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  1. Platform: iOS Device: iPad when playing Hidden depths and there are two Deep One Hybrids present the second one doesn't get the information reg the NPC that is also a deep one hybrid
  2. I think all the scenarios I have played have been great, but I have really enjoyed the DLC What Lies Within and Gates of Silverwood Manor as we had particularly tense experiences with these, losing one of them. Similarly with Dearly Departed, which I like the map for as well. For some reason Cult of Sentinel Hill hasn't really struck a chord with me, maybe it's the general outdoor setting. I thought I'd like it but it didn't quite grab me. Cycle of Eternity is also low probably because of the number of plays I've had and the difficulty, and Rising Tide because of the length and lack of map variation (2 plays maybe I was unlucky and got the same twice) Dearly Departed Gates of Silverwood Manor What Lies Within Escape from Innsmouth Shattered Bonds Rising Tide Cycle of Eternity Cult of Sentinel Hill I haven't played Vengeful Impulses yet but will tonight Mixed reviews here I can see, hope I like it
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