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  1. Thanks all for the helpful advice. I look forward to applying some of this in my next game.
  2. So I'm struggling a bit with melee combat, primarily with EOTE but it's set around the Phantom Menace era and players can face Jedi. The problems I face is 1 difficulty seems too easy to hit someone with and there aren't ways for the players (That I know of) to mitigate how easy it is for a semi-competent enemy to hit them. 1 Melee defence is a sorry excuse against multiple yellow/green die. I feel this on the NPC side of things too but at least they have Adversary 1-3 talents. Still, I feel like the range band difficulty is problematic. There aren't any dueling mechanics or opposed melee checks for example to simulate defending or not. It feels very 'Your turn - My turn' where combatants stand facing each other waiting for their next turn. I know it all seemingly happens in the same time window simultaneously, or close to it (which has it's own issues) but I'm speaking on what it feels like. I can certainly describe the person being attacked as blocking the weapon coming at him, or deflecting it somehow when the attack fails, but it happens very infrequently. The other issue is a modded blaster often deals the same or more damage than a nice melee weapon and skilled user, at least in my group, which has a wookiee who focuses just on melee combat. That's fine though, one of the advantages of a melee weapon is when it gets up close and personal with a group of ranged targets, especially if they have rifles, it's difficult to shoot into melee and the difficulty is upgraded by 1-2 points. The issue comes when a melee character closes the distance on a ranged one, attacks, and then on the ranged characters turn, they simply use a maneuver to run away, and their action to shoot at the melee combatant at short range... And so on and so forth. If a melee character closes that distance (during which time they're at a disadvantage) shouldn't they have the advantage when they get close, or a ways of keeping distance with the ranged character rather than watching them run out of melee? Such as an attack of opportunity like in DnD perhaps,for leaving melee. As far as I know I haven't come across any rules which help with things like this. Am I missing something? Have others dealt with similar problems, have you come up with house rules to deal with this? Thanks.
  3. Thank you! That clears that up then.
  4. I'm planning to run an encounter tonight for my players and came up against a question that will help if I know before hand and that the antagonist may use against the players. That question is... Are the laser barriers (Same sort of thing as you see in The Phantom Menace in the Darth Maul battle with Qui-gon and Obi-wan) airproof? I.E if the antagonist sucked the air out of the room, would these barriers block off new air getting in or would they be air tight? I have no idea about laser tech and suspect that one of my players may make an educated guess, but I don't want to spoil anything before hand for him by asking him. Replies are very much appreciated!
  5. Love this idea, fairly sure I'll be running with it. I hadn't considered it might be a willing partnership. It adds a nice layer, and ticks all the boxes I was aiming for. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the replies guys! I had thought about the protocol droid before making this, but shy'd away from it a little bit. The reason being I'm wanting to drop hints about the Hutt as mentioned in the original post, but I think it would be the first place my players will go, also the idea of the players confronting a protocol droid that's relaying information to this behind the scenes figure was to good to be pass up if the cards fall right and one of my players is a sentient droid, who's goal/purpose? I forget the mechanic name, is to unite droids against their overlords (While becoming a droid overlord himself) The idea of him trying to convert this droid and inadvertently giving over the information to the shadowy figure is tantalizing. The Hutt isn't actually the main story/plot, he's more of an associate to the players. I decided to add this twist as another layer, that is open to the players to discover without needing them to find this out. It's added flavor that could evolve into more. My idea was a control room in the Hutts palace that this figure would operate from, very private surrounded by tech. His/Her web so to speak. As for the reasons why he/she would be keeping hidden, I like the idea of a species that wouldn't be respected, or a species dying out. Another thought that's been bouncing around is a disgraced/hunted person who if they showed themselves, the other Hutts would take action against. Similar to the Jedi idea. It could be something along the lines of this Hutt had inherited/taken over this organisation and this puppet master swooped in, some kind of leverage on the Hutt and slowly dug their claws into the whole operation, relying on the Hutt to provide stability. Keep the ideas coming it's really helping! [Edit] A former slave could be a possibility. Twi'lek or something similar, who wouldn't be able to command the same respect as a Hutt.
  7. Title question, but here is a bit of back story... So my players are about to be associated with a Hutt, they're a rag-tag group of predominantly Mandalorians set 20-30 years before episode 1. To spice things up a bit, from the usual Hutt player dynamic I've decided to make the Hutt a puppet. He'll be controlled by a shadowy figure who's using the fact he's a Hutt for control while staying out the spotlight himself. IC this will be manifest in things like the Hutt doing very little talking, the Hutt having a techy headset (eyes and ears for the behind the scenes guy) the protocol droid doing most of the talking and the Hutt mostly nodding along and voicing his agreement in Huttese and the Hutt not showing quite the same traits commonly associated with Hutts, in terms of how he deals with people (depending on the species). So here's where my question comes in: What species for this shadowy figure? The shadow broker in Mass Effect 2 gave me the idea, though I'm not sure why. I love the idea of something uncommon, maybe an outlawed/persicuted species that wouldn't otherwise be welcome in this kind of outer rim circle. Perhaps a government from another planet? (The planet it's based on is Mon Gazza) Something rare or exciting would add real flavor in my opinion but ideas aren't coming! Any ideas/thoughts whether it's just about the question or something else in the thread is all welcome, thanks for reading.
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