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  1. RyuujinKatsuya

    Super Fighting Robot

    Weapons could come in one of two varieties. To keep it true to the original material, they'd be weapons with the Limited Ammo quality. To make them closer to the Command Mission system, they'd be special combat actions that require Strain to pull off. Another option would be to base them on the Runestones from Terrinoth - X would use them as Implements, and Zero could use them as active powers (just make most of them melee attacks, since this is Zero we're talking about). Personally, I think the Runestone method works best, since it allows for multiple characters to acquire the same power but use it differently, and it keeps the limited use without making it ridiculously complex. For body slot upgrades, I'd suggest using Attachments for it. None of them really change the way X or Zero function on a basic level (except for the explosive chest piece in X3, I think?). This way, your Android/Reploid can keep the same armor configuration and then mod it as they see fit.
  2. RyuujinKatsuya

    Converting Creatures

    Don't forget some variation of either Second Wind or Heroic Recovery, possibly both to show the 'breaking the rules' approach that Liches take (becoming Undead abominations in order to learn more for longer).
  3. RyuujinKatsuya

    Story Points to Start

    I'm personally of the belief its that lopsided to start on purpose. Firstly, GM's shouldn't really ever need to spend Story Points to introduce new details unless its a well and true ****-pull. Secondly, it encourages players to actually spend theirs, which is something that some groups have issues with. People tend to be less hoard-y with things if they have more than the other guy. EDIT: Was not expecting an older term for someone's rear-end to be blocked...
  4. RyuujinKatsuya

    Star Trek as a Setting

    What time period are you going to use? STO specifically states that current-era bridge officers and captains are expected to wear armor and use a personal energy shield, specifically because of how deadly energy weapons are. If not in that era, I suggest following the series suggestions: red shirts die horribly, but anyone of any value (PCs, Rivals, Nemesis) are instead attacked to disable, not kill, because negotiations are a huge thing in Star Trek, unless you're Borg, Breen or Hirogen.
  5. RyuujinKatsuya

    Transhuman Genesys

    I don't want to just mimic 'depends on the setting', but I prefer to think about it in terms of how advanced becoming transhuman is. Deus Ex is just starting the process, where you can replace parts of yourself with similar or better versions, but Altered Carbon, for example, lets you replace the entire body and upload the mind digitally. Therefore: For Deus Ex, unless it changed in Mankind Divided, I'd suggest just using Cybernetics as-is, with the option of allowing a character to have their Cybernetics destroyed rather than suffer death or otherwise truly permanent Critical Injuries (IE, at the start of the game, he loses pretty much everything to an explosion and has to have it replaced - just use that system in reverse. Don't want to suffer a 124 Critical roll? Sacrifice your arm (possibly again) in order to avoid the Injury). In a setting closer to Altered Carbon, where (in the Netflix series) it appears you are simply put into a sleeve based on your existing genetic information, you'd build a standard character, probably have some upgrades that are cheaper cybernetics, with the expectation that you'll 'die' every so often and have to replace it all. Might even allow characters to purchase upgrades to their cybernetics that mimic Talents, since all it takes is one really bad encounter to take it again.
  6. RyuujinKatsuya

    GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    Nevermind, must be thinking of a custom talent from a setting.