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  1. Genesys Master Resources List

    Go crazy man! These rules are for all to enjoy! I would just ask you put a link pointing to my work in the credits for your game. Or not. Whatever, you do you. I copy and pasted the images from the web dice roller and made them as small as possible. I will plan to do font work for the symbols and dice at some point.
  2. Wind in the Willows inspired

    This. I can see something like Redwall meets WD would be fairly epic.
  3. Genesys Master Resources List

    YES! THIS IS AWESOME! I am doing some Star Wars to Genesys special rule conversions. If you can add it to the list I would be appreciative. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CD92_GacFtUMmlaFXQaBbvACcKz4eX_k?usp=sharing
  4. The Great Genesys Setting List

    Hello all! I wish to have a record of all active Genesys setting being developed for us and all future Genesys-ers. If you have or know of an active project please post it. I will collect links here as well as on a pastebin. https://pastebin.com/7knE7KSv ------------ Known Genesys Homebrew Settings and Rules [GM Phil's Fallout Theme] http://www.d20radio.com/genesys/fallout/Fallout Theme - Genesys (2).pdf [Dark Heresy - Genesys Edition] https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/264258-dark-heresy-in-genesys-very-wip/ [FFG's GenCon Adventure - Terrinoth Adventure] https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/56/75/5675bba2-a5a2-4161-b4c0-eaed85a3d0b7/genesys_gencon_adventure_lowres.pdf [Avatar: The Second Age] https://mega.nz/#F!AkJjEIRK!IeDPFgL1rYe04UcxPRn8Zw https://www.dropbox.com/sh/arzm4yqjtb6vhhn/AABty5R3unR7S3vib9dErgCMa?dl=0 -------- (Older)Known Narrative Dice (Star Wars) Homebrews and Conversions https://pastebin.com/3L0R2ttq
  5. Stargate for Genesys?

    I had my Stargate 1963 setting on the back burner. Once I get my book I might give it a good dev cycle as my players are interested. I will up date as things start moving.
  6. Community Theme Ideas

    Preview for my Stargate 1963 setting. There is more written than just this preview but it is still being expanded upon. Once I get the lore, species, and first few adventures written I will put out the Alpha, then once Genesys drops I will get a rule filled beta. This is a VERY rough draft so please excuse any grammatical and spelling issues. Stargate 1963 Sourcebook Preview.pdf
  7. Ready Player One Style Game

    I did a post in 'Role Playing for Role Players' thread. I will not repeat it here, but I covered how the 'player' has no stats. Any dice rolling occurs with the avatar. Each avatar you have will all have the same XP. When you gain XP you apply it to all characters, representing the players growing familiarity with using the system. Give it a look.
  8. Played Genesys demo at Gencon, ask away.

  9. Genesys Content Archive

    EPIC! Thanks for publishing the link. I will add it to my archive. Does anyone have a link to a conversion called "Mass Effect - EotG". Author unknown/unlisted. I have it saved in my archive so I am simply looking for newer archive it it is out there.
  10. Played Genesys demo at Gencon, ask away.

    A little out of left filed: Did you see any licencing or copyright information on your game materials? Myself and others have wondered what would the licencing be for the game system if FFG is looking to run a generic system.
  11. Role Playing for Role Players

    I have had a Assassins creed like setting floating on my hard drive for a while. It is called "Gene Dive", A knock off of Assassins creed. The basic meta game mechanics are are: The campaign will take place over several time periods, all closely linked. For each time period, the players will create a character (created when they enter each new time frame) using a pool of XP. As players progress through the game they gain XP that is applied to each character they own. Thus 10 xp will mean 10x4 xp divided amongst 4 characters that all grow at the same rate. This simulates the players becoming more in sync with the Gene Dive system If a character dies, they are resurrected after the encounter at half health, but they lose xp they would have gained due to de-syncing issues. If a critical event is not achieved by the players OR if an even occurs that would damage to timeline to great,. the event is res-set and all players will suffer a xp loss to any xp gained from that session. Basic Settings Notes: Gene Dives are not based one one genetic code, but an amalgamation of large groups. Thus a small team of Divers can enter the same construction and work together to achieve their goal. Because the genetic data is from large sample, the Divers do not need to be genetically related to the subjects Due to events in the past needing more DNA samples to construct the correct memories, the further back the team dives, the more freedom they have to stretch historical events and stay synced. I have other projects concerning Genesys on my mind but I will plant to flesh out these ideas once I have played around with the system.
  12. Community Theme Ideas

    Working on a Stargate setting with some primary differences: Stargate discovered in South America Team investigates, opens, and travels through the Stargate on behalf of the US government, in the early 1960's Adventure and Sci-fi motifs of the 50's 60's and 70's are the main themes. I will plan to publish my starter adventures and setting notes once everything coalescence.
  13. Genesys Content Archive

    Long time lurker here, I am putting list together of functional games based off the the Star Wars system. Now that Genesys is announced, technically these games have become de facto Genesys conversions. Here are the more discernible conversions I have come across: [Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom RPG] http://www.redshirtdown.com/kingdom/ [Fistful of Dice - Edge of the Union RPG] https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/87102-fistful-of-dice-edge-of-the-union-rpg/ [Edge of Tamriel] https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bz_kHnv3Jqbua2tYZWEwTzdrdkk [The Edge of the Aquilonian Empire] https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o09pnz71ylq9a3r/AADrO-InRbC8QbK3zZoNAokja?dl=0 [FFG Star Wars Dice System fantasy conversion] https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6hy6l5s2mnz2lah/AABq7evIxO4CKguh-nitEZI5a?dl=0 [NDS Fantasy] https://www.dropbox.com/sh/unujmwjy2xijtxs/AAAte2DUYR36rYSRpPOyySUra?dl=0 [Plarfem’s Fantasy Conversion For FFG’s Star Wars Roleplaying System] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxUTXhu-XPR6RV9QcWhsSE1RQVk/view If you have any other known conversions, do let me know as I would like to archive them, Keeping a record of the pre-Genesys systems.