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  1. As I've said before, I would have preferred that they had produced a medium ship for Imperials that was semi decent. As it is I will buy the SSD but I'm not sure how many times it will be on the table. I don't think it would be too difficult to mob it and destroy it using more numerous but smaller rebel ships and bombers. Certainly if you use an SSD there doesn't seem to be much points left for anything else. I think the analogy with the Raider for X Wing is very good. In my opinion that was the beginning of the end for X-Wing version 1. The idea of having Palpatine in a fighter dogfighting game was just ludicrous, in fact only slightly less ludicrous than Princess Leia floating through space like Mary Poppins and surviving!!! When the Raider came out you could see X Wing turning from a dog fighting game to a collectible card game. I'm hoping Armada doesn't go down this route although the way things are at the moment it would not surprise me if FFG called it a day after the SSD is released. Certainly of all their Star Wars games Armada seems to get the least attention.
  2. The X-wing community may be bigger but the Armada community is much friendlier. I'm not a violent person but if some of the people on the X-wing boards spoke to me in real life the way they speak to other people on the forum, I'd be hard pushed not to smack them in the mouth. There really are some deeply unpleasant characters in that community with very little in the way of social skills or manners. There's often a nasty pack mentality too. X wing is more popular because it was first, the ships are more affordable individually, the rules are simpler and there's usually some new fun toy just around the corner. I actually like the fact that Armada doesn't have a new "must have" ship every 5 minutes but the complete lack of new releases is slowly killing the game. Armada and X wing are two opposite extremes. Rather than release a massively expensive SSD which may or may not fit into games and make them more fun I would rather they had released a few more medium ships. I only play Imperials so I can't speak for the rebels but at the moment if we want to use medium ships we are faced with a choice of a Victory class star Destroyer which is too slow or an Interdictor which has all the fire power of a wet lettuce. I think fixing that issue would have been the way to go. As it is, it would not surprise me if when the SSD comes out they wrap up the game in the same way they wrapped up the Star Wars living card game.
  3. I'd like to see all the ships from the movies used before they turn to ships from comics, games, books and cartoons. One of the problems with X Wing was that often, to a casual passerby, it would just look like a generic space battle game, the ships used were so obscure it just didn't look like Star Wars. Personally my interest in Star Wars ends at the movies. I've never played a Star Wars computer game or read a Star Wars book and I've seen half an episode of Rebels. I was bored. To me it looked childish. I'm 53 this week, I don't watch cartoons. That's a personal choice of course so if we do run out of ships from the movies, if we haven't already, and we have to go down the game/book/comic route, whilst it won't mean anything much to me, I hope they do choose stuff that the rest of you guys have actually heard of IE popular computer games, books that sold a lot of copies, comics that didn't disappear after 3 editions and had a circulation of more than 10 people.
  4. If you gave me a realistic price for it and were in the UK, yes.
  5. One of the admittedly minor reasons I dropped X Wing is because it's got more than its fair share of people who behave like you, sarcastic trolls who are very brave behind a keyboard. I haven't met a single unpleasant person whilst playing Armada. One or two odd people yes, but some real unpleasant types seems to play X Wing both in online forums and in the real world. I don't think I've ever played a Games Workshop game other than one or two games of 40K back in the 80s when I substituted for a player who dropped out of a campaign. I'm a 53 year old historical wargamer who drives a van for a living, I have better things to do than hang around with teenagers, it would look odd and I would not feel comfortable even if I was interested in the games, which I'm not. Compare our postings. I wish the community, which includes you, all the best for the future with version 2. You chose to be rude to me. Feel free to reply but I have said all I am going to say. I don't think anybody needs to see two people who have never met each other and are never going to meet squabbling online. FFG forums should be about the game, not about point scoring and arguing. I've made my point and I'm happy to leave it at that. Good day.
  6. I'm shocked that FFG have got this so wrong. I would have thought that they would have got the app perfect before releasing it. I've given up X Wing. I'm simply not prepared to pay out more than £100 to overhaul a game that FFG ruined not me and that my fellow games club members have lost interest in. Armada is going strong here and has been for quite a while because FFG on the whole seem to get it right with their releases and keep errata to a minimum. It's fairly well-balanced too. It's a First World problem of course. Nobody is dying or starving to death here but I think that you guys deserved better than having to pay out all that money to fix the game, buy a third starter set (how many starters does one game need???) and wait all that time for an app that doesn't work properly. Personally it justifies my decision to leave but if I was still playing I'd be thinking twice about continuing. I've never thought that it is acceptable to ask people to basically re buy the game because FFG broke it. As I said, you deserve better. I wish you all well with it.
