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  1. Yes, but extra resources for FN can make things more fun in a hurry. This might make the chance cube worthwhile if you're not trying to claim the battlefield ahead of your opponent. Im thinking about adding a chance cube as well.
  2. The 2 player starter decks will have enough cards to play a game for 2. But you are not getting a standard 30-card play deck for each player (20 cards each). This means you will have to buy some boosters or another starter set if you want to build standard 30-card decks for each player. Also, you are only getting one copy of each card from the starter. When you start to get into deck building, you will likely want to get a second copy of cards that work well to include them in your deck, as well as making certain of your heroes or villains elite so they can use two dice. I do think the 2 player starter gives you good value more than the previous starters. It contains some really strong cards.
  3. I'm talking about Bazine Netal. Currently thinking of FN-eBazine-Gamorrean Guard. But it does mean I have to give up on some of the guns (and some very good ones) for more melee weapons..
  4. Thank you Kieransi! That is strange that I did get cards/dice for the first set. Makes me happy I'm in New York and still looking for some players to play with. Also checked out the link you provided, this is good stuff! I'll post in the trade thread soon with my lists.
  5. I'm new to Star Wars Destiny and picked up some packs about a week ago. This actually gives me a ton of good advice on putting a deck together. Thanks! Will plan to swing by the store to pick up a few more packs tomorrow, can't wait. I can only seem to find the Awakenings boosters, so I'm not quite sure how to get some of the cards from I guess earlier sets? Also, have you guys seen folks do local trading or did I miss the boat? Wish I had learned about this game sooner. I love how they make the dice. Blows away dice masters..