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  1. I think that after these minor clan wars we will see transitions in the Imperial roles, and likely a scorpion fall from grace. Here I expect to see Yoshi surviving and standing tall. He seems to be handling things on the back foot, maybe to show the scorpion supremacy the underpins the start of the setting, but I expect that to change when an Emperor sits the throne again.
  2. That’s the beautiful hypocrisy of the lion. I feel that for Tsuko what she’s done she won’t see so much a coup as putting the lion back on track. Yet the imperial situation will seem the other way round (even though we as players know it isn’t)
  3. I think in the end the scorpion will stand alone (possibly with the Dragon. Maybe) the other clans will declare it a coup and put Sotori on the throne. Shoju will be relying on the crab propping up his powerbase, and like last time they will side against him. The whole Toturi assassination attempt will be the thing that undermines it. With him out of the way, Tsuko will go against the edict he signed, believing him to be dishonourable. She will end up backing Kuwannen to depose Hotaru for revenge. Which plays in with Yoshi. Phoenix I think will likely follow suit, especially as Use of Meshido is mired up in it all.
  4. Our brave brothers and sisters of the crab keep the shadowlands at bay in the south. We should be more concerned with ensuring the true heirs safety and waging glorious battle to bring this coup down.
  5. Pretty pleased that we now have a clan champion. Our last one got a new job and a grey border. Tsuko is bringing the lion back to where they should be, engaging in glorious battle. Now the Ikoma bards will have tales to tell. Samurai Klingons get to do there stuff. Next though I think it’s time to ally with Kuwannen and Yoshi, and put the rightful heir Sotori on the throne. This regency with one heir missing and the other one about to be vanished seems far to much like a coup to me.
  6. Buy in cost is a wall for new players. Slows expanding to new player bases, and probably limits the game to very slow numerical decline as new players buy sets from players leaving the game rather than new. Also the game is story driven. The community needs weekly stories, whether there are new cars or not. Keeping that story stream is crucial to the lifespan of the game.
  7. The lion at the moment come off as slightly buffoonish pastiches of comedy villains. The writers have explained in previous posts that this is because they aren’t given enough words for the stories to show military conflicts, and imo that is a massive limit on showing the lion as a force, considering 90% of lion material is “doing a bit of a war”. Another issue they have is their portrayal in courtroom scenarios, aka the Ikoma twiddling moustaches. They kind of come across as stuffy boorish villains. Rather than bards singing the songs and telling the tales of glorious lion battle. All in all the lion are a bit like samurai Klingons before they had any character except as baddie of the week, rather than the later conquering banter laden alcoholics.
  8. Without proof and the Emperor, it’s whether you believe the edict or not. Even with the player base knowing it’s truth, it is still unconstitutional and against the will of the kami to depose the rightful heir Sotorii.
  9. Make it have a one to five limit. Honourwise it would have no more effect than playing contingency plan, but it would allow you to either limit draw or steal an honour for draw.
  10. A card like contingency plan, but that allowed you to actually change an opponents honour dial by one while bidding would be good for this.
  11. It has potential for clans that have other options for card draw. For it to be really useful, either the composure effects will have to be a little extra to already solid cards with their own abilities. Or really killer abilities. There will also need to be plenty more characters printed with composure to offset the advantage of greater card draw.
  12. All the nerfs seem appropriate. The scorpion stronghold was simply better than any other option. And restoration was an unavoidable horror. Mall the nerfs have the effect of allowing those cards to be played around using strategy. Rather than creating problems by existing.
  13. Iwasaki pupil is pretty amazing. For one cost we see the effect lion pay 4 for in Kage. Also regret would cost 2 if it were lion. We have Tsuko now so all events must cost 2 more fate, it’s the FFG way.
  14. The Ikoma bards would agree. Maybe seeing the wounded, the maimed and those who have lost relatives to the lion. Really seeing the consequences of conflict with the glorious legions.
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