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  1. What kind of non-combat skill checks did you make? ...Frequently? What sort of non-combat checks were typically made during combat? How did sequences of checks that could be considered non-combat encounters compare to combat encounters? What kinds of non-combat encounters did you run into? What was your most memorable non-combat encounter? What was your most memorable non-combat skill check that occurred during combat? ...Outside of combat?
  2. And force powers aren't the only things that can be used outside of combat. The actual combat skills can be used outside of combat for basic repair and maintenance of the specific weapons under their umbrella. You wouldn't be able to make an arrow from scratch, but, given a supply of arrowheads and a bow with a broken string, you could fletch some arrows and restring the bow. You can also try neat things like attempting an entertainment check, though the GM will likely add a difficulty die or two for being off-skill, and may even require the check be made with Presence instead of its normal ability. This is fairly straightforward with weapon skills, but a magic check may be flavored as a series of spell combos instead of a single spell since you have plenty of time and safety in which to do cool tricks.
  3. "Attack", "Heal", etc. are categories for types of actions (similar to "move" or "drop item"), that probably act as broad tags for talents such as "Whenever you use Arcane or Primal to Attack, add a boost die for each rank in..." and so on.
  4. Runes(Int) is likely a Terenoth addition. The core magic skills would be Arcane(Int), Divine(Will), Primal(Cun), and Verse(Pre); one for each mental ability. Among other things, for example, you could jumpstart a campaign in which the PC's all have magic talent by simply giving each PC a free starting rank in a single magic skill of their choice. Since few characters will have a one in more than two abilities, let alone specifically all four mental abilities, most players would be able to make general magic checks of average difficulty and could even reasonably attempt hard checks if they need to, even if it's not their forté, while still retaining some niché protection for the specialists. Easy.
  5. Why does Human look like this: And not this: Human: Brawn: 2 Agility: 2 Intellect: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2 ???