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  1. Mostly because it's easier to figure out diagonal movement and diagonal line of sight rules; also it's harder for any one figure to get swarmed, and blast-type "all adjacent tiles" effects are slightly less powerful because they hit fewer tiles. It's not a big issue either way, I was just trying to spitball possible major rules revisions in a 3rd edition. Honestly the only thing I can think of that would make me want to rebuy everything would be a 6 player cap; that's three couples instead of two which is a big difference. It's really hard to fit six player turns and six player figures into a tabletop design though (which is why most crawler games stick with four).
  2. This is an important point; if you've bought everything, that's a lot of content. Like, hundreds of hours of content in the app alone, and thousands counting all the standard campaigns and side quests, especially if you are the sort of person who's willing to replay with different characters. Unless you're playing Descent 24/7, if you've purchased all of 2nd edition, you're not going to run out of content for a loooong time. I think it'll be longer than a year. Thing is, I strongly suspect that Imperial Assault uses the same "development team" and same production lines that Descent does. So I doubt they're going to bother with Descent 3rd until they've finished their run on IA, and that's not gonna happen for a while yet. My guess is that in three to five years -- giving IA time to run its course and Descent to get remaindered in most folk's collections -- they'll re-issue a new Descent with more streamlined rules (how exactly do effects propagate from Blast, again?) and maybe slightly more modernized, euro-style mechanics, probably lifting some ideas from Gloomhaven and whatever other dungeon crawlers have come out in the meanwhile (say, hex tiles instead of squares, better overall app integration, etc..) In an ideal world, they'd release a backwards-compatibility kit like they did previously, along with a couple of Big New Features that would give people a reason to play a new edition instead. Mere rules streamlining wouldn't be enough -- it would need something fairly big to get me to reinvest, something like allowing for a party of up to six adventurers (which is hard to do given how much longer the game takes with each additional player). Without some sort of big new feature, there's no reason to re-invest when I can just keep playing and replaying as-yet-unexplored 2nd Ed. content for the foreseeable future.
  3. The impression I have is that the app is basically edition 2.5 and Imperial Assault is functionally 3rd edition. I don't think we'll see an official 3rd edition descent until Imperial Assault stops selling / goes out of print, because it seems like those two lines compete for production time / development resources. If 3rd did come out sometime soon I doubt I'd buy in because I already have all of 2nd edition at this point and it's a nice feeling to have the complete set. It would have to make some really major gameplay improvements and 2nd edition is good enough that it only has limited room to improve. They could incorporate some lessons from Gloomhaven and use hex-based tiles and so forth I suppose?
  4. I'd suggest checking out Boardgamegeek, the individual forum for each game has a files section and someone may have scanned it in.
  5. Yeah, out of all the lieutenants in the game, Skarn has probably the best mini (the only real competitor is Valyndra but she gets extra points for being a dragon). I really like Belthir's miniature too.
  6. I generally try to use "what is worst for the heroes" as the tiebreaker when the rules are ambiguous, but really you can play that moment-to-moment depending on your group and how hard a time you're having.
  7. I've thought about trying that combo but I keep coming back to Lindel as a Spiritspeaker instead.
  8. Nerekhall is the obvious buy and after that it gets to be a tougher call. Each expansion (including hero & monster packs) adds an additional sidequest to the app, and then each expansion with tiles adds some extra tiles to one map each (respectively) in the Nerekhall campaign. Each expansion with items adds those items to the app. So if your only concern is the app, you actually get a fair bit of content from the hero & monster packs -- some heroes, some monsters, and a side quest (though of course no items or class cards). Labyrinth of Ruin adds a lot of neat items so that's worth grabbing for that. The Crusade of the Forgotten pack has two great heroes, including the best Conjurer hero (Astarra), so that'll work well with Nerekhall. The Oath of the Outcast expansion has Elder Mok who is almost overpowered as a bard (and Trenloe from the same expansion makes a great Knight). One thing that might be worth doing is playing through the Nerekhall campaign before getting any tile expansions, then playing it again after you have the tile expansions.
