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  1. System defence fleet size

    I guess you could throw in some hammer heads have the cr 90 s as battle group leaders
  2. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    I think a SSD is a 'shut up, and take my money!' situation. Yeah we as a gaming community may not be able to all afford a $100+ price tag, but there are alot of people who DON'T play see it, and will buy it on sheer principle of awesome (which may cause them to get in to the game). I did this with alot of the xwing epic ships.
  3. I'll agree with you until ffg releases an ezpaint kit for each faction. Also I don't see why everyone is so scared of painting, unpainted minis saves us money.
  4. So when do we get movement tool prizes

    Yeah most things wont go too far after use.
  5. Do you think they made a crapload, or do they have a reprint shedule that they don't tell us about unless their totally out of stock? To me their reprint shedule dosent seem to make much sense *unless* it's all a pretty show to keep people in the loop, so they don't just go crazy waiting for a restock when they've outstripped their projections in a good way.
  6. TLJ Novelization

    Hux is in the vein of tarken honestly. Just younger and by proxy dumber. I really look at him as a far less seasoned Tarkin with all the same level of arrogance and hubris. It's just since Hux isn't dead he has a chance to grow into a more credible antagonist, which I feel he is. Just as with kylo Ren. Tlj did alot to grow these antagonists.
  7. I was talking to some friends and family recently, and star wars came up. Now this is an observation put to the group (not by me, but I wish I had thought of it) at the thought gose like this: JJ Abrams is bad at ending things. We all mulled it around and generally thought that it, as a notion, was pretty close to on the money. Considering his body of work most find his conclusions.....less than satisfing. Now seeing as he will be concluding this latest star wars trillogy (ep9) what are your thoughts? Should JJ Abrams be the closer? Personally my bet is that the whole new trillogy will turn out to be a dream. This will of course produce optimized lulz and peak rage. This is of course lulz for me, rage for the rest.
  8. Cymoon no Chimera?

    I think comms net, make that dual slot a different animal, on top of the chimiera ability to change those mid battle would make it just a little crazy..... At least that's how I see it playing out, not sure if that's how it would go. 2 cymoon ISDs 2 goz, over 100 points to buy upgrades, admiral, and whatever else you want. Dunno but I would like to hear this played in an actual game the way we're talking about to see if it's as worrying as I actually think it is
  9. New Mon Cal Ship

    Whaaaaaat you don't want space pizza vs space pickles? Food Wars: A New Snack
  10. What would you like to see in the future

    You'll just get a wave with TWO ISD repaints! Thus answering your prayers, and spiteing you at the same time.
  11. Armada as Chess - Who is Who?!

    I disagree good sir. Bishop for her!!
  12. Armada as Chess - Who is Who?!

    Obviously Leah in any form = Queen
  13. High Ranking Defectors

    You monster..... Although.....
  14. New Mon Cal Ship

    Could be medium and a combat oriented ship, so no windows.... I'm holding out hope would be nice to see another rebel medium.