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  1. Does this introduce any changes to the end game scoring?
  2. Ok, I have spent countless hours reading through these and other forums, looking at Arkham DB and various other things all talking about deck builds and such. All the different options and opinions have my head spinning so I’d like to ask advice on a specific set of characters. My my wife and I are going to start Dunwich. I have everything released to date, including Carcosa. I have only one core set. We’d like to play Rex and Jenny. Any thoughts on this would be deeply appreciated. You all are awesome, what a great community.
  3. A dungeon crawl type game where you build and improve a separate base between scenarios would be stellar. would like something not based on Descent though. I already have imperial assault and it'd be nice to not have to rush around
  4. October 17 seems crazy soon for something we've seen so little of. Time for them to start blitzing with previews!!
  5. If you don't mention it will your friend even bring it up? This strikes me as just a sort of frustrated comment that that will have been totally moved on from in the meantime by any mature adult.
  6. Everyone around here seems to rattle off card names and other details about the game like they know them all by heart. Sound off : how many times have you played through the available material?
  7. My weeks and weeks old CSI preorder won't be here (west coast US) until mid next week? Definitely my last CSI order. That's ridiculous.
  8. LOL I was all excited to read these and then saw, of course, friggin videos. Sigh.
  9. Interested to see this. So far we've found the game to have a wonderfully tense atmosphere but not being too gory for my wife to handle. It's been refreshing to have something that deals with 'terror and madness' not also rely on overly disgusting imagery. Hopefully the game doesn't take that turn - I'd be HUGELY disappointed.
  10. From a gameplay perspective or do you mean graphically?
  11. I oreordered from CSI. Should I expect it to arrive Thursday?
  12. This is, in my opinion, the best development for the game so far. I LOVE the potential for this game as a light roleplaying experience and the way this mechanic will force us to play 'in character' more is a wonderful development. I think as my wife and I are playing we will absolutely not discuss what hidden cards exist in our decks so we won't know what to be looking out for.
  13. I feel like it has been ages since the announcement. How long does FF usually take between announcing something and following up with actual info? Just excited I guess.
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