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  1. JolOfNar

    Lion and Identity

    With the tie in between card draw, and honour, that could leave tacticians draining honour to stay active. It might be good if the comander(that trait seems comparable to tacticians in this version) allowed card draw, to offset bidding.
  2. JolOfNar

    Lion and Identity

    Lion has a couple of cards now relying on having higher honour. Unfortunately we aren’t necessarily the best clan at getting higher honour now. Or have particularly good card draw, to offset bidding low. So that features more as a handicap than an advantage. Likewise our gain from offensive military victory condition cards. Again we have limitations in that area, so is more handicap than playstyle. We do have potential as duelists though. And it may be viable moving forward to lean into duelling to bow opponents. We have other bow effects, that could work with that as well. Maybe even taking cards like policy debate as our RL and using spies at court, we could pressure honour and hand size. With keeper of earth, instead of having any strengths, we could drag our opponents down to our level and beat them there.
  3. Not sure if I missed it, but what is the one of in the box?
  4. JolOfNar

    Children of Tradition

    Awesome storytelling. Well done writer.
  5. JolOfNar

    Children of Bushidō

    1. Coup(but mixed up, more nuanced and way better). 2. Coronation of Sotorri. Crazed, incapable and corrupt. Concubine Kachiko plots her revenge. 3. Clan war. Crab on the March. Crane, lion, unicorn conflicts galore. Kachiko stirring that pot. 4. Black scrolls being opened. Return of Fu Leng. Oh my what’s going on in the imperial city... 5. Second day of thunder. Told over probably 6-8 years. I see some other stuff thrown in there. Different routes with Daisetsu, Yoritomo etc. Story is being told much better this time round there is character and nuance, and these writers are pretty brilliant. But I’m pretty confident that’s where it’s going.
  6. JolOfNar

    Fiction Library

    This is the kind of detail that fleshes this game out so well. Excellent detail.
  7. JolOfNar

    Children of Bushidō

    Sotorri is the classic heir corrupt. He’s had it all, been told he’s descended from heaven and bought into it. It’s pretty inevitable that over time an empire like this is going to produce these characters. Look at almost any dynasty, it is pretty commonplace. It doesn’t mean he’s one dimensional, just that he’s a piece of work. He’s also come at the worst time. He’s likely going to make it all very much worse, and then get possessed by Fu Leng.
  8. Kisada is probably the epitome of notorious, but uncaring of reputation, at glory 0. I feel like the higher glory characters like battle maidens are those whose reputations being tarnished really impact them as people. Whereas the crane would be those who really rely on capitalising on their reputations.
  9. JolOfNar

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    I don’t really see Kachiko having a Scorpion civil war with Shoju. I think after the clan crumbles she’ll be seeking her revenge again. Aramoro on the other hand, well Shoju does warn against “ambition”.
  10. That would be sweet. It would add flavour to the minor clans through their alliances. Adds a new dimension of prizes for storyline prizes, could get allying characters from minor clans to join you.
  11. I don’t really have a horse in this race ..... but if they release a load of minor clan characters, then I’d like it if they were all clan aligned. Ie Fox character(s) were released, but it(they) are crane clan characters, with fox clan as a trait. Eventually there could be a yoritomos alliance(not mantis) stronghold that would let you use all minor clan characters.
  12. JolOfNar

    Tomorrows News

    Yeah they bought up that all other characters holding imperial positions retain clan loyalty. Only Toturi (because of who he is as a character) chooses impartiality. In universe Lion tend towards the whole lions pride style of clan loyalty, so he’s pretty much gone.
  13. JolOfNar

    Tomorrows News

    Aye. I suppose, I come from the days of Toshimoko, who still had a pretty blue border, even whilst wearing all that green armour. Also if the lion clan champion can’t use way of the lion. Is he really still champion.
  14. JolOfNar

    Tomorrows News

    Well..... not especially. As everyone else can stack 3 copies of Toturi and their champion. We can Have 3 copies of Toturi OR our champion. This dweeb doesn’t even mention being Lion.
  15. JolOfNar

    Tomorrows News

    Lion guy wins Emerald Championship. Lion lose their clan champ.... nice FFG.