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  1. Core set, dice, wave 1 (VSD,CR90, Neb-B, AFM2, GSD). I've always felt it best to wade in on any new game. No fighter packs though! Just remember, patience is a virtue 😊
  2. About my apology to the OP, I was referring to me calling it "a waste of time". Just didn't want to be drawn into this madness. Think of me as Switzerland 😊
  3. What a waste of time reading through this thread. Apologies to the OP.
  4. axe238


    Okay, well within the possible reveal of Armada Clone Wars expansions, I noticed something peculiar. The last expansion we received for the current game was the Onager (swm33). The first expansion in the possible reveal is the Galactic Republic ship expansion (swm34). The next five product numbers are also accounted for. So where is the Clone Wars core game? I think it is the one number we still have no product for... the mysterious SWM28! Which would imply that Armada Clone Wars was in the planning stages since the Hammerhead (swm27) of wave six which was released in July of 2017. Of course if the reveal is not a reveal, then the SWM28 theory would be pure conjecture. Thoughts?
  5. Sieze the Day! (I actually didn't know I was so close!)
  6. In the beginning, I had bought both X-Wing and Armada but ended up sticking with Armada because whereas I could use X-Wings in Armada, I couldn't use a Star Destroyer in X-Wing. It's a combined arms thing. However, I do like the miniatures in X-Wing better because of their jewel-like quality.
  7. I've always imagined the pew-pew noises as coming from the firing mechanism on the ship, and the sound traveling thru the air in the ship. Rationalizing inconsistencies out is sometimes desirable to suspend disbelief.
  8. I have been thinking of using Thrawn as a commander in a thematic fleet and was wondering what the load out would be of an accurate Chimaera. Basically upgrades and fighter types (officers too). Maybe someone more familiar with Star Wars Rebels or the current literature could throw out some ideas for the real Chimaera.
  9. My best & worst are a couple of old ones. Best: Demolisher title. I would be willing to hang this piece on my wall! Stunning setting and theme. Worst: Admiral Motti. Totally inaccurate representation of the actor. I wouldn't know who this is if it didn't say on the card.
  10. As I look into my crystal ball, I see a Chimaera-style release of Venator for Imperials and a Braha'tok flotilla for Rebels.😊
  11. Might we see Clone Wars core ships in Empire/Rebel repaints as wave 9?🤔
  12. I'm curious if the Clone Wars version will be compatible with the Armada we currently have. We already have a few of the ships featured in the TV series and the mechanics of the game still work fine. If they are compatible, a new paint job is all one might need to add CW ships in.
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