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  1. Home One Model

  2. Home One Model

    ...and too small. Totally not imposing. It needs to be about 15% bigger.
  3. Look sir...droids!

    Having IG88 made me wonder why no C3PO/R2D2 and hence this topic.
  4. Look sir...droids!

    As there are droids in X-wing, is there a place for droids in Armada? How would we use them, and what could they do?
  5. Is 7th fleet title going to be awful?

    Maybe wave 8 will have Tector "star destroyer" and "MC" 80 wingless Liberty and therefore additional copies of the two titles.
  6. And just when I need concentrate fire I have to use nav.
  7. Victory-I. Because close range firing versus close range maneuvering. I don't want to use Jerjerrod all the time!
  8. Imperial Naval Academy (loyal Imperials only)

    .Transmission from Star Destroyer "Valkyrie", hosting Admiral Tylerron: Your understanding is appreciated and your concerns are being addressed. Currently conducting a fleet-wide review to determine efficiency of all ships and crews in preparation for Rebel incursions. Early indications are showing a probable drop in crew efficiency since deployment to this sector. I suspect this is due to the absence of Rebel activity having a detrimental effect on readiness. I intend to introduce a strict training regimen and investigate any culpable officers. It is also becoming apparent that the Victory Star Destroyers under my command are in dire need of an overhaul, most seriously the communication arrays which (as I am sure you are aware) are so readily prone to early failures. Please have an adjutant contact the shipyard necessary to have arrangements made for this process. A full report will be made available upon completion of my review. I will finish the training regimen and deploy the corvettes I have to patrol the areas most likely to see a Rebel presence. I expect to deploy the Fleet before long to safeguard from any Rebel activity all areas within the sector assigned to my jurisdiction. All as the Emperor wills. Respectfully Chaz Tylerron, Admiral 77th Fleet.
  9. The GR-75 in combat

    And the Russians have "fishing trawlers"!
  10. The GR-75 in combat

    Respectfully. Isn't this what the Fleet Support upgrades describe? Or am I missing a point? With the exception of "Repair Crews", all the upgrades are useful in combat. If you are talking about what would pass for real life, the U. S. Navy has noncombat electronic warfare ships for instance and that would cover our "Jamming Field", "Comms Net", and "Slicer Tools". I would expect to find resupply ships behind the fleet and out of the combat zone. If you are talking about "on screen", then speculation is entirely appropriate as I don't remember seeing them do anything noticeable.😃
  11. Imperial Naval Academy (loyal Imperials only)

    Transmission from Star Destroyer "Intolerance", Admiral C. Tylerron commanding: I must respectfully decline consideration for the proposed Imperial Naval Academy as duties in my quiet local sector have precluded meaningful engagements with active Rebel units and therefore, having been denied valuable experience regarding -Fleet versus rebellion- tactics, I am currently not in a position to contribute to discussions of strategic importance. If I am reassigned to a more active sector, I will then be (in the future) fully available to present findings regarding effective techniques for Rebel "pacification". Respectfully, -Chaz Tylerron
  12. At the printer

    I still can't get over it! MLP Space Marines! I can die a happy man because now I've seen it all!😅😅
  13. Happy New Year Friends

    How about the Mandalore fighters now that Chimaera will have the Gauntlet? I think it's called "Fang"
  14. Ships We Still Need

    MC 80A "wingless Liberty"- ROTJ Tector star destroyer - ROTJ Braha'tok gunship - ROTJ Super star destroyer - ESB Sentinel troop transport - ANH All canon from the original trilogy. I won't rest easy until we have everything from the trilogy that started this all.
  15. "Something Big is coming"

    I would by one. SSD model on the mantle; cards in the deck (barring any SSD only cards).