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  1. Noosh

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    Why not make it round 400 pts with a special admiral that can only go with an SSD. Boom problem solved
  2. Noosh

    AoS Second Edition

    I am of the full beleif that GW hates dwarfs.....
  3. Noosh

    The Expanse Canceled by SyFy

    Lol Syfy strikes again! Lol
  4. Not a bad estimate. I would say that's fairly accurate for active players. I would estimate that the number who buy though is a fair bit higher...at least 30k would be my bet. The regular sell outs on some items would seem to indicate a rather large (or rather larger than ffg suspects ) buying base. Mind you this isn't 40k which is bought to play a game. Simply put, ffg has the best star wars ships around, barring high end model kits, and I'm sure ppl buy just to display at the least. Star wars sells, end of story. I've looked at the latest run of Mico machines and they look pretty drab, no where as good. And by this point looks will sell.
  5. Noosh

    My DMed Campaign Experiences!

    Those are both good ways of challenging your players without the same level of threat possibly blowing up their ships. I would like to think of it as a more tactical challenge than phisyical (there's allowed to be overlap in those two). It's always a fine line when dm'ing, too weak a challenge it's not nearly as rewarding to you players. Too hard, and it feels impposible and they lose interest. Finding good meaty challenges, that push your players while being beatable are tough to consistently do. And I applaud you for putting the time and effort to try and do that. Walking that fine line between punishing then for their **** ups; or tearing out their spine and beating them to death with it, or slapping them on the wrist and letting them go on about their way.
  6. Noosh

    Expansion pack suggestions

    Yes! Do it, do it NOOOOOOWWW!
  7. Noosh

    Expansion pack suggestions

    You could buy 5 hammer head packs feild 9 of them, and declare it hammer time every time you play. Bonus points for actually playing the song at the start of the game.
  8. Noosh

    My DMed Campaign Experiences!

    What about snare mines? Reduce speed by 1? Or reduce yaw value by 1
  9. Addition: I just bought the dlc giving you the berserk carrier, and the Janus for the campaign. In my initial thought the new ships give solid additions to your colonial fleet. The berserk carrier gives a serious offensive early game punch, with fighter cover. The Janus is a tanky ship with 3 missiles, I suspect that when you unlock nukes it's a real monster. It could be said that it tries to fill the same role as the ranger, but I would say not really. Ranger is for fast relaoding hit and run missiles, the Janus is more for being in the thick of the fight lobbing up to a 3 missle burst (3 round cool down), in my opinion give it nukes take 2 watch toasters fry.
  10. Noosh

    WTF??? (What The Fluff)

    I guess you could call the walkers zords, snoke as zordon, kylo as the black ranger,but where are the power Morphers??? Also too many **** red rangers! I'd watch it only if they did kiiaaah sounds Everytime they throw a punch or swing their weapons. Also sarrlac vs walker fight at the end!!
  11. I just beat the campaign. I must say I really enjoyed it, I will say buy it on the PC controls are clearly better with mouse and keyboard. None the less I enjoyed it immensely. Second: has anyone bought the dlc? If so will those ships be useable in the campaign? Review: the overarching game play is very xcom in terms of map, and fleet Management. The actual combat will feel comfortably simple, yet have all the depth you desire. Cons; no specific ship customization, leading to an all ships feel samey. Ship veterancy would be a nice feature. Both of these aspects are lightly addressed in the officer progression, but not enough to be meaty. Controls are clunky on xbone (probably better on PC) Pros: difficulty scales nicely. Meaning you always feel a little out gunned, But not so much that it's futile. Good macro and micro tatical depth. Overall grade B
  12. Noosh

    Gladiators and early wave ships

  13. Noosh

    WTF??? (What The Fluff)

    Admiral Akbar- Fluff-Makes traps 20%less trappy Rules- more dice to punch your way out of the trap!
  14. Noosh

    Gladiators and early wave ships

    I smell aceatone, good for stripping paint, bad for stripping paint off plastic models. Next time try a high % rubbing alcohol (90%+, I use 99% with favorable results) works wonders on laytex paint, should work equally well on oil based too.