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  1. Oh man Im from the GC but now live in NZ
  2. This is so figging awesome! Thanks for this, I was confusing myself at the shop the other day, trying to figure out what expansions I needed to get for the upgrades I need for the armies I want to build. Thanks @Adun42!
  3. These concerned threads are a Cursed Signet to the RWTMG forum it takes a wound for every one! bOOM!
  4. I will also be doing videos in the future as well, just building my community first, have a demo night coming up so after that I will do a Video with my regular opponent.
  5. No Dwarves are for Dwarves and Dragon Lords over lizard men this is not the game we do not mention...lol
  6. This was a pleasant surprise, to say the least! I need to start buying the upgrades or I will fall behind!
  7. There it is, another part to the puzzle. Love these wraiths, love the rules, love the models. GG FFG
  8. If you used super glue put it in the freezer, should make the bond brittle then pull it off.
  9. lots of inspiration in here mate! love your work!
  10. Welcome @Boardy ! Yeah RW is great for so many reasons and one of the best is FFG did not go the "buy all the expansions from different factions to stay competitive" route like they did with X-wing.
  11. Ahhh poop will get rid of mine than
  12. I have started a Fbook page for the game https://www.facebook.com/groups/1892276454433491/?source=create_flow Please let me know if there is already a established page, I did look but could not find one.
  13. Tauranga, New Zealand