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  1. OK but when is the PDF going to be available. Physical books are nice, but they cost more and some people have smaller versions of themselves that ruin things.
  2. Kinda not liking the names. They sound more like character classes than the name of a school.
  3. I love this so much, you couldn't possible understand how much so.
  4. Agreed with the older editions 4 feet away was the feeling. With the beta death felt more like 4 months travel across 4 countries away.
  5. Not a big fan of any of this myself really. Things my group talk about the most is probably how much we dislike strife. We don't like how it's implemented, we don't like how it tells us how to play our characters, we just don't like it. The methods for performing skills we're kinda torn on. We like having more than one way to do things, we just don't like how it doesn't really define what your doing and how very well. We feel like it works better in combat than it does for searching, spotting, or most other skills. Giri and Nijo pretty much seems backwards to us, feels like something that should be defined after you determine your characters background and should be more for flavor than a hard core this is how we do it thing. And the dice, we don't like them, saying we hate them is an understatement. nothing in the game that these custom dice do that can't be resolved with normal dice.
  6. It's really simple. To simple. Players got bored about 1/4th of the way through. When assigning and extra ring when the ring level is already at 3. The vagueness of how the rings worked made it hard for them to select an appropriate one. performing without issue. None of the 20 questions where really a struggle. All that said the players did have an issue with how character creations works. Selecting what clan, family, and school your in, and the game telling you what your stats are. They all said the same thing, it's not like they're making a character or a character that's their own, as much as it feels like the game is telling them what their character is and how its played. Kinda like they are renting a character.
  7. You have open mine eyes oh great one. Now I shall roll over like thee and take it as it has been given.
  8. Hey everyone we need to keep fighting here, the dueling thread has overtaken us. WE CAN"T LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Also wish to congratulate everyone on making this the longest thread on the L5R beta forum. Give yourselves a hand you deserve it.
  10. Dice and mechanics should support the narrative of the scene not define it. Narrative should be based on the events that are happening not dice telling you when it comes about. This system seems to want to tell you when to be narrative and what the narrative is. Other games that use narrative or storytelling or whatever other word you want to use for it generally just let the mechanics and dice keep everyone on the same page to know how to succeed and fail, and usually enforces the idea of if a mechanic or rule prevents the story or narrative from working or flow properly, ignore it and keep going, this system has pretty much every aspect of itself intertwined with each rule and dice throw, making it very very hard to ignore a rule if needed or even if you as the group want to, and therein lies the problem. You can't play how you wish to play if you choose this edition you play the way we wan't. I'm going to quote the first and primary rule from one of my favorite game lines, and I apply it to pretty much every game I run to ensure a good story.
  11. anything that slows down the game for constant reference is a problem for most groups. And this is a slow down. Experience from back in the day when game companies would release errata for core books in other supplements tells me so.
  12. Was more indicating for people the wording is indicating that they wont be updating the main rules document. Which is a problem
  13. Well they may want to change that if they want us to test things properly. Constantly checking 2 different documents to make sure we're using the new correct rulings is going to be obnoxious, not to mention time consuming. I expect this to slow gameplay down
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