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  1. Arquitens. Always gets blown away. Perhaps I need more than one but it just tends to get in one long range shot then gets closed with and destroyed. Raider. Using it as fighter support sees it being mobbed by the enemy fighters and destroyed. Operating as a close in "knife fighter" against capital ships it gets one decent blow in but then gets destroyed. The Interdictor I do better with but its single redirect and brace tokens mean it flatters to deceive when it comes to defending itself. I'm not saying these ships are underpowered, it's clearly me who isn't building them quite right or using them optimally.
  2. Star Wars: The Card Game - is now done and dusted

    X Wing just seems to get more bloated and confusing with each new release. There doesn't seem to be a single ship or upgrade that hasn't had a call to"nerf it". It's got a bit silly and isn't the game I bought so heavily into a few years ago. A flow chart just to fire on an FAQ that's longer than the rules? Really?? The LCG is a great game, I must have played it around a hundred times or more. It's still viable without any further expansions but I expect the player base will slowly dwindle. As for Armada I think it's in a great place right now and I sincerely hope it doesn't go down the same road as X Wing or worse, the LCG
  3. Yorkshire Corellian Conflict

    I think that's made the score 6-3 to the Imperials. All six players have won at least one game now. Bring on the next round in February. Who is working out how many repair points each side has available?
  4. Help me love Star Wars again!

    I'm not looking to get into political debate, here is neither the time nor the place. Neither am I trying to insult your intelligence but look carefully at that film. You don't think it's achingly PC? Really?? Anyway that's my view and as I've seen forum debates get very nasty very quickly that's all I have to say on the matter. I have my opinion, I've stated it and I'm leaving it there.
  5. Help me love Star Wars again!

    I thought The Force Awakens was a somewhat disappointing re hash of the film my mother took me to see in 1977. Rogue One was better but a bit PC, a Social Justice Warrior fest. I expect the new film will be better than both those. What I do like about the films is that they bring in new ships to play with that are actually Star Wars compared to obsure ships that appeared once in a comic I have never heard of, a book I have never read or a computer game I have never played. I'm hoping we see some new fighters that will make X Wing worth playing again, as opposed to the Scumwing, power creep, FAQ longer than the rules, looks nice but not much connection to Star Wars monstrosity it has become. Fortunately Armada hasn't gone down that route. Long may it stay so!
  6. How many people will leave Armada for Legion?

    I think if any game will lose players to Legion it'll be X-Wing. There seem to be a lot of disillusioned people and the game doesn't seem to be in a good state at the moment. Armada's playerbase seems more mature and enjoys the deeper, more thoughtful game that Armada provides. I think because of that it'll hold together fine. By contrast X-Wing players seem younger and more likely to jump ship for the next hot item. That's a broad brush statement of course but I think there's some truth in it.
  7. How many people will leave Armada for Legion?

    I'm a historical gamer. Ancients, Medieval and Spanish Civil War. I think Armada is a great game and I've no intention of dropping it but starting Legion would eat into my time available for historical gaming so I won't be collecting that.
  8. "Age of Icons" - Bounty Hunters AddOn v0.1

    I haven't had a chance to look properly at your efforts yet but I think any attempt to return X Wing to its original concept and simplicity and away from obscure Scum and Villainy uber, mega death ships and an FAQ longer than the rules themselves should be applauded. I know it's a minority viewpoint but I sincerely believe the S & V faction has been disaster for this game. Going down the Armada route of having them as allies incorporated into Imperial and Rebel lists, possibly in the case of X Wing comprising up to a third of the 100 points, would have avoided the problems we have today IMO.
  9. No game is perfect but I'm actually really happy with the game at the moment. Im hoping FFG have learned from the mess they have made of X Wing and continue to make the right choices for Armada.
  10. Old players returned after FAQ

    I'd play again if the interest was still there at our wargames club. Sadly it isn't. That said, do I really want to try to keep up with what started out as a fun, well thought out space combat game with simple but clever rules but which now has an FAQ longer than the rules themselves? Probably not if I'm being honest. On balance, if I could get a decent price for my 60 rebel and Imperial ships I'd probably sell. Armada's a better game IMO and I could buy Persians to fight my Macedonians for my historical gaming with the money. I don't think I would get much more than pennies though and I may use them again one day, I can't see it at the moment unfortunately but you never know.
  11. I don't mind clarification but cmon

    Any game where the FAQ is longer than the rules themselves has clearly lost its way and has problems In my view half of those problems have been caused by converting the bounty hunters, a fringe part of Star Wars, into a third military faction, something that in the films they clearly weren't, in order to squeeze more money out of the game. Nevertheless we are where we are and a balancing FAQ that fixes the game's current problems seems to be the lesser of two evils.
  12. Where is our article?

