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  1. Going along with it being a boarding action, it could be a toned down version of the Vader boarding card where you exhaust one the enemy ships upgrade cards. That seems somewhat balanced to me, though it would be an expensive squadron.
  2. Whoa cool I'm from I City too! Sure was cloudy :/
  3. So what's been the consensus for deployment zone rule? Is it better to have the entire 3' edge or the reduced zone? I feel like if it's the entire zone then big star destroyers can completely eliminate worrying about one side of the battlefield by deploying near the corner.
  4. Location: Iowa City, Iowa, USA First Game: JanOrsuary 2017 Started Collecting: JanOrsuary 2017 (Xmas gift) Started Reading Forums: July 2017 (I'm oblivious apparently. But active on r/StarWarsArmada since Fettbruary 2017) What got me into it: Star Wars + capital ship combat + being an admiral = I NEED THIS GAME
  5. I don't recognize that one rebel ship bottom right above the planet (also upper left with two yellow engines)??
  6. Thanks so much for the feedback everybody, this helps a lot!
  7. I'm having trouble finding a good combination of firepower and squadron activation for Sloane to really do something. I've been running a Quasar and Demolisher with some raiders/flotillas but just doesn't seem to be enough offense. What are some good options for bringing some hurt to utilize Sloane's abilities?
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