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  1. That’s Tadaka, and he already cost 5. Eju is actually the oldest Elemental Master. I’m not even sure we’ll get a card of him before he dies of old age. Also, following that same logic, Tsukune should’ve costed 4.
  2. Dunno, I don’t see any Elemental Master costing less than 5. They’re at the same level as Clan Champions, and would be weird to have one of those at cost 4.
  3. Tabris2k

    A question for the writers

    This is canon, now.
  4. Well, they sure as Jigoku aren’t going to make it an 8 fate, 3/3/3. But you took Victarion’s joke seriously, I don’t know why.
  5. There’s at least 4 gaijin cards that we know of: Spyglass, compass, Trading on the Sand Road, and Curved Blade. 3 of them coming in the Unicorn pack, and there will be more, probably. More than enough to trigger Search of Honor reliably.
  6. Tabris2k

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    No, I sorry you... Was just editing because I realized it 😅
  7. Tabris2k

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    Except for the fact that Taryū-Jiai starts with “Action: During a conflict...” Edit: nevermind, I realized you meant “outside of a Conflict” as in “not participating”, not as “not a conflict taking place right now”
  8. “If you vote what you want, you’ll get what you don’t want. If you vote what you don’t want, you’ll get what you don’t want” The Law, as written by the Kami Murphy
  9. Tabris2k

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    They behave as duels, because every duel prior to that follows the “character challenges the opponent’s character to a [type] duel” pattern, so you’re instructed to resolve the duel per the new timing. It’s just that they’re not “pure duels”. They’re abilities that happen to be resolved as a duel.
  10. Tabris2k

    Taryu-Jiai and the new dueling rules?

    Not really. The first part of the new timing is just for cards that use the “Initiate a Duel” phrase. Then you’re forced to follow the restrictions. But in this case, you skip the Initiate a Duel step and go to the Resolve Duel step because: “A duel is resolved during the successful resolution of any triggered ability that instructs players to “resolve the duel,” or that their “character challenges the opponent’s character to a [type] duel.” To resolve a duel, perform the following steps”. Which is the exact case of Taryū-Jiai. You must meet the pre-dash criteria of the ability, which is “During a conflict, choose a Shugenja character you control and a Shugenja character controlled by an opponent” and then you resolve the post-dash effect of the ability, which is “your character challenges your opponent's character to a glory duel. The winner of the duel's controller resolves a ring effect of his or her choice as if he or she was the attacking player.” See how that phrase match exactly the phrase in the RR? The same phrase that instructs you to resolve the duel when said phrase is used? This is exactly what Tyler was talking about during the AMAs, all duels follow the same steps, unless the card instructs otherwise, which is this case. I’ll admit is not probably as clear as they wanted, at least with old cards. But when we get used to the new framework with new cards, the moment any duel card don’t follow that framework it’ll stand out on its own, and everybody will realize it’s one of the dueling exceptions.
  11. Tabris2k

    Please may I have an Idiots' Guide to l5r lore

    @Magnus Grendel just a minor nitpick: it wasn’t the Elemental Master of Void visions about Meishodo. It was first Isawa Atsuko who sensed something was wrong, who then warned Kaede, which was the one who had the vision about a demon formed of smokeless fire.
  12. Tabris2k

    Restricted List Updated

    “The road to Jigoku is paved with good intentions” Dunno what you’re talking about, it works perfectly for me.
  13. Tabris2k

    Restricted List Updated

    Yeah, but Tadaka’s art is horrible, so it all evens out!
  14. Tabris2k

    Hida Kisada vs Feral Ningyo

    According to this, yes, it goes again to your hand and then you can play it again Think about it as some Phoenix samurai slapping Kisada in the face with a fish. He’ll be so surprised, he won’t know how to react.