    I'm not slandering it because I've never heard of it!! Personally the more they dip into the expanded universe the less interest I have. I'm 52 years old and a historical wargamer. My interest in Star Wars computer games and Star Wars novels is zero. I'm a generation too old for them. I just enjoy the films. I think that X-wing would have been a better, more balanced game if the Scum and Villainy faction didn't exist and Galactic Empire and First Order were two separate factions that could not be mixed, the same for the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance. Then, as they're seperated in time by 40 years, they should fight their "historical"opponents. I know what would happen if I put my Spanish Civil War Anarchist Militia from 1936 up against the Spanish army of 1976! They've both got rifles and grenades but there's only going to be one winner. It would be seen as silly but nobody thinks twice about putting Darth Vader in a squadron with First Order ships. Is he a ghost? A zombie?? Undead??? Sadly they've turned it into a pay to win card collecting game where the person who can put together the cleverest card combination wins. Dog fighting no longer matters as turrets, bombs, and ordinance dominate. The iconic ships from the films are little more than cannon fodder as the Jump Masters and all the rest of the scum mega ships and mega abilities laugh at the TIE fighter's pitiful two red dice attacks. I don't think that the new Legion miniatures game will have much effect on Armada's core player base as we seem to be an older, less fickle crowd. I can see that it may well decimate X-Wing's player numbers though. I just get the impression that the game has peaked and FFG are milking it for all it's worth before it starts its long decline. Certainly any pretence of maintaining balance and preventing power creep has gone. I think the new film will arrest that decline somewhat but generally the trend is downwards. Conversely because Armada releases the ships slower the whole game just seems better thought out and is on the up. Not having the overpowered Scum and Villainy faction has certainly helped play balance. We get a chance to learn how to use our ships before the next wave comes out. I simply couldn't be bothered to catch up with X-Wing now, the last ship I bought was the K Wing. It's a shame because for all X-Wing's faults it's still a good game and I want to play it and I want it to be successful but the combination of tournament player's demands and the admittedly understandable desire for the biggest profit possible is running it into the ground.
  13. Where is our article?

    Yeah they also get a lot of ships with very little connection with Star Wars as far as I can see. Apparently the latest one appeared in a computer game once!!! Wow..... If I was Joe Public walking in off the street into a game store and looking at a demonstration game I don't think I would recognise X-Wing as being Star Wars now. I prefer the slower but better thought out and better balanced releases of Armada. At least it looks like Star Wars and the Empire are not cannon fodder for gangsters who were a peripheral part of Star Wars but have had their role built-up by FFG in order to make bigger profits.
  14. The stagnation is totally killing my motivation to play this game

    I'm an Armada player now, X Wing is dead at the local wargame club (and frankly IMO Armada is a slightly better game, certainly much better balanced) but I do still enjoy X Wing and have lurked here for a long time but didn't join the forum. Frankly in the past I have seen rudeness on here so bad that if somebody spoke to me in that fashion face to face I would have to restrain myself from smacking them in the mouth and I'm 52, far too old for fighting lol. "The guy's wife died, so what?" being one low point from years back that springs to mind. Utterly disgusting no matter what the debate was about. What disagreement over plastic spaceships could possibly warrant THAT? There have been many others maybe not quite so bad but unpleasant enough to put me off joining for a long time. Now, ironically the atmosphere and standard of behaviour seems to be improving just as X Wing appears to be at the start of a long decline. The endless "fix it" threads are irritating and pointless but surely are a symptom of something wrong in the game. Meanwhile over at the Armada forum all seems pretty much fine and tranquil. Driving home from the wargames club last Monday discussing our great Armada game and our upcoming Corellian Conflict campaign my opponent spontaneously commented how he hoped Armada didn't become broken like X Wing. Says it all really. Between us me and him have nearly 75 years of wargaming experience so we flatter ourselves we know something in decline when we see it and whilst interest in tournaments is still high I think there's more "churn" now as the old hands like me and my play group leave and new players join, but how long will they stay? Legion, the miniatures game will not really affect Armada IMO but if it decimated X Wing's player base I would not be surprised.
  15. Yorkshire Corellian Conflict

    30th is good for me. I'm playing our lizard friend on the 23rd for a practice game and the 30th as part of the campaign unless things change. I've amended my fleet too. Changed disposable capacitors to XI7s and dropped Zertek. He's been transferred to Mad Cat by the looks of things and I'm getting his Black Squadron in return.