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  1. Why no mention of MC 80A "wingless Liberty". After all, it is the most numerous Mon Cal ship in RotJ. As for top of Tector, I would like to see them move the neck and bridge ahead a little. The result would be a ship that resembles an Imperial and ties in with the Venator and its bridge location. Braha'tok flotilla - yes. Empire with Consular flotilla. Also Acclamator, Venator, and Dreadnought. I also seem to recall someone at FFG saying if you've seen it on the screen, you'll see it in Armada or some such.
  2. Pelta; best of the grays-Raider
  3. Welcome to wave 2 redux!😅
  4. Desperately need a Profundity article before someone's(DL) eye starts twitching. 😄
  5. Is it just me, or does the image on the "General" card look like Willard. I hope so. I can check off another one on my TOS list of wishful additions.
  6. Oh no, not a-g-a-i-n!
  7. In reply to buying two split cores, l did assume that each player would have their own copy. But so did FFG as per the "Learn to Play" booklet, at the bottom of page 24. I'm old enough to know there are no perfect solutions. 😀
  8. Really like the $60 introductory faction idea for the game. It is similar to what is done in Warmahordes. You want a different faction?, buy a different starter set. This should be even easier for Armada as there is only two factions. People won't be buying expansions if they can't bring themselves to ante up $100 just to get started. In marketing, there is the concept of the "Loss Leader" to get people into store with the premise that while they are there they will buy other items that will generate a profit. I'm surely not telling FFG how to market Armada but expanding the appeal a little can only be a good thing when they have a product this good. I understand it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but maybe some players of other FFG games (like X....) will come over for starters. I'm just saying.
  9. We still need General Willard. I don't think he was on Yavin to plan a land invasion of the Death Star!
  10. From page 6 of the rules reference "Players may build fleets of any fleet point total as long as they both agree on the total" So according to the rules, apart from tournaments, 400 points is not a limiting factor. (There is also something about 300 points as a "standard fleet point total" but even FFG must have felt that was too limiting). I think we need two official limits, one for tournaments and one for standard play, so everyone is on the same page (or the same two pages 😀). Tournaments must have mandatory time limits whereas friendly local games are a little more relaxed and play is a diversion rather than a competition,(no, it really is). Also, the rule quoted above would still be in affect anyway. my 2 cents
  11. 1.Campaign box with wave one refits/updates. 2.Updated rule book. 3. Concentrate Fire revisited to differentiate a 1 gun Gozanti from an 8 gun Imperial. Even one of the three would make me happy 😀
  12. Oh, I didn't know that aspect of it. I guess I don't have an opinion then as I play each faction depending on which I'm in the mood for. I've generally found they are the same but different if you catch my meaning 😀
  13. I've found gaming to be like an agreement where each player contributes to the mutual enjoyment of the experience. No one likes to lose too often or they'll get discouraged and stop playing. So when encountering players who are not as far along as myself I have tried to accommodate them by softening my build list and excluding some of the more nasty elements. Eventually they find their way and become dangerous opponents (usually). Also, I have played other games where I've liked a particular style of play but was not successful at it. So I switched to a different style I was not initially attracted to and after a few wins l grew to appreciate it. I agree with Ginkapo. Maybe your friend just needs to find their "one true swing" (thanks Bagger Vance).
  14. Boy, I don't know where to begin with this topic. Suffice to say that I gave away my copy of TFA. Heir to the Empire is episode VII in MY Star Wars universe. I've placed my hopes for new Star Wars movies in the spin-offs. Looking forward to the new Han movie to be as good as Rogue One! also.. loved Chewbacca walking right past Leia after Han dies. Sooo "true to character" yech. also, also.. Leia not even looking at Chewie so she can grieve with Rey?
  15. Sorry, I was rationalising which is different than seeking confirmation. I do like it better on both sides. It just seems more complete. But that's opinion now. 😋