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  1. Congratulations to @Viktor Tanek @Snipafist and @Baltanok. Very happy for you both. My wife and I sadly lost our twin boys Sept 7th of this year, but chatting with some of the parents and expecting parents on Vassal has been an absolute life saver for me. Wish you all the best!
  2. Love the battle write up, especially with the corresponding pictures so we can see how it was playing out.
  3. I'd be open to being your punching bag @Undeadguy.
  4. I'd be down to join this if there is still spots for participants. Est for me, Fridays and Saturdays are easiest for me.
  5. Yeah I checked the FB as well because I wanted to watch but saw no stream or link.
  6. I'm loving the vassal community. I have spent about 2 months just spectating games and asking questions. If it's a casual game, I'll type it right in the community chat, during the tourney games, if it's something I'm not understanding and I'm afraid it may give something up, I just send the person a private message. Everyone has been wonderful with answering questions. The 2 or 3 games I've played against Rasp, and Darth were wonderful. I'd forget some things, or had a stupid movement dial set and I'd fly off the board, and they were wonderful. Change the dial, you're new, you're still getting used to everything. Even though I've lost both the games I can remember playing, they were super fun and quite a learning experience.
  7. Reminds me of my collection. I will try to find the pictures I emailed to my buddy a few states over. He asked me to send a pic showing everything I had. Not sure if I had all of my squad packs opened and set up when I sent it to him but I will get those pics later and share here anyways. None of my stuff is painted though >_<
  8. AH thank you GK. I had never seen that term before. You are awesome as always.
  9. Aww it was posted for 8 PM GMT, I wanted to watch the game .... bummer, will just have to check in when I get home around 7:45 GMT
  10. I would love to see the BR for this. Sounds super fun if nothing else.
  11. I have talked with a few people but had some real life challenges come up so I'm currently on hold. Feel free to message me if you want to. Thanks!
  12. I will second just about everything that everyone else has stated. I've been collecting now quite heavily, have 2 of everything (waiting on my 2nd Neb-B), and up to 5 of some expansions (fighters, transports, gozantis). I have been able to get a few games in at the local store, because there were a few people interested that hadn't seen it before. I LOVE vassal. I have jumped on there quite a bit lately, and while I've only played 2 or 3 games, I have watched several people on here, and I will say that everyone has been more than happy to ask any questions. I have learned more from watching a few vassal games and chatting with the guys playing, than I did watching numerous matches and such online. Start playing with your buddy, start slow as others stated. Go with some capital ships, maybe a commander for each fleet to start. Add upgrades or squads. Add the other one. Finish off with objectives. One piece of advice that I received was when you play a game, swap factions afterwards. You'll both get a feel with how certain ships work etc. You'll be playing and watching your buddy getting wrecked and go hmmm I could change that up and make something work. If you ever want to get a game on vassal going, let me know. I'm maybe 5 games total into my Armada experience, 2 or 3 on vassal with a buddy learning, and then showing the game off at my local store for maybe 2 games. My final word would be to also semi avoid the sites that list fleet builds. Don't get on there and go OH, Sloan Aces, I can play that. Get on there and look at some of them, then try playing them slowly. Some cards/combos/commanders take time to get used to. It may seem like an easy change when reading it, but seeing in action can make something that much easier/harder to completely get the feel for.
  13. I don't have a FLGS that sells Armada, period. At least you guys have them! I've been supporting one from back home when I was a kid, but he's starting to frustrate me. Made a huge purchase, got all but 1 piece which is backordered, have emailed him probably 4 or 5 times with no response. GRRRRR
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