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  1. OK, well not you at least then. From nothing to a full member of the Sinister Sloane Six in only half a day. I am honored for sure.
  2. Lol which is why I labeled the post as the wild speculation that you and others are so desperate to see in any expressed doubts of any kind, which is both sad and funny BTW. Once again though, the part you quoted isn't even actually speculation. Saying that he did it because he honestly thought it was incoming anyway is, though I think it is still fair and maybe generous. You bros need to think more about the points you are trying to make and try quoting something that actually applies. It is established history. He overstepped because he got put down by FFG. That doesn't necessarily mean he overstepped on purpose or at a time when he honestly thought it would be overstepping. Just that in retrospect it was clearly an overstep. He did it on purpose because I believe he actually posted the content with his name on it and he has never suggested anything else. As if this point actually needed to be explained at all. Of course he made the ruling on purpose. Though I suppose you will try to feed me some weak bs about insider conspiracy against him at this point.
  3. Darn, seems that they've all ignored me as well now. What a shock! Gee, sorry you all got so offended that I dare to question the very unclear motivations of a TO. Maybe it would help if he just honestly told us why he did what he did? Anyway, since they want wild speculation I will just give it to them at this point. Lock incoming soon anyway most likely. I think the most reasonable conclusion is that he overstepped his bounds on purpose to try to force a FAQ ruling he thought was COMING anyway. The bros who personally attack anyone who questions him at any point for any reason are just the normal dregs that any forum will eventually incubate.
  4. Lol, the political jokes and subtext are my favorite part of it all. Somehow nobody can help themselves, myself included.
  5. That's the problem there bro, there are some of my statements that should be perfectly acceptable and even favorable to you as a pure blood Q loyalist. I see it as being obstinate myself while you are being inane, that's funny. You are definitely being inane about what a nerf is though, because Q himself knows and admitted it was a nerf to bring her in line with proper costing. I do believe he had and continues to receive insider info as a playtester. I call into question what that info actually was at this point because it's obvious that wires were crossed somewhere along the line. Where that was and why it happened is just pure speculation on a limited number of believable possibilities I shared, only one of which fits what you are accusing me of. Does it make me look really bad if I admit that I do kind of like examining "conspiracy theories" with the caveat that I think I am pretty honestly trying to keep a level head about it and be open to many possible explanations?
  6. LOL, but you continue to get away with being rude and personally attacking people for not loving Q like you do. Not really a conspiracy, more of a shame and a really telling comment about you personally.
  7. Don't worry, you assumed correctly. I am not and have never been AdmiralNelson though, because every bit of disagreement in your community doesn't have to be attributed to one scary ole' boogeyman.
  8. Um, I thought that answer made it pretty clear what I thought. Trying to say that he was just doing this to favor or support his bros is speculation and only one of many possible motivations that I have never pretended to definitively know. I listed the possible motivations for his decision earlier and discussed them at length for no reason because they seemed pretty clear the first time to someone not actively trying to take offense. I even added a wild Q purist theory that places every bit of the blame on FFG to make it clear I wasn't trying to just hate on the guy. The bro I said was being too militant about the "nobody question Q" dogma was you. Clear enough?
  9. So you are encouraging speculation and wild accusations now? You are the only one I have seen so far taking someone to task for trying to be civil to the TO because you feel he wasn't behind the guy enough from the start. When you're a bro, you're a bro all the way huh. Sorry some people had doubts, it doesn't mean you have to be rude and personally attack them now that their concerns have some pretty valid foundations.
  10. It seems like you are having trouble figuring out which of my perfectly reasonable statements you want to attack is all. When one doesn't work out, you try for another. But I am the one being inane? Funny that you seem to have given up on proving the second statement was an accusation either, since it is pretty clear that is only recent history. You also apparently don't know what the term nerf means. I will explain for you. You may have been able to play either way, but one was clearly diminished in power and effectiveness compared to the other in order to maintain what one TO felt was proper balance. Just because you feel the RAI version was usable doesn't actually make it less of a nerf you see? I never said he colluded with any bros, just that his bros where behind him to an unreasonable degree because they liked the ruling. I was accusing his bro of something, not him ok? In fact, I admitted that he did have access to insider information and may have just misunderstood or overstepped his bounds instead of doing anything intentionally wrong. Try to be a little more civil please.
