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  1. I am, I can't wait to have to have a big brawler! I really want to pile this one in with some liberties and go get my degree from CGNU.
  2. I was thinking that as well. Like exactly like the Earth Alliance Nova class dreadnought, sans the giant plasma batteries along the hull.
  3. I like it, it's got a good kit bashed from imp ships feel to it. Yeah it doesn't look super starwarsy. But I think that's mostly from triangle and fish syndrome dominating the movies. I like that it feels like a brawler, which is what it's supposed to be. Also can we all be Happy that they let the ffg desing team off the leash, and let them do some desing work. Because it looks good.
  4. I think your forgetting the thousand year albatross, that crossed the Panama canal in less than 50 kilometers!.
  5. What about unload shoot ram with the the lightmaker title (it's lightmaker right?, Not lighthammer....) Maximizing survival, some what. Maybe don't worry about it's survival, buy it for the one job and everything after that is a bonus.
  6. Personally, think that it will have an excellent squadron command. Midling firepower. *** for defense. Good movement. It will be in it's own faction so I think that the isd is a little unnecessary. Rebels don't have a direct analog but their faction is just fine. Just as long as it's liberty price I think it will be a big hit!
  7. Doesn't kill each other while waiting......... All in all we have some good patients as a community. BUT, there are some who I suspect would be pelted to death by peltas somedays.
  8. Maybe we will get new trillogy ships? *Runs away whooping*
  9. I see your long Dev time, and raise you a Half-Life 3.
  10. Oooh hadn't thought about it from that point of view. I like it, a kind of takes all kinds attitude!
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