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  1. Thats not good. Didnt want to do it but now i have to. THE FORCE IS MY ALLY! 2 strain and try again. Move3 TFIMA: 2eA+4eP+6eF+3eD 2 successes, 3 advantage, 3 Light Side, 4 Dark Side
  2. @EliasWindrider How many silhouettes is the pillar Obi-wan was chained to? Those droids are getting out of hand would like to send them a gift. Move: 2eA+4eP+6eF 2 successes, 3 advantage, 2 Light Side, 7 Dark Side Move dif: 3eD 5 failures, 1 threat
  3. DP: 1eF 1 Light Side light side Destiny point! already used to save obiwan! Vig1: 5eA+1eP+6eF 1 success, 7 advantage, 4 Light Side, 3 Dark Side 4 light = 4 success, also ill get 2 defense the first round.
  4. Randi watches the others jump heroically into the arena and is quite nervous about joining them. This request of Master Windu was a sharp contrast to her normal solitary meditation. She calms her emotions and thinks of the small tree she would sit by. She whispers to herself "Size does not matter." and reaches out with the force focusing in on the troubled Obi-Wan. The Nexu's grip is strong and she struggles to pull him out at first. Randi would remember he old master saying "You do not need to be a hero, just make a connection with one person and save them." That advice is what made her volunteer for the mission, and now it would be her time to prove it. Reaching deep inside her, desperate to help, that fear comes out. Move: 2eA+4eP+6eF 4 successes, 5 advantage, 2 Light Side, 8 Dark Side (Rolled Discipline in case its Opposed but I have Control 2 for grasp. Activate, Strength, and Range should do it so only 1 conflict and 1 Strain.) Nexu resisting losing it's meal to Randi's move: 2eC+2eD 1 failure, 3 threat, 1 Despair Obi-Wan cries out out as hes ripped from the teeth of the Nexu! He floats through the air above the arena until hes caught in the arms of Randi. "Hello there." She says with a grin but her face turns to shock as Obi-Wan looks badly injured. She gently lowers him to the ground at her feet.
  5. That would be me! i was busy all weekend so just catching up.
  6. Ill look into builds. I saw there is a party ship, Starfighter Ace has always been a interest of mine. Species probably Sathari. I love those goofy birds.
  7. That would be very helpful! Morality is 50+10xp. Not sure if we were allowed mentor bonus so i did not include it.
  8. Randi 14WT 27ST 1RD 3MD 4Soak Iktotchi 222231 10+B 12+W 90xp Vig 1 Precognition Willpower 4 & 5 90XP Consular Cool,Dis,Lore Niman Disciple Dis,Lightsaber Parry Nobodys fool Reflect Grit Defense Training Niman Technique Toughened Parry Parry2 Sense Emotions Reflect2 Defensive training2 Sum Djem Reflect3 Draw Coser Center of being Dedication (W) Force Assult Force Rating2 Center of Being (I) Sage Grit Kil with Kindness Grit Researcher Smoth Talker ForceRating3 Grit Preemptive Avoidance KnowSpec (lore) Force is my Ally Force Rating4 Seer Uncanny Reactions Grit Keen Eyed Force Rating5 Sense Advantage Force is my ally Natural Mystic Force rating6 Skill Rank Bought Lightsaberx2 Disx2 Vigx2 Coolx1 Negx1 Foresee Initiative (Success) Magx2 Defense Initiative (maneuver) Move Magx3 Strengthx3 Rangex2 Hurl Pull Manipulate Equipment 5/8 Encombrance Basic Lightsaber - GeneLock,Componentization,Customgrip Jedi BattleGear - Biofeedback,CustomFit,Kiiruim Coating Jedi Belt Comlink Stimpackx10 Restraining Bolt Ascension Pistol Holo-Messager 315c
  9. Shes not a Padawan. She would be a Knight. Yoda as one of her "Masters" would work, really any of the Council members could have continued teaching her even after become a Knight.
  10. After years of solitary practice with force and meditation, she had lost that personal connection with others. She began to think of other living being as no more than force conduits. This displeased her Master. He is forcing her to join others and try to understand that you can not be disconnected to others but must embrace them. Shes not a **** but rather would start as shy and bit awkward. She will try to make friends as she transitions from seeing people as "things" to important relationships needed for a healthy mind and connection to the force. To reflect this she doesnt have any force power that interact with people (influence, sense, battle meditation, etc).
  11. @EliasWindrider i have a character idea for a Jedi and am interested in joining. How do i submit character?
  12. @Tramp Graphics are you looking to continue this game as the GM? Im looking for a game but wanted to wait until this one cooled off for a bit.
  13. OMG?! I can Reflect shots directed toward the Aiwha while on the back of it with Circle of Shelter?! That's visually amazing. I was looking at Shien but never had a good reason to invest. Those ranks in reflect would be nice. I don't want to use my lightsaber to kill, but using it save creatures is a great reason to train at least a little in it.
  14. Good question! My primary goal would be to help creatures, maybe I need to learn about healing them in addition to understanding them. Thank you, I'll take a look at Healer. Force Connection. It ADDS force rating to Survival and Xenology checks. You can spend force pips for success or advantage. I respect my follow players knowledge of the game enough that I won't explain how adding force dice to checks fully function.
  15. "With high Force rating (7 currently) are there others talents that I could benefit from? I'm using force rating on Survival, Xenology, and Ranged Heavy. " I'll make a note of your "particular" reading comprehension. You seriously thought that after playing long enough to 250xp i wouldn't understand how the light side and dark side use force powers?
  16. Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean I don't understand the game. I don't need the mechanics manplained to me. Enhance, Influence Social Skills control, Foresee Initiative Control all ADD force rating to the dice pool.
  17. So im finalizing ToRuuk, but am looking for an alternative specializations instead of Sage. It has only minimal talents for Xenology and maybe the Xp could be used somewhere else. I have Pathfinder, Hermit, Hunter and Seer so far. I've looked at Beast rider but not interested in the Spur talent (my poor Doggo!) What other specializations could someone recommend? With high Force rating (7 currently) are there others talents that I could benefit from? I'm using force rating on Survival, Xenology, and Ranged Heavy. I bought a lot of Force Abilities; Influence, Sense, Move, Foresee, Farsight, and Enhance. They provide alot of abilities that add Force Rating. Are there any I'm missing??
  18. That makes sense. I have another question about a Mon Calamari Blaster Rifle. Does this work underwater? I got a theme going and wouldn't get something if it didn't work underwater.
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