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  1. Haha thanks so much dude. Gradually improving and really happy with all of it. Have some big plans for the TX Occupier!
  2. Scarif Ready AT-RT I'm a little late on the upload for this one, as had been caught up with Specialists and forgot I'd finished it. It was quite nice to return to an AT-RT almost a year after release and have another go at it. I cut off the toes on the right foot and repositioned them and the rest of the leg so it appeared in more of a mid-run pose. I've also done a cheeky headswap with a Weequay head from Mel Miniatures, and built some goggles, and a rolled pack out of Green Stuff to make him look ready for those fast walker speeds and camp outs haha I've also started experimenting with some more detailed weathering methods, which I'm really happy with!
  3. Krennic & His Finest Troops Once again, the sculpts for this new wave are incredible, and I didn't really feel the need to convert these guys too much. I did put extensive work into sourcing and prepping the details for their wrecked Jedha bases, and I'm stoked with how both Krennic and the Deathtroopers came out.
  4. I used Army Painter 'Skeleton bone' for the spray base coat (and left this visible for the light brown garments you see. I used GW 'Gorthor Brown' for the darker browns base. The really dark browns are this colour mixed with black. All browns are washed with Agrax Earthshade then highlighted using the original colours and mixes of Ushtabi Bone. Sgt Melshi's blue colour was a custom mix. I used 'Fire Dragon Bright' for the shoulder orange panelling on all.
  5. Rebel Pathfinders & Jyn Finished up these guys & Jyn, ready to infiltrate Scarif! The sculpts on these are absolutely FFG's best to date! Picked up two squads so I could push right out of the deployment zone (and feel good about converting a squad). Super happy with how the paint jobs turned out, especially the weathering and eyeballs on them all haha As this is the Conversion Cantina, gotta show the converted squad first, with a few arm swaps and a Duros! The second squad I've tried to keep as accurate to the on screen representations as possible. Led by Sergeant Melshi and with some heavy back up from our boy Bistan! And finally Jyn. She looks way too cool for me to think about converting the sculpt. And the whole gang! Got Imperial and Rebel Specialists underway at the moment, as well as another Scarif bound AT-RT with converted rider and stance. Stay tuned (and bring on the Deathtroopers!)
  6. If you're tempted to spend a bit of cash the War Sigil Shore Mat looks amazing for Scarif, and you could choose either the sandy beaches or the muddier jungle section for the shore line. https://warsigil.com/product/warsigil-shore-mat/?v=6cc98ba2045f
  7. Unfortunately my Specialists order with the local FLGS is delayed, but I was gifted one pack of Imperials from my lovely partner. haven't snapped a Lightbox photo yet, but I thought this was ok to post. Imperial Specialists As usual I've tried to give these guys a little conversion touch. I've got a couple of awesome Generic officer proxies earlier in this thread, so didn't feel the need to change up the Officer too much. I've changed the R5 units stance to be in mid-repair, and slightly changed the stances of the officer and Comms specialist. I also nabbed some excellent Jedha city style wrecked city bases from Anvil Industries for my Deathtroopers, and had enough spare to use here on these guys. Looking forward to getting these guys on the table soon!
  8. @Dark Don yep! using Blue Stuff I took molds of Veers' goggles & Chewie's Bandolier, and made Green Stuff copies of them both, before working them onto the figure
  9. Been a while between posts! Apologies everyone. I have been languishing on a veteran Scout squad on Jedha for far too long, and almost knocked out my Wookiee Warriors. Until I have some progress of those guys to post, here's a quick little Chewie conversion. Vandor Chewie He's dusted off his double bandolier & goggles from the storage hold in the Falcon. Love the Chewie sculpt (and playing him!)
  10. Luke looks amazing!! Epic work and glad I could be of inspiration
  11. @Force Majeure @BlueSquadronPilot Thanks a lot guys! Appreciate it!
  12. Well I'm calling it complete! Inspired by Pacific Weapon emplacements from WW2. Dug-in Scarif Flak Tower Smuggled onto Scarif by a willing cargo pilot, two unnamed rebels infiltrate deep into the jungle with a dangerous cargo and a one way mission. Forging their way into the thick undergrowth the solitary men find a vantage point on a jungle atoll overlooking the Landing Pads & the Citadel itself. Under the cover of darkness they begin digging & disguising their location as the Bloodgnats lay thickly buzzing in the air above their head. As the sun rises above the once beautiful tropical landscape their mission begins; the target & destruction of Governor Tarkin's personal shuttle, due for arrival at the Citadel any day now.. '
  13. Quick set of Jedha based Royal Guards while I figure out my Gunner for the 1.4FD. No conversion here, but they were a delight to paint!
  14. @hemblecreations Thanks a lot mate! Appreciate muchly. Definitely improving over time. Looking forward to showing off my Rebel 1.4FD and converted scouts when finished
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