to time.
  10. I am familiar with some of what you've said and agree with most of it and I should not have used a real life example when my point of view was from inside Star Wars. My only real point was to rationalize what a "Star Destroyer" is (or could be) based on what the ships could do on screen and in print...why they are singled out as "Star Destroyer" instead of cruiser, battleship,etc... but in universe only and setting aside the fact it is only a set of movies acted out using a history relevant script.๐Ÿ˜Š
  11. I am considering the term "Star Destroyer" to be analogous to a U.S. Navy LHD (like the current Wasp class) mixed with a surface combatant of a desired size. So not a ship type based on size or tradition but on a role it would play in the pacification of the Empire. With this in mind, a Star Destroyer would be a mix of warship and assault ship carrying shipboard weapons batteries as well as equipment for surface combat (like a mix of Venator and Acclamator). Then, Gladiators for minor actions, Imperials for major ones, and Victorys for in between. We know ISD and VSD carry troops and ATST's as well as ATAT's (just ask General Veers). I'm proposing Gladiators do too (though maybe not ATAT's). For each class of Star Destroyer the balance between warship and assault ship wouldn't necessarily be the same. Gladiators lean towards the warship side (because of Demolisher), Victorys lean towards the assault ship side (because of speed and manuvrability) with the ISD's as the perfect blend of both. Anyway that is my 4ยข worth.
  12. Big news like this is WORTH saying twice!
  13. Where is Gen. Willard? He spoke with Leia when the Rebel command "feared the worst" after hearing about Alderaan. He was also involved with Luke qualifying to fly an X-Wing.
  14. I wish their was "Task Force Raddus" titles with the ability to push a ship when it rams!
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