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  1. The crew I am running recently came in possession of a Corellian Corvette and one of the players is playing a doctor. The Corvette has a fully functioning med bay and the player was thinking of possibly using it to craft stim packs. Anyone have any pointers on the best way to game that out with rolls and such. Was thinking of doing a medicine check with successes each being a stim or med pack but I wasn't sure if any other GMs had some other ideas in regards to that.
  2. Interestingly enough I think I have done this by default in my campaign. The players have consistently had messages and such waiting for them or had pre arranged contact points (great for ambushes!). Only real time communications they have had have been while in system. Excellent point though, the Empire did guard the Holo Net access pretty tightly and if it wasn't through couriers it was through high jacked or piggybacked signals that long range communication was done by the rebels
  3. In my campaign we actually didn't go with the RAW format. Instead if you are shooting outside the listed range, or in same cases like a sniper rifle at short range, we add 1 or more setback dice. My group is a heavy DnD/Pathfinder group so we were taking an approach similar to them to make longer shots harder. Kinda thinking that if you are shooting a blaster pistol with a medium range the bolt isn't just going to stop when you hit the edge of that range band. It will keep going but be less effective/not as powerful. It is a house rule but one that has been working.
  4. Those are fantastic. Great work. I am definitely going to be utilizing these in my campaign.
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