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  1. Also Malastare, Anaxes against Admiral Trench, and the rescue of Adi Gallia
  2. *Demolition It was bugging me. Good categorisation all round. I don't know why, but the "Jack out of the box" description makes me want to see Hondo Ohnaka as a fleet commander with the same or similar ability, just for pure trolling of your opponent...
  3. Clapham is too far away from me, the closest I tend to get towards London is Croydon, but thanks for the invite though.
  4. The Gauntlet can take something like 25 troops, that's a sizable ship, far larger than a fighter like an X-wing or an A-wing. Although to be fair, I think the original description of the Gauntlet/Komr'k-class ship was a fighter/transport.
  5. Rebel Gauntlets led by Sabine or Ursa Wren? I can dig it. If they did, they'd be the first cross-faction Armada ships, and I don't think they'd do it with squadrons before they'd do it with capital ships. Do want more Mando content though. I'm hoping/praying we'll see a Crusader corvette at some point, but that's just a pipe dream. I'll cave in at some point and get a Mel's Miniatures Crusader to scratch that particular itch.
  6. Brand new player from Crawley here. I've been building up my collection whilst I wait for a date that I can attend a local war-gaming club (once a week meet and my weird work schedule means I can only ever attend weekly events twice a month).
  7. Chimaera, Thrawn, Governer Price, Gar Saxon, all of these are from Rebels, and the Gauntlet is from Rebels too. To me, this is an Imperials-from-Rebels wave with a Rogue One Rebels addition, so the Gauntlet makes more sense attached to the Chimaera than the Zeta shuttle. If Profundity gets squadrons as well, they're definitely going to be U-wings, as they serve a very similar purpose in canon, and I don't think we'll see the Zeta at all in Armada, or even in X-wing.
  8. As a big Mandalorian fan, I'm quite excited about the Gauntlet starfighter. From what I can see, the unique pilot is Gar Saxon, and I think I'm correct in saying that the icons are a new one and Rogue. Looking at the new icon and considering the canon capabilities of the Gauntlet, I'd say we're looking at some kind of boarding mechanic, similar to the Boarding Engineers or Troopers. I'm guessing it'll either be removing command tokens or exhausting defence tokens. Everyone is concentrating on the Chimaera and Profundity, I figured it needed looking at to. Plus, I'm noticing that we're not seeing a pic of the full Profundity expansion like we did with Chimaera, which makes me wonder what else it's going to come with - maybe U-wings with similar or the same keywords as the Gauntlets?
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