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  1. This is awesome. You are so right about streetwise..and it’s a common card. Glad to hear this deck did well. Hm..wondering if swapping boba for DJ makes a difference with the removals. Did you roll well when activating the commando?
  2. I love the super commando. It’s power action can use equipment or weapon. I plan on playing some zero cost equipment cards that should go great on him. Did that chance cube hurt you? How about that quickdraw holster? Lol
  3. In terms of old dice and duplicate dice cards, why not drop them off at a LCS to hand out to new players at their weekly or monthly tournaments? I think this helps bring folks in if they know they can get started with some freebies from the community. Even a new player getting into the game now can use something like a BB-8 from awk if he runs the droid with anakin.
  4. You’re not alone. Oh I hear you. The numbering switched from having all dice cards in the beginning of the set to sprinkling them throughout the set to match the color and affiliation along with events , supports and what have you. It will take some getting used to for sure. I think I like the old way better, having all the dice cards up front.
  5. Hi there and welcome to the game! Good to hear that you’re getting some games in and looking to tweak your deck for improvements. From your deck list, it looks like you have 13+6+13 =32 cards, so the first thing you may want to do is cut out two cards to make your deck exactly 30 cards for play. I suggest removing Wingman since it requires two red characters to be effective, and you do not have two red characters for this deck. You will also want to remove one copy of Undying Loyalty so that you have just two copies of that card in your deck (a deck can have 1-2 copies of a card, so 3 is too many). Before getting further into the deck, can you share with us which sets you bought boosters from? It helps to know what card pools may be available to you for building the deck.
  6. I like both Ezra's saber and DJ. Ezra's saber has quite a bit going for it. It is a blue weapon that can be pulled. There are no restrictions on who can use it. It costs two and has two dice sides that deal 2 damage (two melee and the special - no resource cost). Best of all, it has redeploy. It's hard to find any 2 cost equivalent for flexibility and damage. Maybe it is not the best two cost upgrade in specific decks, but I can see it going well in almost any blue hero deck especially when they all seem to play either Aayla or Yoda for chaining. Seriously, which two cost upgrade would you rather have in your blue deck than this?
  7. I like the idea of playing Battle of Wills with Dooku. Can his activate ability be used after both players activate a character? This seems to work especially well against melee characters, like legacies Obi.
  8. That makes it really hard to play any card really. But if you’re sitting on resources, then you might be able to get away with riskier plays since your opponent may save their force throw special for whatever you are doing with 6 resources. Or you can bait your opponent to use the throw on something else prior to playing the card. What I really like about this card is the indirect damage when it hits. Towards the end when both players are down to one character, you don’t even have to mess with dice rolls and just play a card and pay the resources for direct damage in a vehicle deck. Delve, a card that doesn’t seem to get a lot of play, can also come in handy as well in a red/yellow deck. Maybe this can work..would be fun to try.
  9. Then I believe whoever has control of the battlefield will maintain control of the battlefield. If there is an action that occurs with claiming the battlefield, then that action does not occur if no one claims it. Just goes on and resets into the next action phase. Please correct if I'm wrong guys.
  10. Exciting! Maybe we can have an ability that takes a resource from an opponent and add that resource to your pool or a card in play, kinda like a combination of Ezra and Finn.
  11. Depends on what you are looking to do with the character. Jedi rival, hidden in shadows, now I am the master, protective master all usable I think in the right deck
  12. Experimenting with deck building is big fun! For the villains, I think eBala, Tie Pilot and Vet Stormtrooper would work together nicely with range damage. Bala will likely get targeted first for his two dice. Then you will still be able to play wingman on the trooper or tie pilot.
  13. Thanks. It is pretty exciting for sure! Hoping for more creative non uniques in the coming set as well. Maybe the old captain phasma can make a come back. Would be neat to see an ability that counters damage, perhaps dealing one indirect when take damage or something.
  14. Can you play a two cost upgrade on Plo for free if he teams with two Padawans? Can the ability stack?
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