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  1. Can you share a bit more about the tournament scene local to you? What sort of decks have been winning? Do the winners both play with skill and have access to a larger pool of cards (what can you learn from them)? As with any dice game, it does come down to rolls. But you have your work cut out for you if these players are putting Ancient Lightsabers and Force Speeds in every deck. Playing more does help. You will become familiar with the strategies of various cards and their combos. Also of interest is who to target first when playing against certain decks. There are trade offs and risks in terms of what you can take away when killing off one of their characters. Go after two dice, or a strong single die with an innate action ability.
  2. I agree. To reiterate, I think he is potentially too strong. He's not broken but very consistent. For the opposing player to roll 3 damage means a 17 point or 20 point character and potentially having to pay resource or life (Vader) for that damage - assuming rerolls break even for both players. Hitting shield means it slows the Aggro. Qui gon player can also play removal and mitigate if the trade off is one card and no resource cost like sound the alarm. The advantage for qui gon is multiple ways to do damage for 0 cost with dice (yoda) and cards. This often leaves his dice and upgrades alone to do damage, and the 4 damage sides on his dice (since I count shield sides as damage) is also very consistent.
  3. Sorry, here's the sequence, resolve first special and take 1 resource, potentially turn second die to a special (or take a shield) Resolve second die special in same action. Take resource and shield
  4. First turn for yoda/qui gon can go something like this. - roll yoda and make sure to hit on one special - resolve specials for 2 resources and 1 or 2 shields (depending if you needed to focus) - plop on two shotos (or any 2 cost upgrades like vibros if you want. Jedi robes would also be excellent here) - roll qui gon - play synchronicity if you have shield and melee sides - play 0 cost cards to generate shields to get qui gon to 3 shields - play Ataru strike - resolve remaining dice
  5. I actually think Qui Gon is potentially too strong in the next set as mentioned earlier. Shields are uber efficient. When you can play multiple cards like take cover, caution and Luke's protection for free, then throw in synchronicity that is slightly situational but very doable (2 unblockable for ZERO cost). There is too much synergy here, like battlefields that give shield. Partner him with red, and you have spirit of rebellion and 1 cost air superiority, hero version of backup muscle. All this and you barely have to pay for anything. Then the money can go to upgrades (not even sure that he needs them really unless you're doing double shotos) and mitigation. There's even amazing cards like sound the alarm for free. But I feel like there's not much that an opponent can do to prevent all that free shield/damage. Just my two cents..
  6. This. The synergy is insane. I love the 0 cost synchronicity for 2 unblockable damage as well
  7. Lol you are right. My wishful thinking. Edited
  8. I agree Kanan adds tempo. But looking at Aayla's special, she can target her second die. Think about this for a sec. While you resolve specials, target her other die and turn it to a special, and resolve it same turn. Or, target a force throw, or mind probe. Lots of possibilities. I like it - a lot. The icing is getting to turn your opponent's die as well.
  9. Reporting good trade with @nungunz Good communication throughout.
  10. While I see where you are coming from, I also think that local stores are more willing to take feedback from the player community and go with the majority from time to time. This also keeps the game fresh in between releases. Some stores were already doing some things to change things up, like giving heroes 33 points to work with pre-errata. Now the different formats can give every player an opportunity to tweak their decks accordingly. It is sad that in certain cases, one deck using out of rotation heroes cannot be played across formats. But again, this is where I feel is part of the fun. How do we make certain characters work that otherwise we wouldn't even think twice about. FFG is going to make their money regardless, it seems the interest is to attract more players. In your case, the pool of players may grow to more than 20 at the small store to a larger group. That's the hope anyway.
  11. Totally agree. I cannot wait to try Boba/Veers. Tie FO, Speeder Bike, Command Shuttle, AT-DP, T-47, LR1K, new Slave 1 and get Lead by Example in there. Focus on resolving specials, which has the benefit of making certain popular cards less useful (sound the alarm? Plz do - doesn't work on slave indirect damage either ). Lots of flexibility. Remove shields against shield decks, remove die and take action +1, discard a support, draw cards, slave 1 rerolls a die with potential removal, command shuttle can use Boba special. Whew! And this is not going to cost you too much real money to put together either.
  12. I don't know how many people are running Veers. But I find that Veers and 3 cost vehicles are excellent. And generally Veers is paired with a more threatening partner that gets targeted from the get go, giving Veers a chance to use his ability.
  13. Extra cards for trade. I'm sure quite a few folks on here would be interested. But yes, 20 for the 2 player starter is a deal I would absolutely jump on.
  14. I'm thinking eGrevious/eTalzin with a bunch of 3 cost Lightsabers and 1 cost mitigation to guarantee a hit when activate and target yourself to turn the grevious die. Wish grevious didn't have a resource cost to do the 3 damage. I really want to see him work
  15. Target currently has a buy two get one on the two player starter. Not as great as BOGO, but you're getting a great deal nonetheless imo.