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  1. The reason why is simple. Wargames like legion need large unit variety, particularly since they will be in direct competition with WH:40K. The rather undisputed heavyweight in that game market. If they don't have the variety quick the game may die especially if people sit there and say where's my waker/speeder/fighter and why isn't it out yet. It's hard to compete against such an established juggernaut. Armada on the other hand, IS the undisputed heavyweight in capitol ship combat. And thus can survive longer release intervals. I can't blame ffg in their choice, mainly because they haven't given up on Armada. Their just making the best of a tough situation.
  2. Fair enough. Was it the starfury post?
  4. Liberty swarm would be interesting against the ssd. I'm super excited to see what the ssd breeds in terms of tactics against it. I'm also really interested to see how ssd list and play styles evolve. That will play a major part on the list you bring and how you combat the ssd. Speculation on how to fight the ssd, all by itself is cool but the real sauce is what will be with it on the list
  5. Noosh

    Does the Empire need a CR90 equivalent?

    Ahhh the good old; I see a problem, but others do not. Debate. I really love these, because they always boil down to the posters point of veiw on the topic. That's not a bad thing I find it facinating how many differing and completely valid veiws on a topic. This one I think boils down to: I think similar fractions are the way to go Vs. I think different factions are the way to go I thinks it's really interesting.
  6. Noosh

    New Storage Solution for your SSD!

    For your enemies, I assume.
  7. I think the game should be more like DND Esq, focus more on the campaign and story and the epic space ship battles will follow nicely. So think about it like a DND session with each ship forming a part of abattle group allow the story to flow naturally and it will all follow.
  8. I do not know of this board game that you speak of. What kind of boards do you use to play with? 2x4? 4x4? 1x2? 1x12?!!!?!
  9. Noosh

    Star Wars series

    @Megatronrex all that incopeteance on both sides sold it to me (mostly because I'm a jaded cynic) I see bad decisions blow up all the time.
  10. Noosh

    Star Wars series

    I feel you on this, more of the overall emotional point of the tlj. I liked it though, yes I thought the plot was too driven by blinding incopeteance. I will believe that in the movie, because Ive seen some blinding incopeteance in real life. I thought that was just too on point if how things would go sideways for the protagonists.
  11. I would say thats an astute guess. I would say your close. That sounds right for casting (depending on application, matierial, method) considering the high quality of product I'm making the assumption that their initial costs are much higher than average..,..maybe. they could of lucked out and found good and cheap, but slow is their down side (Wich fits the bill)
  12. HERESEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I have to burn you at the 3 sided steak, with no more or less than 3 log. You may substitute the log for Ln, if you're some kind of tree hugging Naturalist. If you're like the rest of us 'Muricans, you'll use good old synthetic log while drinking beer and barbecuein an eagle (so your full of patriotic patriotism)!!!!!!!
  13. Fool! No amount of of nostalgia amplification will ever be more powerful than the triangle!!!!! Not even the mighty sphere can compare!!!! There can only be one debate: the sublime equalateral, the flawed but ultimately relateable isosecles, or the utterly heretical scalene. CHOOSE, NOW!!!!
  14. Noosh

    If there's no Gencon update...

    And they called the aristocrats!!!!!
  15. Noosh

    If there's no Gencon update...

    Whaaaaaaaahhhhht?! Did we all of a sudden start browsing a form on soap? No need to keep things so squeaky clean, roll in the filth, love the filth, become one with the filth.?