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  1. Finnish

    Yourdestiny spoilers - Dooku and ship

    I like the idea of playing Battle of Wills with Dooku. Can his activate ability be used after both players activate a character? This seems to work especially well against melee characters, like legacies Obi.
  2. Finnish

    Way of the Rebel

    That makes it really hard to play any card really. But if you’re sitting on resources, then you might be able to get away with riskier plays since your opponent may save their force throw special for whatever you are doing with 6 resources. Or you can bait your opponent to use the throw on something else prior to playing the card. What I really like about this card is the indirect damage when it hits. Towards the end when both players are down to one character, you don’t even have to mess with dice rolls and just play a card and pay the resources for direct damage in a vehicle deck. Delve, a card that doesn’t seem to get a lot of play, can also come in handy as well in a red/yellow deck. Maybe this can work..would be fun to try.
  3. Finnish

    RETREAT question

    Then I believe whoever has control of the battlefield will maintain control of the battlefield. If there is an action that occurs with claiming the battlefield, then that action does not occur if no one claims it. Just goes on and resets into the next action phase. Please correct if I'm wrong guys.
  4. Finnish

    I love this new plot

    Exciting! Maybe we can have an ability that takes a resource from an opponent and add that resource to your pool or a card in play, kinda like a combination of Ezra and Finn.
  5. Depends on what you are looking to do with the character. Jedi rival, hidden in shadows, now I am the master, protective master all usable I think in the right deck
  6. Finnish

    Deck Building Help For New Player

    Experimenting with deck building is big fun! For the villains, I think eBala, Tie Pilot and Vet Stormtrooper would work together nicely with range damage. Bala will likely get targeted first for his two dice. Then you will still be able to play wingman on the trooper or tie pilot.
  7. Finnish

    Hey Hannibal, Have You Heard About This?

    Thanks. It is pretty exciting for sure! Hoping for more creative non uniques in the coming set as well. Maybe the old captain phasma can make a come back. Would be neat to see an ability that counters damage, perhaps dealing one indirect when take damage or something.
  8. Finnish

    Hey Hannibal, Have You Heard About This?

    Can you play a two cost upgrade on Plo for free if he teams with two Padawans? Can the ability stack?
  9. Finnish

    Luke starter vs Boba Fett starter

    I like the Luke starter a bit more because both characters can be played elite (even though you only get one die for Han). And on top of that, Heirloom Lightsaber is a really solid weapon upgrade.
  10. Finnish

    AT-ST ideas

    A lot of the discussion centers on strategic first turn play. You really have a lot of choices when it comes to the characters you want to use. For heroes, you're unfortunately stuck including Finn (probably not a deck that will win many games). On the villain side, Ciena and Veers both have good vehicle/support abilities and allow you to include the AT-ST in your deck. Want more speed getting the AT-st out? Add yellow and HA/Imperial Backing and Delve. Want to increase damage? Throw in Firepower and Armored Support. Good luck, this deck sounds like a lot of fun!
  11. Finnish

    AT-ST ideas

    Ciena Ree is good for resource generation with her two resource sides, and her ability can be put to good use. Logistics works well too.
  12. Finnish

    Aayla/Clone Trooper x2

    Considering Aayla will almost always be targeted by the opposing player, I like Locked and Loaded to spot a red and get your two Clone Troopers to their 2 indirect damage sides if you're rerolling poorly even with the Clone Trooper's ability. How about putting in Crash Landing to spread out the damage a bit and maybe buy Aayla an extra turn? I also notice you have a couple Logistics in there. Maybe you can run one copy of Ground Battalion as it seems to work well with the Clone Trooper's ability for rerolls. The money you make from Logistics can help get that support out.
  13. Finnish

    SWD Character Partner Dilemma

    Obi-Wan is very tanky. Pair him with eRose and get a first turn Suppression Field out and you're good to go. Roll Rose's special to generate resources and remove damage from the suppression field.
  14. Finnish

    Krennic action question

    Legacies actually have a few decent options when it comes to taking control of the battlefield, like the ground battalion. Add in lockdown and Krennic should have some success rolling out the DT when he activates. Besides the damage, I also like the 2 discard side on his dice. Yeah, it really sucks at 19 points elite to not have a 3 damage side, but that's the same with Jyn. Imperial discipline is a good upgrade to use on him to get some of that consistency on damage, I think.
  15. Finnish

    Thoughts on Leadership in Vader/Gunray deck?

    I really think leadership has to be included anytime you play a single die unique red especially when that character is under 10 character points. The potential to roll in Vader again is very high, higher for each upgrade you put on him. The real question will be the other red cards that you want to include. You are giving up bait and switch and a lot of what most would consider good mitigate cards in villain yellow. Electrostaff is one of the reasons for including red in melee heavy decks, but Vader doesn't have a pay side. We can turn this around and look at heroes. Rose gives heroes something similar, an 8 point unique red that they didn't have before. Can Mace benefit from partnering with Rose and using leadership/electrostaff? I think so.