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  1. Where was the initial information you're summarizing posted?
  2. Missed that line. Hopefully it'll mean more down the road, then.
  3. Playmat and honor dial are nice additions, everything else feels very same-y. Also the whole "Battle for the Stronghold" idea could have been more fleshed out, I feel. Like okay, if X clan does best at this store, they can try and get the owners to put a couple posters up? Sure, I guess, but so what? Maybe stories of Old5R story prizes spoiled me a bit, but I wish local level tournaments and events had more impact/novelty than what FFG has given us thus far.
  4. Wow, they didn't waste any time announcing that. Really interesting to see that this isn't a deluxe box, and is also priced accordingly. No idea on release date yet? Also holy crud, Fushichō is something else. Arguably the best Charge! target there is.
  5. This is an awesome breakdown. Really cool to see everyone's match-ups highlighted like that. I was pretty shocked to see Crab win in the end, but if you look at Pablo's games, 4 out of 5 were against Lion, which makes me wonder if a lot of it had to do with a favourable schedule (asides from what I assume was masterful playing). Were the games streamed?
  6. I have no idea what The Lost refers to, so I must have missed something!
  7. Also what are the chances the Mantis becoming a Great Clan turns out to be a story decision at Worlds/a Grand Kotei? I have no O5R background, so I honestly don't know how integral Mantis are and whether a decision like that could be made by players.
  8. Looks like FFG might be adding Mantis to the game earlier than a lot of people thought. I was perusing 4chan the other week looking for spoilers, and someone who seemed fairly reputable said the first big box expansion would be Phoenix, followed by Mantis. Don't know if it's true, but the way the fiction has been going makes it seem plausible.
  9. Always happy to see more cheap shugenja for the fire chickies. Are the only two characters with the scholar trait the Naive Student and the Solemn Scholar at this point, though? Even with the seal that doesn't seem to promote much synergy.
  10. Wait, so they just reprinted a Greyjoy card and gave it to Crab?
  11. Water shugenja pushes the aggro Phoenix theme that seems to be happening. All of these seem like plausible cards; just wish we had pics for confirmation.
  12. Entirely possible, just very unlikely. But the fact that it is possible suggests that it's a viable win condition/deck consideration. You might not win on turn one every game (or ever), but the pieces exist to win on the turn after that, or the turn after that, or...
  13. Don't wanna get ahead of myself, but I think WotCh makes honor running viable, if not wholly competitive. Lion and Crane seem like the logical picks, probably the former more than the latter for the reasons listed above + the new character just spoiled that'll help push through Air and Fire ring challenges.
  14. I have received three wildly conflicting opinions on dates. One store said they'd have some new copies in this week, another said they placed an order with Asmodee last week but are awaiting confirmation, and the last store just said they had no idea. Not hopeful.
  15. Not OP, but I imagine this might be the case. In Canada at least, Asmodee is the sole distributor for FFG products and they **** the bed like it's an artform. I've contacted 4 local gaming stores in town and they're all sold out of cores without any idea of when they'll get more. Don't know if that's on FFG, or Asmodee, or both, but either way it's frustrating. I only have one core and am willing to purchase more, but can't until someone gets a restock. Not willing to buy online in USD and get nailed with shipping.
  16. Maybe I'm way off base with this, but I feel like 60 minute rounds is going to be meta shaping in the worst way. Wanna play Scorpion or Phoenix dishonor? Better hurry up, because the clock is ticking. Honestly, it seems super prohibitive to control heavy decks, or decks that simply aren't focused with breaking provinces to win the game. Doesn't make sense at all (to me at least) to attempt a play style like the ones above that you're unlikely to be achieve unless both players are operating at remarkable speeds, which really hinders viable, competitive options for certain clans.
  17. Really cool that this is getting up off the ground, hats off to the devs. Any idea if single core decks can be played, or if that feature will be added?
  18. Still don't know much about players in Vancouver, BC yet, but I do know there's now a launch event happening: https://www.facebook.com/events/1751980938436625/
  19. Never played Netrunner, but seems like a logical move for FFG to get new players into the game. Only downside is that if any of those cards that aren't going to be legal/aren't included in the RCS become legal again down the road, what do the players that bought the RCS do? They'd have to go back and buy the original core sets and expansions to fill in gaps? Seems like if this is the model they're going with, those cards will need to be made permanently illegal, which is limiting in its own way. The only thing that really worries me about this is seeing so many anecdotes from Netrunner, Thrones, and Star Wars players complaining about busted combos and RPS match ups with top decks that have plagued those respective games. I remember when Netrunner came out and became the new hotness, and now it seems like it's alienated a good portion of its player base. Makes me cautious about the future of L5R/any LCG, really.
  20. Does anyone have experience ordering from Roku-Mart? I placed an order for a deck box over three weeks ago (credit card charged) and haven't received it. I emailed the address from my invoice, as well as contacting them via their website, and I haven't received a reply. Feeling a bit disingenuous to me.
  21. Perfect, thanks for the clarification. The Switch entry in the RR was something I was searching for, but somehow didn't think to look up in concrete terms.
  22. Someone brought this up on the L5R subreddit and it got me thinking. Can Bayushi Yunako swap the skill value of a character with a dash (ex. Moto Horde)? Per the RR: "If a character has a dash for a skill value, that skill value cannot be modified or otherwise changed by card abilities and effects." Does Yunako trading skill values constitute a modification or change in that sense? The consensus on reddit was that this is an illegal play, but I feel like I've seen it done/discussed on here before, and yet I can't find any proof of that now.
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