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  1. Will snap some shots tonight. This is only 1/4 of the finished table, so currently 3x1.5'
  2. Mimban Battlefield Progress - WIP Made some awesome strides on the Mimban board over the weekend. Exciting to see it start to take shape!
  3. Rebel Desert Raiders Unsurprisingly my Scarif rebels didn't love the Hoth flavour of the vets, so I bought some 3rd party Desert heads from Max Mini. The colourway isn't particularly desert but I wanted to mix it up with something a bit brighter and different to the usual. Lots of tiny Rebel Starbirds to paint too haha
  4. Looks good! I did the some for my 1.4FD turret, so had none around for this batch of troops. Bought some desert style heads to non-snow them
  5. @Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking @Sharkbelly Thanks a lot guys. Glad you like
  6. Figured I'd be getter the couple of fresh completions online! Not much conversion (just some smoke) but some **** nice models. Happy with how they've all come out! "SUCH GLORIOUS DEVICESSSSSS" Bonus WIP. Jedha NPC's - Locals & Objective tokens for the Holy City These minis are a mix of SkullForge and Alternative Gaming Miniatures on Facebook. One of the Brotherhood was a Green Stuff conversion from an IA Royal Guard.
  7. I recently discovered a really good recipe for an all over wash if you don't want to "pin-wash" (detail in the fine recesses). I did a 1:1:1 mix of Nuln Oil, Drakenhof Nightshade & Lahmian Medium. The nightshade is a blue which dulls down the colouring and fits with the white armour nicely, and the Lahmium thins the whole mixture out nicely and doesn't stain the white armour areas.
  8. @Sharkbelly @Alpha17 @Mep Thanks a lot guys. Appreciate it @Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking No magnets this time. Did for the Speeder, but couldn't be bothered for this guy haha
  9. Tallarn Sand I believe, with Agrax Earthshade wash & highlights.
  10. Awesome stuff! Really great conversions that do fantastically at capturing a moment!
  11. @hemblecreations Thanks a lot mate! Really happy with it. @Jabby Cheers bruh! Huge compliment. Appreciate it! @Alan Noir Thanks! It will be hard to build any lists without it haha
  12. Knocked this out quickly to get it into a game! Jedha Occupier Tank I've added lot's of extra parts to hopefully make the tank look "lived in". The crew have been stranded on Jedha since the Death Star firing test on the Holy City. A group of loyal soldiers abandoned on a dying world with no chance of evacuation, left to fight pockets of resistance.
  13. Thanks a lot @hemblecreations! Always means a lot coming from you! Very excited to show it off. Very close to finished on the paints. Stay tuned
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