  9. My gut instinct is that all figures take damage (in whatever order) from the initial attack, then Andira Runehand's reflect-back damage takes effect, and one behavior can't "interrupt" the other. Reason being, Descent isn't Magic; there isn't really a concept of interrupts or "the stack" in Descent like there is in CCG's, except in the case of a few specific cards that specify such. So one thing happens, then another.
  10. Yeah, in the campaigns at least if you do the campaigns, if you do a plot quest right away you'll have 7 weeks the next time etc. After a certain point though you want to stop putting off side quests because you need the gear.
  11. My guess is that Descent is still very profitable but IA is more profitable while also competing for the same production resources (design team, printer time, etc.). So they've shifted emphasis, and Descent production (reprints, new apps, etc.) is on back-burner status filling in the corners from IA. You're probably long-term correct though. IA is basically Descent 3rd edition with a fantasy skin, so it'll make sense to "relaunch" descent as 3rd edition in a few years with more refined gameplay based on what they learn from IA.
  12. I'm kinda ok with no new physical Descend 2nd expansions, I have everything and I don't have any more room in my tackle box! They do seem to still be reprinting most expansions though. Mists of Bilehall is already "awaiting reprint" so the most recent print run must have sold out VERY fast. My guess is they're fine with under-producing it a bit (especially if that means allocating more printer time to the Star Wars line) but it's still profitable enough that they don't want to let it die out, just want to keep surfing the high edge of the demand curve. I do hope we get one or two more Descent app expansions; one more solid campaign would be ideal.
  13. I feel like there's probably room for a house rule as to how conditions propagate from area of effect attacks, just because the existing rule is so complicated. But I'm not sure what that house rule should be.
  14. Yeah, when I went through that chain of actions in my head I was thinking of the Fists of Iron which give an extra attack. Lindel has five base stamina so it's less of an issue. It's more "neat way to play Lindel" than it is a powerful combination in its own right. On the other hand it might work better with Tinashi instead of Lindel and just forego Tempest entirely. Hrm.
  15. Yeah, it's more "neat and viable", not overpowered or broken or anything. But it answers a problem the build otherwise has. Early game, a tempest /shared pain spiritspeaker is suprisingly effective because there are lots of monster groups that only have 2 to 3 hp each, so AoE attacks can clear them out in a single turn. Problem is, minimum health for any Act II monster is 4 hp, so it takes an extra turn to wipe them out, because the damage from Tempest and Shared Pain doesn't directly scale up -- you never get an item that gives +2 Tempest damage, etc. Just one or two extra attacks though, with Shared Pain especially, can be enough to wipe out even those Act II groups, so it makes a big difference: use your first action to Shared Pain attack with a weapon and bring a target down to killing range, Openhand share the slapping pain till you run out of free extra attacks, use your last action to Tempest, kill a straggler, or rest to reclaim stamina.
  16. Oh with a bard running Understudy or any extra source of green dice that's not a problem, you can regain enough stamina to keep the ball rolling fairly easily. Especially since with Vow of Freedom you don' t have to worry about misses. I'd been running a Lindel spiritspeaker build through a solo "Seeds of Corruption" campaign and early game he was great with Tempest, Shared Pain, and Inner Balance, then Belt of Waterwalking, Thief's Vest, and Soulbound Sword for items. I was worried he'd be underpowered in Act II though due to the decreasing effectiveness of Tempest and SP, then I realized that the late game build just adds openhanded + vow of freedom and replaces the items with shroud of Dusk, cloak of deception, star of kellos, and the Fists of Iron. (You do have to sell a few relics to get the points, but that's no biggie).
  17. Ok, then yeah, the monk spiritspeaker shared pain build is deffo megaviable
  18. Skill reads: Rules for barehanded attacks read: So, question: Theoretically, therefore, you can make a barehanded attack with a weapon equipped. The "Openhanded" skill does not specify that the extra attack must be barehanded. Can you, therefore, attack with a weapon, make a second attack barehanded to finish off a monster, then make a third attack again with a weapon?
