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  1. If I built a solitaire engine for lLR, using 6 Provinces, one for each clan that included Conflict, Dynasty and a randomizer, would there be people interested and n play testing the rules?
  2. That is a creative idea Maffster, but I would add that since you already have a Ring, your current role, you would simply need to capture all 4 other rings in one turn. Additionally, I like that it makes your opponent a passive participant, and adds another level of Ring Strategy to the game. As far as honor victories, that could be as simple as gaining honor for each ring you returned at the end of the turn. If you win 2 rings, you in two honor at the end of the turn. That would likely address GoblinGuide's great point as well forcing engagement and tempo. Unfortunately that mucks with the current Ring of Air mechanic but it is an interesting idea. With regards to Lord Blunt great point, which I haven't even considered, nor have I considered how the Phoenix Clans new Monk (the one that steals an opponents Ring at the end of a successful battle). Nonetheless, it sounds like a fun and interesting twist that I might float to our local playgroup as an optional rule and see how it changes things.
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