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  1. axe238

    Whats Your Username Orgin Story?

    2:38. Looking back, 2:39 might have been better.
  2. axe238

    Whats Your Username Orgin Story?

    It's a homonym of the biblical book, chapter, verse.
  3. I've always considered the Tector as a possible broadsider for Imperials. Much the way the MC-80L is a forward firepower ship for Rebels. As such, this would give it a role in Imperial fleets.
  4. axe238

    How big is your collection?

    After all, it's called ARMADA!
  5. axe238

    How big is your collection?

    Hi, I'm The Chuckster. I currently have: 1 Core set. 2 Victory expansions 3 Nebulon B expansions 3 CR-90 expansions 3 Gladiator expansions 3 AFmk2 expansions 4 Imperial expansions 4 Raider expansions 2 MC-80 Home One expansions 3 MC-30 expansions 3 Gozanti expansions 3 GR-75 expansions 2 Interdictor expansions 2 MC-80 Liberty expansions 2 Arquitens expansions 2 Pelta expansions 1 Quasar Fire expansion 1 Hammerhead pair expansion 4 Rogues and Villains expansions 5 Imperial Fighters 1 expansions 4 Rebel Fighters 1 expansions 1 Imperial Fighters 2 expansion 1 Rebel Fighters 2 expansion 1 Corellian Conflict still NEED wave 7 and a handful of others.
  6. axe238

    Do VSDs need an overhaul?

    I really hope FFG will consider a sequel to Corellian Conflict that focuses on ships instead of squadrons. This idea has been suggested before and I think it is still a valid one. Ship overhauls would not be necessary, just new versions ala ISD-C and ISD-K. For instance, a VSD-3 might replace Weapons Team (gunnery team, flight controllers) with Support Team (engine techs, nav team) and Offensive Retrofit (disposable caps, expanded hanger bay) with Defensive Retrofit (ECM, advanced projectors, or RBD). Same weaknesses, but mitigated a bit and a better value for the points cost with VSDs being more common as a result. Most of wave1 could be updated with a benefit like this (a GSD that has a role not including Demolisher, a Nebulon B with a Defensive Retrofit, a more focused AFM2 are ideas). Nothing radical, just tweaks. So whether Scarif Skirmish, Endor Endgame or whatever, maybe FFG has or will have a ship based campaign in the works to address this.
  7. axe238

    So who gets the ARC-170?

    It's not a TIE, so it doesn't fit the Imperial idiom. I'm thinking they should be Rebs.
  8. To me, that scene implies that the Arrestor was a training vessel like the aircraft carriers that plied the Great Lakes during WW2* If it was a training vessel, it wouldn't have taken part in any combat situations and hence it's absence in Armada. Just my rationalization.🤔 *Trivia from the Great Lakes State: USS Wolverine and USS Sable.
  9. axe238

    When are we getting our next SSD article?

    Dr. Seuss says Octember the first 😊
  10. axe238

    Michigan GT

    Lansing is relatively close to GR. I'll be there.
  11. axe238

    Weight wait

    Has anyone heard the status of wave 8? Is SSD part of it? Are rebel only players just going to get doinked until after the SSD comes out? Don't know.
  12. axe238

    Would you move over to Armada 2.0?

    Too much time and money invested to quit if 2.0 comes around.
  13. axe238

    Would you move over to Armada 2.0?

    An updated rules reference would surely be appreciated.
  14. axe238

    Who is Armada for?

    Anyone who wants to fly x-wings AND star destroyers!