  19. Over the past three or four months I've managed to buy a full set of Descent 2nd from various sellers. I had to go on Ebay for a few pieces but generally speaking the best prices I found were miniaturemarket.com, though I don't know what shipping from there to the UK might be. Doesn't look like they currently have labyrinth of ruin in stock but they do have dice packs and some other sets, and you can set up alerts to notify you when things come back in stock (I managed to snag Belthir for $8 that way). A few items did arrive with crushed packaging but the items themselves were all fine (with the exception of one warped set of threat tokens in one lieutenant pack). As to healers, the bard can be really strong in the right party (for example, a bard running the stamina recovery songs can be an almost unstoppable beast paired with a prismatic assault conjurer -- with fatigue recovery on surges, you can often use Prismatic Assault every round and heal up to full stamina afterwards each time). If you can't change classes, change heroes: Augur Grishom from Trollfens is a suprisingly potent healer, especially if you put him in a party with a lot of defense stats (pairs well with Trenloe the Strong, Leoric of the Book). Hero and monster packs I'd recommend are Crown of Destiny (mostly for Lindel), Crusade of the Forgotten ( for Andira Runehand and Astarra), Oath of the Outcast (for Trenloe the Strong and Elder Mok though he's a bit overpowered imho). I also really like running Ispher as a healer though the rest of his pack is lackluster. One really neat build is to run Lindel as a monk/spiritspeaker, you can do a lot of neat things with him depending on what items you get (soulbound sword is very effective for example, as is cloak of deception, especially if you can get the relevant stat boosting items for him).
  20. He pops up on ebay every so often, I grabbed one for like $10 a month or so back. I don't know if he's officially out of print but he's the only base set lieutenant not currently listed for reprint and he definitely plays a much smaller role in the new Heirs of Blood base set campaign than he does in the original base set Shadow Rune campaign. Shame, because he's one of the coolest-looking lieutenant figures. edit: correction, I grabbed him for $7.19 plus shipping from MiniatureMarket.com so maybe set up an alert there, they seem to frequently have stuff pop up for cheap that's unavailable elsewhere
  21. Ok, that seems like a really subtle distinction to draw. What about, say, Inner Balance then? I don't have a copy in front of me but going by the wiki it looks like that's two different lines -- one stating a trigger and an effect (exhaustion, may discard) and another stating a global passive benefit ["While this card is exhausted, apply +1 to your , , and (to a maximum of 6 each)]" . If Sahla "used" Inner Balance, while it was already exhausted, then, he wouldn't get the "discard a condition" benefit, but would get the passive stat bonuses?
  22. The text of "Nature's Bounty" reads: There's no exhaustion to give us a referent for the "you", so it could mean only the character owning the card, or it could mean Sahla, or it could even mean both of them. Since the trigger is a rest action (which either or both characters could take), rather than exhaustion of the card, theoretically, you could have two separate characters use the same "Nature's Bounty" card to heal in a single round. The spiritspeaker takes a rest action, then Sahla uses his ability and takes a rest action. I think part of the question I'm wrestling with is what Sahla's ability says when it lets him "use" other player's cards. Does that mean "exhaust and / or take actions" or does it mean "gain the benefits of" or what? If it means "gain the benefits of" then I would think that passive abilities that happen while a card is exhausted could be read to also apply to Sahla, just like other passive abilities that don't require exhaustion. If it means "exhaust and / or take actions as listed" then I'd argue Sahla can't "use" purely passive cards.
  23. That does raise a question with cards that are entirely passive and don't require exhaustion (e.g., Spiritspeaker "Nature's Bounty"). Sahla's just weird.
  24. Is taking the free attack from Dungeoneer the same as "using" the card though? Or can Sahla only "use" cards, not gain passive abilities from cards? I suppose that makes sense because otherwise you're basically letting two separate players independently gain the same free Dungeoneer attack in the same round. Eating the same apple twice.
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