  7. Looking at the artwork I think Shields to Maximum probably is a card from a rebel ship.
  8. Will check out the Pelta cards thanks. The wiki for Armada says Shields to Maximum comes with the Chimaera, obviously it's THAT which is incorrect. I definitely can put Disposable Capacitors onto an ISD using the builder. In fact it was after clearing cookies that I double checked it was still possible to do this. It's the same whether I use my laptop or mobile phone.
  9. I'm not sure if you guys have already come across this but I think I may have spotted a couple of errors in the fleet generator that Fab kindly provides for us. The Shields to Maximum fleet command doesn't appear to be there. Intensify Firepower and Entrapment Formation certainly are but that one appears to have been omitted. Disposable Capacitors are small or medium ship only. The fleet builder will allow you to put them on an ISD. It may do the same for rebel big ships I don't know because I don't collect rebels. Either way it is clearly an error. Nothing much happened when I clicked on the contact link so hopefully Fab will see this. In the meantime I thought I would bring it to your attention. It nearly caught me out last week when I almost put Disposable Capacitors on a Cymoon. Fortunately I realised the error before the game started.
  10. I've always thought it's a bit silly that the move is locked in once you put the movement tool in the slot but you can put the tool 1 mm away from the slot and it isn't. In reality there's almost no difference. In tournaments that's the way it is. But in friendly games me and my opponents occasionally weigh up several possible moves by putting the tool down as if we were going to make the move and seeing where the ship would end up. Then we do the same for any possible alternative. As long as the ship doesn't move from its original position during this process I've no problem with it and indeed we will sometimes just look at the end of the measuring tool rather than move the ship. It's a game between friends using plastic spaceships from a galaxy that doesn't exist. Nothing is at stake, it's just a bit of fun. We even advise each other on what the best move would be from time to time. Of course we all play to win and other than this one exception, which comes up very rarely anyway, we do play the rules as written. I'd rather say "Oh just measure it mate it's a friendly game" rather than beat somebody and leave them feeling bad over a fraction of a millimetre. I find that this kind of sportsmanship is repaid too. My pal Johnny was sporting enough to admit that my firing arc just caught the side hull zone of his rebel ship on Monday. It was by a hair's breadth and it cost him the game. Full credit to him for playing fair. It's supposed to be fun, not an exercise in rule bending, pedantry or geometry.
  11. One War of Independence. The War of 1812 was fought for different reasons. You didn't grab any of Canada as you had hoped to do, we burned the White House, you won the Battle of New Orleans and the whole thing petered out into a draw. We British never had any intention of reimposing our rule over the United States.
  12. I'm a purist. I don't like Imperial versus Imperial games or Rebel versus Rebel. If it was down to me, which of course it isn't, I'd restrict games to Imperial versus Rebel, First Order versus Resistance and Republic versus CIS. For me Scum and Villainy was one of the things that ruined X Wing. Why turn up with TIE fighters when you can use some obscure ship that appeared in a comic once which very few people over the age of 35 have even heard of? Especially when it has uber abilities that can wipe out early wave stuff like swatting flies. As the waves went on the games bore so little resemblance to Star Wars it was ridiculous. I believe Scum and Villainy is literally the LAST thing this game needs.
  13. I got into X Wing as a fun game to play as an occasional alternative to historical gaming. I stopped collecting a few waves ago, I think the K Wing was the last ship I bought. Interest died at our games club for various reasons. I've no desire to buy a THIRD core set and pay good money to fix a system that I didn't break and that I couldn't get a game of anyway. Neither can I be bothered to invest time getting up to speed with all the new ships and updates I missed. It's a hobby, it's supposed to be fun not an exercise in learning revision, I left that behind when I left school in 1982! Armada looks pretty well balanced to me. Sure some upgrade cards don't see the light of day, the fighter and bomber battle is perhaps still a little too important to winning when compared to the big ship aspect but not by much and nothing that a decent "flak" upgrade couldn't sort out and activation advantage is still a big thing but it's not an auto win. Overall I think Armada's not broken so why fix it?
  14. Our wargame club has switched from X Wing to Armada. The number of players is smaller but Armada seems to have the greater longevity. X Wing was killed at our club by the dominance of obscure ships, the complexity and length of the FAQ and the fact that uber card combos are more important than flying. For me X Wing was a nice change from historical games. I never had the time, interest or inclination to find out who the non movie characters were and found it disappointing that they appeared to be so much better than Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader et al. Some games bear no resemblance to the Star Wars films at all these days, you could be playing any generic space combat game.
  15. I'm finding that if I hit the NEXT button to go to page 2, then NEXT again to go to page 3 then PREVIOUS to go back to page 2 the site locks. I can't get back to page 1 or indeed get to page 3 again. Is anyone else finding this?
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