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  1. I would like to point out that's 1 out of 5. I don't think that's low I think that's healthy. If you were to any much more above 25% (1 out of 4) it would be an absolute **** storm of fighter maxed fleets.
  2. Killer tomatoes, that's why it's important to have the Star Wars : Armada Forum Master Knife set so you can cut your way out of the human cannery, and still cut down those twisted tomatoes. You see only the Star Wars : Armada Forum Master Knife set can do all these things. It's slices! It dices! Don't be caught in the man eating tomato apocalypse without your Star Wars : Armada Forum Master Knife set!!! Post now and for 26 easy installments of 10 likes the Star Wars : Armada Forum Master Knife set can be yours now!!!!!!* This is a limited time offer! Act NOW!!!! Don't believe that the Star Wars : Armada Forum Master Knife set is as good as we claim?! Don't take our word for it here's a customer testimonial from @Drasnighta!** "These knives are good, they allowed me to not only prep dinner every night. But to also destroy that dasterdly rebel alliance." See with the, Star Wars : Armada Forum Master Knife set, you'll never have to worry again! Buy NOW!!!! *S&h 27,000 likes* ** All testimonial 'quotes' were gathered from non-contiguous public forum posts
  3. Yeah they can cut a tin can, but can they slice a tomato afterwards?????
  4. Yup, they nailed it. I was thourgly movied at when I watched it.
  5. Im a snek snack . I can't find it in the allotted time.
  6. We've found a thread necromancer! May we burn her?
  7. Eh, it's because he doesn't have a good head on his shoulders.
  8. What about the gladiator over the kittens? I'm no expert on triangles.
  9. Lights lighter, stares at dumpster.........smiles knowingly.
  10. Keep doing the good work! I can't change the stupid that's got us here, but I Shure as **** can be apppreshiatieve of those trying to dig us out. Take care of yourself out there. Also may I suggest BT Avenger combo to lead in with your furious triangular point making?
  11. My heart is filled with joy at the thought of future giant stompy robot death pilots. Carry on good sir!
  12. Ah gentlemen and gentlewomen, I believe we ran afoul of one of the oldest rules of the internet "Don't feed the trolls". Admittedly, I think it was a slow burn, maybe not even intensional. I'm personally inclined to chalk it up to cabin fever, he was coo coo for Co co Puffs and needed to vent a little.
  13. Learn you madman!!!!! Why not try and see if anyone else in the house is interested, fun fact I had no idea my wife would like battletech. As a side note try and not rage at ffg too much during this. I think getting mad at them for their marketing flubs just raises your blood pressure at this point, although a good rage every once and a while can be very cathartic!
  14. Ya know, I'm starting to get some cabin fever. I started a new job the week before they locked us down, got laid off till it's over so I'm a little ansy about that. On the bright side though, I've been plowing through my back log of un built and un painted models. I might finally have that fully painted fleet, army, squadron, and Lance when this is all said and done! (As a side note, if the previous statement dose of occour, be on the look out for flying self serving bacon)
  15. Yeah but if they get jibbed ain't much of a fleet left.
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