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  1. Re Victory class star destroyers. Stick Minister Tua on it, that gives access to Electronic Counter Measures. If the enemy use an Accuracy against your Brace (the defence token that halves damage) the ECM negates it. It is not permitted to use two Accuracies against the brace. Disposable Capacitors allow you to throw fire medium range blue dice weapons out to long range for one turn. Moff Jerjerrod allows you to take a point of damage in order to turn tighter. I don't think the VSD is fantastic but it's far from impotent now FFG have issued these upgrade cards.
  2. I think the game was at its peak just before the Phantom debacle. After that Scum and Villiany ruined it for me. OP ships with little or no connection to the movies (not all of us have the time for or interest in the EU) turning the game into a collectable card game with a Star Wars skin, often even that isn't recognisable as such. You don't see the ship the game is named after these days but Manaroo, whoever the **** THAT is supposed to be, is everywhere! I asked my gaming buddy if he wanted to play X Wing last week. His response was that he had lost interest and wasn't really bothered if he didn't play ever again. We had a great game of Armada instead. Doesn't that just sum it up?! I would rather have seen a set up when Scum could form a third of an Imperial squadron or Rogues like Han or Dash Rendar could be a third of a Rebel force. Surely it would be better than the obscure ship, overpowered Death Faction that has ruined the game for so many of us? Whilst we're at it, and I may have brought this up before, on the occasions he is used why does Darth Vader get to fly with First Order wingmen? Surely he's been dead 40 years? People are free to fly what they like of course but isn't there a case for a bit of common sense and logic even in a fictional universe? Surely it's better all round if Rebel Alliance fights Imperials and Resistance fights First Order. I've made some of these points before I accept but I don't think my experience is unique.
  3. I'm an ok player, I don't play often enough to be great but I'm competent. I've been using the Avenger with Boarding Troopers and an XI7 to push through the damage at long and medium ranges. I find that I lose when the opponent ignores the ISD and shoots up the other ships I have. With so many points soaked up in the ISD what remains is either small in number or not too tough. Deploying second helps the opponent here.
  4. I was thinking of the overall abilities and characteristics of Nebulon Bs, Peltas and Assault Frigates. It's all subjective of course but I just think they are marginally better than Victories and Interdictors. With the advent of Disposable Capacitors Victories are much improved but they are rather tied to Moff Jerjerrod who you might not always want to take. Quasars I'm not sure about. Personally I think they are great carriers but expensive to kit out and vulnerable. I'm not saying that's wrong, far from it. Ironically I got to the top table in a store tournament with a dual Interdictor and Konstantine build. I just sat with them near the space station in Contested Outpost and used him with tractor beams and Titus. Came unstuck against Mad Cat in the last game but it was a decent effort I thought. IMO that was a one off though and Interdictors aren't great (though far from being useless) and Konstantine is very situational.
  5. I actually do think that rebels are marginally superior due to their better Admirals and better medium ships but I also think that the difference in strength between the two factions is marginal and has very little effect on the game. If you want to see unbalanced and overpowered, check out Scum and Villainy in X Wing. We are very lucky with Armada IMO.
  6. The overpowered Scum and Villiany faction ruined X Wing IMO, turning it into a generic space game that often looks very nice but, in the eyes of a member of the general public, has little or no obvious connection to Star Wars. Why have an X-wing when you can have the latest obscure S + V ship with its uber abilities? I think an S + V faction would be the absolute worse thing that could happen to Armada. First Order Vs Resistance I'd have no problem with but if we go down that route let's not have mixing of factions a la X-Wing. I know it's not earth shattering as none of them actually existed in real life but Vader flying with First Order TIE fighters for wingmen when he's been dead 40 years or so??? A geriatric Howlrunner trading in her pension for a TIE fighter to have a crack at that young upstart Poe Dameron???? Let's keep it at least vaguely sensible eh.
