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  1. axe238

    Best Star Wars Quote for playing Armada?

    "Goood...goood.." or anything else the Emperor says.
  2. axe238

    Should Armada be Free?

    Free of what? 😋
  3. Clearly the community wants more commitment from FFG than they are willing to give. Armada is their product, not ours. They determine which direction they want to go with it, what they feel will add value to it, when changes are needed for it, and when it is appropriate to inform the customers (that is, you and I) about topics they choose. If you enjoy it and support it then great! They have done their jobs well. It is what it is. I hope I don't get dumped on for this post 😁😁
  4. axe238

    Happy Friday SSD is one day closer

    Mine is for cards and display. Future Bellator for the board.
  5. We are currently in the W.Eight Wait. After that?... I don't know🤔
  6. axe238

    Happy Friday.

    Interdictor for details (my goodness!), Raider for intricateness (even the "wings" line up perfectly all of mine), Pelta for paint job (nice to look at), plus already planning to buy a pair of large display stands from Mel's for an SSD.
  7. axe238

    What I would like to see in 2019

    1. FAQ incorporated (such as additional flotilla restrictions) 2. Card revisions (such as Relay) 3. New rules from wave 2 on (such as contain)😊
  8. axe238

    What I would like to see in 2019

    Updated Rules Reference Guide!
  9. axe238

    Turn Length in real time?

    10 seems a good number 🤔...6 rounds would be about an hour then.
  10. axe238

    Unique squadron updates

    Dras, you were the first person I thought of to fulfill the role of "Arbitrator General" of SW Armada after all is said and done. I think nearly everyone would agree that your knowledge and insight of rules and related issues is unmatched outside of FFG.😊
  11. axe238

    Happy Friday!

    Braha'tok combat flotillas could have been released with the SSD as wave 8. Then the Rebels would have had their own faction unique ship(s) at the opposite end of the spectrum. 😊
  12. Hull 8 Liberty minus "wings" equals hull 7 "wingless" Liberty. Role: medium size Liberty-Home One hybrid. Logical... Lucas-canon... Medium needed...MC-80A!
  13. axe238

    You know what?

    "Stuff is getting better. Stuff is getting better everyday." -President Richard Starkey
  14. axe238

    Reminder: you can ignore other users

    No users I wish to ignore thankfully. Just concerned that we might have yet a third thread locked on a forum about a game. My goodness!
  15. axe238

    Reminder: you can ignore other users

    Some folks must be lost. This is the ARMADA forum.