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  1. In MTG there are formats that let you use old cards, and, even if you don’t play them, you usually keep the cards in the hopes that some of them will get a higher value in the future. In LCGs the secondary market is practically non-existent, and, as far as I know, there’s no different play formats, so yeah, basically those cards are just for collecting now. That being said, a lot of my MtG and Old5R cards ended up punched with a round cutter, and then used as tokens to play D&D and L5R RPG.
  2. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/23/mono-no-aware/ Rotation Schedule released at least. So we still have 2 cycles before the first two rotates out, so about a year or eighteen months, I suppose. If I’m not mistaken, it’ll work like this: 5th cycle releases, 1st and 2nd rotates out, 6th cycle nothing happens, 7th cycle releases, 3rd and 4th rotates out. Also, only the last clan pack for a specific clan is in the rotation, others pack from that same clan get out. And things like CotE follow their own (non-specified) rotating schedule.
  3. Really? WotC has outright banned cards. So what, they owe me a card now? Cause I bought a 15 cards booster but now I can only use 14 of them. And they have errata’ed cards. And yes, they’ve reprinted the cards with the errata in the next cycles (sometimes), but you still have to buy them, they’re not free. So yeah, I don’t think is that big an issue, and certainly not something that would make somebody outright quit the game, or worsen their game experience.
  4. Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaa!! I’m away for a month and come back to: 1) the Perfect Land going from minor sect to Full-Fanatical-Cult. 2) the Moto contemplating the possibility of killing the Shinjo Heir 3) The soon-to-be-substituted crown prince killing his father and Emperor, being aided by Kachiko in hiding the crime, and suddenly being soon-to-be-Emperor. Seriously... I cannot leave you guys alone!
  5. That image in from when Sotorii cut a peasant from falling in front of him.
  6. We used to play like that, until we took a Tadaka to the Restricted List.
  7. I guess it’s the Miya Library, which is limit one per deck
  8. Right now, Paragon is pretty bad. I mean, it’s “during a conflict in which this character is participating alone”. Not “only participant on your side”. Which means your opponent has to not declare any participant for the ability to work. Hopefully, that’s not how the card is intended to work and they’ll issue an errata.
  9. I was thinking that we just got our new Ronin Challenge for Worlds this year...
  10. Prayers to Ebisu seems great to stop that honor victory at the last moment. Not that we’re seeing a lot of them now... And we have the card designed by Samuel Benies, the 2017 World Champion. Which is kinda... meh? I’m not convinced by any of the Phoenix cards. Shinjo Ambusher is great, specially against the “trigger if broken” provinces.
  11. In this point, I think you’re twisting Shizue’s thoughts to fit your views. Her exact thoughts were: ”He had been a gruff and distant father figure, as so many parents were, but he had never been unkind to her.” Saying that your father is gruff and distant is certainly not “seeing him positively” (nor negatively, I’ll give you that). And the fact that she thinks that the majority of fathers are “gruff and distant” (which is not true, even in Rokugan) I think speaks volume of how weird* Satsume’s relationship with their son and daughters was to make her think that was the norm. And in “The stories we tell” fiction, which you quoted, there’s no statement of Shizue not blaming Satsume for Teinko’s death, as you happily stated. In fact, the whole story revolves around her having doubts about which version of Satsume she must believe, Hotaru’s or Kuwanan’s. So I would put her on the middle ground here. *this isn’t the word that I wanted to use, but I’m incapable of finding a better one to convey my thoughts. My lack of English knowledge foils me again.
  12. Would be funny if the “friend and peer” was actually Shoju. He’s pushing the regency to have Daisetsu kidnapped later and keep a eternal regency of the Scorpion.
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