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  1. SaBeall

    Painting Issues

    I've had brush-on acrylic gloss varnish smear finished paint in the past (long ago). Unfortunately I can't remember what varnish or paints I was using. The only fix I can recall is to wipe away the wet varnish and touch up the mess later. I've used Testors Dullcote spray for years with no problems. Recently the only brush-on varnish I've used has been as a selective gloss over a coat of Dullcote. This works great to pick up the armor on stormtroopers.
  2. SaBeall

    Recycling Tips!?

    Here's my idea for a Tibanna gas tank. It's a yogurt container covered with Mel's Terrain Gloop to hide the label texture (and it reminded me of the apliqued armor on WW2 tanks). That's a relief stack on top, not a periscope, by the way...might shorten it. The pump is soda bottle caps with drywall anchors for the pedastal. Still needs the rest of the feed pipes, controls, and fuelling hoses. The idea here is that everything was built in the field by Rebel operatives in order to keep a low profile. (And they're on a strict budget.) They knew vaguely how a fuel pump worked, but had never made one themselves. Next up is a covert antenna dish for their listening post.
  3. I need me an SX-21 Pump-Action Scatter Something-or-other! Sure looks like an infiltration job from here.
  4. I'm currently scratch building a small tibanna gas fuel tank. It can be used as heavy cover, but if it cancels 3 hits, it explodes. I'm not sure yet how to dole out the damage, but it should be fun.
  5. I fill a well on my palette and add one or two drops of enamel thinner. The Testors acrylics are quite good. You can use them neat or thinned, just like any other paint. Building up thin coats is what you want, especially for more vibrant colors. Never had this problem using matte enamels. Mistakes are no harder to fix than acrylics, in my experience. Also, they're just as easy to thin and clean up. Like I said before, I'm using a mix of types on current projects. It all depends on what color I need. Not available in the acrylic line? Enamel it is. (And these are all readily available in my area.) Ultimately a new painter will have to decide for themselves.
  6. So I've just gotten back into painting, and I'm using almost exclusively Testors paints. In fact, most are enamels. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Testors even has an acrylic line, which is quite good. (I do find the acrylics to be two or three coat coverage, even on a white primer, wheras their enamels are one or two coat, especially when thinned.) Don't let everyone tell you that you HAVE to have Citadel, or Army Painter, or whatever, to do this hobby. There are no game shops within an hour of me, but just down the road is a hobby shop where I've been getting paint, models, and supplies for more than 20 years. (Caveat: the Army Painter wash set has been a great investment. If you can only get one starter set, get this one.)
  7. Learn to Play pg 5 labels the 74-Z Speederbike Unit Leader as the one holding both handles. That pose is duplicated in the expansion, along with one who is leaning forward more. My Rebel leaders will have helmet stripes like WW2 US infantry officers. I'll probably do something similar somewhere on the fuselage of the speederbike.
  8. Preordered from Miniature Market in February, myself. My order shipped Tuesday and should arrive Tuesday. The pre-release shipping was a pleasant surprise. It's baffling that some haven't shipped yet.
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