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  1. Well I got through the core campaign with Roland. On Easy mode I might add (I'm looking to progress fairly quickly to get up to date for the new releases!) Really fun, very enjoyable. Had to amp up his ability to take horror, and maximise his damage output and that seemed to work. Onto Dunwich next. I am keen to hear of any investigators you found fun to play through this campaign (including the 6 Mythos Packs). So many choices! Not necessarily the optimum choice, but any you found playable and fun (or conversely and that aren't so fun) would help inform the decision. Poor Roland is gibbering in a corner - he needs a long holiday ;-)
  2. I've now had a chance to play through the three core scenarios. One core set and all the expansions. I don't think I was missing the need to double up on any cards I wanted to use, but then the final scenario well and truly kicked my butt so who knows!! Looking forward to trying again. It is a fantastically well structured game - and the story is great!
  3. Those are balanced and helpful thoughts folks - thank you!
  4. @slothgodfather Thanks very much, that's very helpful. Good to know that accessing all the cards doesn't break the game. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in.
  5. Hi all, noob question (sorry!) I've just jumped in with both feet and picked up one of every release from the core set to the latest mythos pack. I'd appreciate some getting started advice. Should I just crack open the core set and work through it or bust all the packs open and pool the cards? I'll be playing solo so also wondered whether I should grab a second core set and combine from the start or play through with one first? Any tips on which packs to use and how to organise the stuff would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Dan
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