  11. LOL, well I guess it's not just us nobodies taking the low road huh. Really amusing to see that this post is liked by the same people crying that everyone should just leave Q alone and never ever question such a man again, despite the fact that FFG decided to question him. Reverting it at the event would only prove the worst comments about the man to be true though, and I don't think anyone actually wants that.
  12. That isn't the part that you quoted though, so no, that wasn't the part I was addressing. It also isn't an accusation though, its a fact of history, because he clearly and explicitly tried to do exactly that in this thread and with the ruling itself. Do you not agree that the RAI over RAW interpretation of Sloane is a nerf or what? He said it was, explaining that she was undercosted otherwise and implying, despite an NDA, that he had insider information that this is what FFG actually wanted to happen.
  13. Thank you for clarifying a bit. My post said he wanted to change the rules to his RAI. Which he pretty obviously did, because he tried to. Are you saying I should just assume that Q totally didn't want to do what he literally already did because that makes him look better in hindsight? Not trying to assume anything here bro. I never said or assumed anything about why Q did what he did, I offered several possible motivations, some of which paint him in a perfectly good or understandable light. I only said one specific person who is actually not Q to my knowledge was mad because he didn't get the ruling he wanted. How is the quoted section an accusation when it specifically says that not one of those conclusions are obvious? Maybe my wording was just bad and you misunderstood because of that? I will edit it for clarity. I never questioned that he consulted with anyone, just said that he either misunderstood what conclusion was reached, assumed too much power to issue the conclusion he did, or outright lied that things would be ruled as he said they would. Again, and to be clear, I DO NOT know which of these is the case. One of them has to be the case, however, with the facts that we have at hand. They only other possibility is if you believe FFG explicity told him to do what he did, then threw him under the bus later. It's a theory for sure, not one I had considered due to its, err, tin foil hat nature, but I will edit that in as well if it will help. Seems like a really big assumption in Q's favor, sure, but hey, maybe FFG really did force him to do something really inappropriate then pulled the rug out from under him. If you want to ignore how his attempt to issue a personal FAQ could have effected GenCon and other tournaments, fine. Just don't pretend that he didn't directly say that is how other tournaments should be ruled for consistency and implied that was the way FFG really wanted it to be. I might have considered that he needed to be removed as TO for a while after FFG overruled him, but I think we all know that isn't necessary. They can take extra steps to help him rule RAW at NoVA if players feel it is needed, but I don't think anyone yet has actually posted asking for him to be removed.
  14. Yeah, I am still a bit unclear as to where I am not backed up by events that happened in real time here. He did try to nerf Sloane with a personal FAQ favoring his RAI over RAW. He did try to extend this ruling to GenCon and the community as a whole with a call to shadowy insider sources as proof that he had authority to do so. It is not obvious whether he was thrown under the bus by FFG for doing something they explicitly asked him to do, wrongly informed about what was going to happen by mistake, assumed too much from his interactions as a playtester, or was lying outright. We do NOT know which of these is the case here. I have always admitted that I don't know which is the case, because I don't. I didn't even complain one bit until it became clear that he didn't have the support of FFG. That is what makes this a real issue with a tournament official overstepping his bounds instead of a bro putting himself on the line to fix a less than top selling game for a company that just didn't have the resources to do what they felt was proper.
  15. Right, so you want to use some reasonable support on your part for what is a crystal clear RAW ruling to erase the fact that you are angry people got upset about an official overstepping his role. Yes, you can read the rules, so can everyone else. Anyone being honest knows how Sloane works RAW, admitting that is the most classy thing this Q guy did during the entire debacle.
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