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  1. Playing the game of X-Wing has become more complicated but the game itself has not become any more complex.
  2. I was under the impression that skill in judging distances and a good ‘sense of spatial awareness’ were at the heart of what makes the flight path system a great mechanic. Is X-Wing now just a card game to most people?
  3. Paaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaahahaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!
  4. Represent in my absence brother. Good luck!
  5. Yeah I remember this place when it was all about strategy and tactics. The real tech was always over on Team Covenant’s Forum though. Sadly their site redesign killed that years ago.
  6. I believe ‘........ ........ standing by’ is the appropriate way of reporting in guys.
  7. Over the past year or two we’ve noticed a drop in the skill floor and as a result players who could leverage the nuance of the game’s core mechanics to win have moved on. The IP, friends in the community and habit keep many long time players involved but with the game’s simplification will player retention and engagement continue. ?
  8. At this stage of the game’s development I don’t think synergistic cards, specifically ones that help other ships, are the way forward. The risk of combo abuse is becoming too high. let her spend a stress token as an evade or something*. Seems appropriate and powerful enough for an OT character. It’s stress related like her crew card and has things in common with Luke’s defensive ability. Fair point about the digital Jedi PS. PS5+EPT maybe? The EPT slot combo opportunities with the above Pilot ability should be interesting *coughPTL*. It’s probably safe from abuse at the mid PS level and she could maybe even get some competitive traction depending on the point value. *Someone doesn’t already have this do they?
  9. As Leia is force sensitive surely her Pilot Skill should be higher? The other second tier force sensitive pilots; Kenyan Farlander, Assaj Ventress, have a pilot skill of 7.
  10. Important to note that originally the cut off for a modified win was around 30 points. 33 if I recall correctly. This was a large part of why expensive (33+ point) unique pilots were a bad idea.
  11. It makes aces better. Use it on aces. Any of them really: Adjust your choice of ace to align with current metagame.
  12. I like this: Kylo Ren (TIE Silencer) — TIE Silencer 35 Veteran Instincts 1 Fire-Control System 2 Threat Tracker 3 Autothrusters 2 First Order Vanguard 2 Ship Total: 45 Lieutenant Dormitz — Upsilon-class Shuttle 31 Advanced Sensors 3 Emperor Palpatine 8 Hyperwave Comm Scanner 1 Advanced Optics 2 Engine Upgrade 4 Kylo Ren's Shuttle 2 Ship Total: 51 Should be loads of fun!
  13. Been playing competitive X-Wing since wave 3. I only ever visit this forum when there's drama: Big Nerfs Roanoke 8 Cheating Now All these passionate posts are great fun to read; heroes, villains, the good, bad and ugly. The rest of the time it's pretty boring and repetitive.
  14. I thought it was all based on a film.
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