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  1. Tamiya Fine white is mental. I was using army painter and it legit ruined my officers with a **** coat.
  2. Heres the guy I found http://www.ema-models.co.uk/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=Acrylic+Rod+-+1.6mm
  3. Also just a note I realised last night Darth Maul is more like 1.4mm. Should still be ok though if anyone has pics.
  4. I found a blog a while back where the guy tilted the arms/waist/head to make it look more like he was about to strike. Unfortunately I haven't found it since!
  5. As title, has anyone modified to improve his pose? turn head / body etc?
  6. Hey bud, there is a good supplier in the UK I found on Google the other day they were like 1.12 pounds a rod. You want 1.6mm. I just did Darth Vader this morning but used clear rod that I sharpied red and coated in gloss.
  7. Second the Tamiya, the Fine type is actually mental. The regular is good as well. I used army painter before this and the difference is immense.
  8. Hey bud, nice work! Did you dry brush the shields, or single highlighting? Also how did you glaze the baton?
  9. Hey Bud, Really nice work, just wondering if you could let me know the color/wash you used for the hired guns and Trandosians skin? Regards J
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