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  1. jan-michael-vincent

    Looking for High Quality PDFs of the Terrinoth Pre-gens

    Didn't FFG drop the pdf of the package? Or just the adventure?
  2. jan-michael-vincent

    Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!

    For those who got the book. How is the crafting system looking? Robust enough to use in other settings?
  3. jan-michael-vincent

    Kaalamity's Edge of Tamriel - Second Edition

    Noted, thanks for all the effort!
  4. jan-michael-vincent

    Kaalamity's Edge of Tamriel - Second Edition

    Are you going to bake the updates into the existing PDFs and folders? I maintain a Pastebin of Genesys settings and what to know if I need to update links.
  5. jan-michael-vincent

    What other settings books do you expect to see?

    I second this.
  6. jan-michael-vincent

    Minions in combat

    Minions essentially form 1 acting unit. Usually 1 member of a minion group acta alone if the rest are taken out. This is mainly to reduce the work load and time taken each round in combat. The minion group act as a single entity, targeting on character or group working a task. Do note the group upgrades their check ONLY if the group has profiency in that skill. This means the group is proficient in spefic tasks and not uberkin based on numbers. The 1 to 3 skills they are proficient with is listed inq their stats. Other than that ya, upgrade based on numbers. In your case it would be 2Y 2G. 2 stat + 4 skill (5 minus the first minion in the group). Take the highest as ability dice and upgrade by the lower value. And yes, the more you reduce the size of the group the less effective they will be. Typically you want to keep them as a group. Narratively they are stock nobodies. Enemies that do more narratively important things are rivals and nemiseses. Minion are just obstacles you throw in the players way.
  7. jan-michael-vincent

    What other settings books do you expect to see?

    Good luck with that. I'm been working on a stargate setting myself, though very slowly. I'd doubt we see an official release in Gen. I believe the rpg rights are locked up somewhere. A d20 version was the last I saw.
  8. jan-michael-vincent

    Kaalamity's Edge of Tamriel - Second Edition

    EPIC! I played a game of the first edition, loved it then and know I am going to run this system in the future. Keep on going K!
  9. jan-michael-vincent

    Genesys Dice and Random Encounter Tables

    Interesting Idea, I might give it a shot in a Special Rules Repo.
  10. jan-michael-vincent

    Genesys Master Resources List

    Go crazy man! These rules are for all to enjoy! I would just ask you put a link pointing to my work in the credits for your game. Or not. Whatever, you do you. I copy and pasted the images from the web dice roller and made them as small as possible. I will plan to do font work for the symbols and dice at some point.
  11. jan-michael-vincent

    Wind in the Willows inspired

    This. I can see something like Redwall meets WD would be fairly epic.
  12. jan-michael-vincent

    Genesys Master Resources List

    YES! THIS IS AWESOME! I am doing some Star Wars to Genesys special rule conversions. If you can add it to the list I would be appreciative. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CD92_GacFtUMmlaFXQaBbvACcKz4eX_k?usp=sharing
  13. jan-michael-vincent

    The Great Genesys Setting List

    Hello all! I wish to have a record of all active Genesys setting being developed for us and all future Genesys-ers. If you have or know of an active project please post it. I will collect links here as well as on a pastebin. https://pastebin.com/7knE7KSv ------------ Known Genesys Homebrew Settings and Rules [GM Phil's Fallout Theme] http://www.d20radio.com/genesys/fallout/Fallout Theme - Genesys (2).pdf [Dark Heresy - Genesys Edition] https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/264258-dark-heresy-in-genesys-very-wip/ [FFG's GenCon Adventure - Terrinoth Adventure] https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/56/75/5675bba2-a5a2-4161-b4c0-eaed85a3d0b7/genesys_gencon_adventure_lowres.pdf [Avatar: The Second Age] https://mega.nz/#F!AkJjEIRK!IeDPFgL1rYe04UcxPRn8Zw https://www.dropbox.com/sh/arzm4yqjtb6vhhn/AABty5R3unR7S3vib9dErgCMa?dl=0 -------- (Older)Known Narrative Dice (Star Wars) Homebrews and Conversions https://pastebin.com/3L0R2ttq
  14. jan-michael-vincent

    Stargate for Genesys?

    I had my Stargate 1963 setting on the back burner. Once I get my book I might give it a good dev cycle as my players are interested. I will up date as things start moving.
  15. jan-michael-vincent

    Community Theme Ideas

    Preview for my Stargate 1963 setting. There is more written than just this preview but it is still being expanded upon. Once I get the lore, species, and first few adventures written I will put out the Alpha, then once Genesys drops I will get a rule filled beta. This is a VERY rough draft so please excuse any grammatical and spelling issues. Stargate 1963 Sourcebook Preview.pdf