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  1. axe238

    You know what?

    "Stuff is getting better. Stuff is getting better everyday." -President Richard Starkey
  2. axe238

    Reminder: you can ignore other users

    No users I wish to ignore thankfully. Just concerned that we might have yet a third thread locked on a forum about a game. My goodness!
  3. axe238

    Reminder: you can ignore other users

    Some folks must be lost. This is the ARMADA forum.
  4. axe238

    Huge ships and ramming

    I like the non-huge ship flotilla ram idea. Simple, logical, easy to remember.
  5. axe238

    Unique squadron updates

    I'd like to see Ciena Ree's ability used as cloak on TIE Phantom squadrons to make them more thematic. Might need a points adjustment, but maybe not.
  6. axe238

    A Prediction

    False alarm, no article, just a huge leak followed by damage control. Cancel that order of fried crow😊.
  7. axe238

    A Prediction

    Would you like that crow baked or fried?
  8. axe238

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Looking forward to running Cad Bane as Boba Fett ?
  9. axe238

    Future Admirals

    Another seperatist: Mar Tuuk
  10. Looking at this ship again, the "radar dishes" could be immense versions of the atgar anti-vehicle cannon seen in ESB.
  11. axe238

    Whats Your Username Orgin Story?

    2:38. Looking back, 2:39 might have been better.
  12. axe238

    Whats Your Username Orgin Story?

    It's a homonym of the biblical book, chapter, verse.
  13. I've always considered the Tector as a possible broadsider for Imperials. Much the way the MC-80L is a forward firepower ship for Rebels. As such, this would give it a role in Imperial fleets.
  14. axe238

    How big is your collection?

    After all, it's called ARMADA!