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  1. My play group and I are going to be playing a 300pt game this Thursday, so I will try to take as many photos as possible and try to find the time to do a report here and on Facebook. We are just doing normal board size and Tourny rules. It will be my Waiqar 300pts vs my 2 mates, Latari 150pts & Daqan 150pts. We already played this game once but with 200pts, 100pts each for the team of 2. This felt to small for the team of two so we are trying 300pts.
  2. I thought you would have had to square up to the front edge of the unit as its the closest edge?
  3. OO I have been playing with Death caller so this might be good with a second unit with Executioner.......
  4. Will give this a listen, glad there is another one.
  5. I've said it before and I will say it again....opinions and buttholes.....
  6. Hmmm I have 3 Ardus's figures, I will look at them tonight! new undead champs coming!
  7. You misunderstood, I was not asking for a source, I was using sarcasm to get you to use an actual creditable comparison...
  8. Interesting to see Latari in 1st 2nd 3rd, wonder if people just know how to play against them yet?
  9. Wrath of Kings I have this model and had the one above, movie and cartoon dragoons sizes can not be used to find scale (pun intended) for Mini games. but other mini games closer to the scale of this game can be..... Kings of War
  10. Still ignoring the big greedy white monster in the room, Warhammer fantasy and other games like Kings of War, Wrath of Kings etc., etc., who all have ridden dragons in their games.... what's your size calculations for those ?
  11. You are comparing the wrong games, Warhammer Fantasy is they bench mark here, they have dragons in that game, yes they have slightly larger scaled points but it is the style of game RW emulates, lets not compare apples and oranges.
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