  7. I'd love to play but I can't make it to the stores due to work and personal commitments. One of the stores seems to have some X Wing activity, the other tried to organise a league but it seems to have quickly folded. At the Wargames Society I belong to, which has a membership of around 70 split between miniature gamers and role players (obviously not all there on the same nights, average attendence is about 20 to 25 on a club night) we have nearly finished a small campaign but the general consensus is to finish it and that's that. There is no interest at all in casual games or playing another campaign. Even the umpire has said he has no further interest in the game other than finishing the campaign for the sake of completeness and courtesy to the players. So it's not really a matter of choosing not to play, it's that the people who I used to play with are no longer interested in the game. A general survey of their reasons gave the results I outlined earlier.
  8. We played a game where my friend's 10 Hammerheads took on my Avenger +boarding parties ISD, a Quasar with Interceptors, a Gozanti and an Arquitens fleet. He wiped me out but with huge losses, seven out of ten Hammerheads destroyed. I would have done more damage had I gone for my alternate fighter wing of Defenders. I think a Hammerhead swarm is a viable build and can win but on that showing it's vulnerable to heavy losses whilst doing so.
  9. Gone. Scumwing, powercreep, an FAQ as long as the rules, having to buy ships you don't want to in order to get cards to fix ships that were underpowered by FFG in the first place and games that bare little resemblance to the Star Wars films that us 40 and 50 something year olds watched have killed it stone dead at our wargames club. I believe it still has a presence in the two game stores we have here but I haven't played in months at the club, there's little interest. Armada is doing better, it has a small but loyal and keen player base. Its longer games tend to mean it's played less and subsequently enjoyed more. There's no player "burn out" and boredom doesn't set in. Scenarios keep things fresh too. As an aside we all thought the idea of a Galactic Emperor appearing in a space dogfighting game was ludicrous.
  10. That's the problem I have. I want to play but everybody DID quit. Too many obscure Scum ships, games that didn't look like Star Wars, power creep, Scum becoming by far the dominant faction and an FAQ almost as long as the rules killed it. It didn't address any issues, it just left me with some very pretty, very redundant plastic spaceships.
  11. None. Didn't buy any of the previous wave either. The dominance of Scum and Villiany, power creep, games that look just like generic space battles and nothing like Star Wars and an FAQ that is almost as long as the rules has totally killed interest in our local wargames group. To buy the new wave would be a waste of money. I wouldn't get enough games in to justify the financial outlay. I'm far from being an EU expert (here in Britain EU usually stands for European Union, an organisation we are leaving, not Expanded Universe) but take away the Star Wars packaging and my group of 40 and 50 something year olds wouldn't recognise half the ships as actually BEING from Star Wars these days. Personally I think it's a shame. I really enjoyed the game. I miss the excitement of opening the packaging, seeing what it looks like on the stand, getting onto a squadron builder and putting some builds together. The interest is no longer there for my gaming friends though. Fortunately Armada seems to have longevity here but X Wing? Sadly, in the eyes of my group it just became an ever more complex collectible card game where they had to pay to win and the veneer of Star Wars that was attached to it became ever thinner with each wave. When their interest had gone they moved on to other games. Ah well at least I still have all my Ancient and Medieval armies, no trouble getting a game with them, I miss TIE bombers and B Wings though.
  12. I don't doubt it is still selling well, that's no help to me of course but I'm sure you're right. I will be interested to see what effect Legion has though because I get the impression there's a lot of disillusionment at the moment.
  13. It's not that I object to EU stuff. It's the near obsolescence of the ships from the movies I have a problem with. The game's called X Wing but other than Biggs you don't see 'em! Plenty of flying toilet seats though from some character called Dengar who was in the movie for about 10 seconds and to my best recollection had no lines and wasn't even named.
  14. Released smaller waves and/or spaced them out more. They're a business maximising their profits, I understand that. Nevertheless they've killed it in my group and I don't think we are alone in that.
  15. I have hundreds of painted historicals. Most of them were painted by painting services or by fellow gamers for cash. But they do get used. Here in the UK the fighters are about £13 each with the bigger ships around double, maybe more. That's pounds, not dollars. So that's a lot of money on a game that, amongst my group at least, FFG killed stone dead. Legion may actually take some of the disillusioned X Wing players away from the game. X Wing has to peak at some point after all, nothing lasts forever.