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  1. Oooh hadn't thought about it from that point of view. I like it, a kind of takes all kinds attitude!
  2. Noosh

    Road to 1,000 Likes!

    Well to be fair I'm sure we will press you back into service once the SSD is out being played. You are a fair rule judge, I may not always agree with your final conclusion but I do respect it.
  3. Another thought is this: Why would the rebels want a ship that was so obviously part of the imperial design ethos? I don't think they would, symbolically it would seem to say that they were willing to be more like the empire to beat them (or sum such thing). Basically it would be a moral no no.
  4. Noosh

    Happy Friday

    One of us! One of us!
  5. Noosh

    Armada article up for worlds swag

    Hrm, strangely not the worst sounding first date I've heard of.
  6. Noosh

    When you see an MC75, but think....

    Only if you call it the chip'n'dales transport fleet.
  7. Noosh

    Commander cost.

    @Darth Sanguis I think the problem with free commanders, or should I say free at cost of list building. Is that you have to balance them to a t. Yes will the enable different stategies, they would all have to have all the same realitive affect on the strategy itself... Wich would mean either massively pumping up some, or massively nerfing others. Even let's say, zeroing out so that the lowest cost we're free and it went up from there, still probably wouldn't do the trick. Maybe if you set the zero point at midrange commanders, it would increase the advantages of both. So, the low end commanders would give you, more fleet building choices by effective ly giving a cheap as free upgrades or ship discount or how ever you want to look at it. At the commanders with impressive crunchy abilities are paid for in the extra points. No idea if that would work, but it would allow for baseline fleetwide abilities without absolutely re writing their affects . Dunno, it's probably just as crazy as anything else.
  8. Noosh

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    Good Lord, has some one summoned the spirit of Admiral Nelson To haunt the forums lately? I counter by summoning @Megatronrex. Let the humor flow!!!
  9. The reason why is simple. Wargames like legion need large unit variety, particularly since they will be in direct competition with WH:40K. The rather undisputed heavyweight in that game market. If they don't have the variety quick the game may die especially if people sit there and say where's my waker/speeder/fighter and why isn't it out yet. It's hard to compete against such an established juggernaut. Armada on the other hand, IS the undisputed heavyweight in capitol ship combat. And thus can survive longer release intervals. I can't blame ffg in their choice, mainly because they haven't given up on Armada. Their just making the best of a tough situation.
  10. Fair enough. Was it the starfury post?
  11. WHO DARE QUOTE ME!?!!?
  12. Liberty swarm would be interesting against the ssd. I'm super excited to see what the ssd breeds in terms of tactics against it. I'm also really interested to see how ssd list and play styles evolve. That will play a major part on the list you bring and how you combat the ssd. Speculation on how to fight the ssd, all by itself is cool but the real sauce is what will be with it on the list
  13. Noosh

    Does the Empire need a CR90 equivalent?

    Ahhh the good old; I see a problem, but others do not. Debate. I really love these, because they always boil down to the posters point of veiw on the topic. That's not a bad thing I find it facinating how many differing and completely valid veiws on a topic. This one I think boils down to: I think similar fractions are the way to go Vs. I think different factions are the way to go I thinks it's really interesting.
  14. Noosh

    New Storage Solution for your SSD!

    For your enemies, I assume.
  15. I think the game should be more like DND Esq, focus more on the campaign and story and the epic space ship battles will follow nicely. So think about it like a DND session with each ship forming a part of abattle group allow the story to flow naturally and it will all follow.