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  1. Error in video. During the market action the reviewer says that you can bury a card and/or buy a card *in any order*. This is not correct. If you want to bury a card, you must do it before you buy a card. You cannot buy a card and then decide to bury a card afterwards. See the Rules Reference page 10, the actions are numbered steps, not just possible (bulleted) steps to be performed in any order. This does make a difference since it does not let a player bury a card revealed by buying the top card on a deck.
  2. I opened and played my copy last night. The laminated boards did have slight curve. It was simple enough to gently flatten them by reversing the curve. Certainly not enough of a problem to get bent about...
  3. Given: Coms Net on a Gozanti or GR75 (command value 1). The card says, “After the Reveal Command Dial step, ...”. Coms Net can obviously be activated following the completion of the command dial step to pass a token, before anything else happens. But the card does not say “immediately after.” Can a token be passed later in the flotilla’s activation? After it performs an attack? More importantly, after it performs a maeuver to get within 1-5 of a friendly ship previously out of range? How about when it has already activated and completed its turn in a round? Could a friendly ship within 1-5 or one moving into that range get a token through Coms Net even though the flotilla has completed its turn that round? Is it even round dependent? Can a friendly ship in range, or arriving in range, receive a token banked by the flotilla in a previous round even though the flotilla has not activated yet in the current round? In all of the above questions, the flotilla has completed a command dial step to bank a token. The question is whether there is an outside restriction on the timing of Coms Net. I’m not seeing one.
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