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  1. Again I know that, just saying it would be a nice quality of life thing to have ah whelp what can yeah do.
  2. Thats the problem if the company doesnt care why should we, I've surfed reddit and google **** ive even used mtg store locator to find hobby shops and asked them to if they support star wars destiny or android netrunner from east to west coast the only store I found that actively supported netrunner was team covenant and that was because I was already subscribed to the youtube channel they have up, Its not even ******* its asking why they cant post the names of stores they distribute to they should have access to that its not alot to ask for considering from my experience only afew stores in the states actively support android netrunner.
  3. They already post stores for championships, I dont think its much to ask to post a list of states with stores within those states that support ffg brand what im suggesting literally will help all of ffg brand games grow because a large portion of players that get tired of the mtg chase turn to netrunner destiny or got, and its painful to invest in a game you like when you are unable to play against people in the community face to face.
  4. I love playing android netrunner, I want to support it but I am always traveling the country for work and its very difficult to find stores that support the game I feel like its not alot to ask for a store locator that support FFG products, Wiz of the coast does this but I do not like the chase so that is why I quit MTG I cant be the only one in the community that has requested this so why hasnt this been done or rather why should it not be done?
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