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  1. Bolshevik65

    X-Wing a Dead Game?

    Our wargame club has switched from X Wing to Armada. The number of players is smaller but Armada seems to have the greater longevity. X Wing was killed at our club by the dominance of obscure ships, the complexity and length of the FAQ and the fact that uber card combos are more important than flying. For me X Wing was a nice change from historical games. I never had the time, interest or inclination to find out who the non movie characters were and found it disappointing that they appeared to be so much better than Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader et al. Some games bear no resemblance to the Star Wars films at all these days, you could be playing any generic space combat game.
  2. Bolshevik65

    Site problems?

    I'm finding that if I hit the NEXT button to go to page 2, then NEXT again to go to page 3 then PREVIOUS to go back to page 2 the site locks. I can't get back to page 1 or indeed get to page 3 again. Is anyone else finding this?
  3. Bolshevik65

    Change initiative?

    An FAQ longer than the rules themselves is one of the things that ruined X Wing for a lot of people. A flow chart just for shooting? Really?? There's nothing wrong with the occasional FAQ to improve things but I'd rather they play tested it extensively and got it right the first time. Constant FAQs which change the rules can only have a negative effect IMO. Giving players the task of firstly memorising the rules then the FAQ is, in effect, asking them to learn two rulesets. I've been a wargamer since 1981 and I've seen this happen before, it puts new players off and old hands start to look for something that's less like hard work rather than have reams of rules amendments on dogeared print outs they have to constantly refer to.
  4. What's "the donut" please? Personally I think X Wing's problems started with the TIE Phantom, made worse by the aberration that is the Scum and Villainy faction. Armada has handled mercenaries so much better.
  5. Totally agree. Anything beyond the basic game has become borderline unplayable for newcomers it's so complex and if you actually want it to look and feel like a Star Wars game why bother? Nobody else seems to. Nym versus Captain Jostero, that's where it's "at" or some other such character who appeared in a comic or obscure video game once in 1993!!! (No, I've no idea who they are either). The fact you don't see the ship the game is named after in tournaments should tell you something. As for the X wing forum, I think most people are ok but at 52 I really can't be bothered arguing with some of the angry 20 something year olds over there who seem to think that their opinion on plastic spaceships is so important that it gives them carte blanche to be rude and say things they wouldn't dare to repeat if they didn't have the anonymity of a computer screen to hide behind. In short, making Armada more like X-wing is the last thing I want to see.
  6. Bolshevik65

    Yorkshire Corellian Conflict

    In a slight change of plan I have added the MS-1 Ion Cannon to my upgrades. It's going on the Interdictor so that spends 2 more economic points leaving 53 for Vader.
  7. Bolshevik65

    Yorkshire Corellian Conflict

    We could really do with getting those repair and refit points allocated ASAP so we can keep the campaign moving.
  8. Bolshevik65

    The Modification Rule

    Me too. It's a real help when fleet building. As long as you accurately input what stuff you have, you can't really go wrong when building your force.
  9. Bolshevik65

    We got an Objective Article?

    Sadly X Wing has become a collectable card game where building a killer combo of cards that came with ships that no member of the general public would associate with Star Wars has long been more important than dogfighting.
  10. Bolshevik65

    Not flying meta vs handicapping yourself

    I mean no disrespect to the original poster but this sums up why I left X Wing. As a 52 year old historical wargamer who got into X Wing for fun and a bit of a change I can safely say I have never seen any of these characters in the films, have no idea who they are or what they do and would wonder if I saw them on the table would I even recognise the game as Star Wars? I've gone back to historicals and thoroughly enjoy Armada. I don't have a bad word to say about the game or anybody who enjoys playing it as it currently is. I think it's great if people are getting fun out of it. But it's left me behind and I don't miss it. To me it was just more fun when it looked like the films.
  11. Arquitens. Always gets blown away. Perhaps I need more than one but it just tends to get in one long range shot then gets closed with and destroyed. Raider. Using it as fighter support sees it being mobbed by the enemy fighters and destroyed. Operating as a close in "knife fighter" against capital ships it gets one decent blow in but then gets destroyed. The Interdictor I do better with but its single redirect and brace tokens mean it flatters to deceive when it comes to defending itself. I'm not saying these ships are underpowered, it's clearly me who isn't building them quite right or using them optimally.
  12. Bolshevik65

    Star Wars: The Card Game - is now done and dusted

    X Wing just seems to get more bloated and confusing with each new release. There doesn't seem to be a single ship or upgrade that hasn't had a call to"nerf it". It's got a bit silly and isn't the game I bought so heavily into a few years ago. A flow chart just to fire on an FAQ that's longer than the rules? Really?? The LCG is a great game, I must have played it around a hundred times or more. It's still viable without any further expansions but I expect the player base will slowly dwindle. As for Armada I think it's in a great place right now and I sincerely hope it doesn't go down the same road as X Wing or worse, the LCG
  13. Bolshevik65

    Yorkshire Corellian Conflict

    I think that's made the score 6-3 to the Imperials. All six players have won at least one game now. Bring on the next round in February. Who is working out how many repair points each side has available?
  14. Bolshevik65

    Help me love Star Wars again!

    I'm not looking to get into political debate, here is neither the time nor the place. Neither am I trying to insult your intelligence but look carefully at that film. You don't think it's achingly PC? Really?? Anyway that's my view and as I've seen forum debates get very nasty very quickly that's all I have to say on the matter. I have my opinion, I've stated it and I'm leaving it there.
  15. Bolshevik65

    Help me love Star Wars again!

    I thought The Force Awakens was a somewhat disappointing re hash of the film my mother took me to see in 1977. Rogue One was better but a bit PC, a Social Justice Warrior fest. I expect the new film will be better than both those. What I do like about the films is that they bring in new ships to play with that are actually Star Wars compared to obsure ships that appeared once in a comic I have never heard of, a book I have never read or a computer game I have never played. I'm hoping we see some new fighters that will make X Wing worth playing again, as opposed to the Scumwing, power creep, FAQ longer than the rules, looks nice but not much connection to Star Wars monstrosity it has become. Fortunately Armada hasn't gone down that route. Long may it stay so!