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  1. So what kind of gaijin optiosn are there? Quamarits, Ujik and Ivory Kingdoms? As a big fan of gaijin, I'm quite curious about the schools and regions.
  2. Huh, both of those seem pretty fun! It does seem interesting that these are not the clan novellas, but that just means more fiction for me! Just finished rereading the Scorp novella and now rereading the Unicorn one, until Eternal Knot is available on Kindle.
  3. The Mystic doesn't feel like Alchemist to me. As I mulled on it, I found that Agasha have 3 themes/concepts in them: 1. Multi-elemental spells, playing with the elements - the Mystic does this 2. Alchemy: not present at the moment. The beta had similar rules for potions as they are for wards, and I liked those, but I think a specific alchemist school can also work 3. Yamabushi: the fighting priest, though this might be more Tamori than Agasha,I think with the FFG approach to schoosl this can also work. I mean, if the Doji bureocrat fit in, then I think a Yamabushi can also
  4. That...makes a lot of sense. Though, I am hoping to see more of Kisada and his kin too, so who knows what the story it'll be.
  5. I'm the other way around. I loved Legend of the Burning Sands stuff in previous Rokugan, so I'm quite happy in getting some gaijin stuff early. I also like how it is lumped together with Ronin to get some Rokugani information. That said, I am also looking forward to the next book focusing on Rokugan though. Here's hoping for a PHoenix book on magic with Ishiken, Yamabush/alchemists and Shadow magic! And a Centipede clan
  6. I mean...the really interesting things here if they want to make changes to Honor for gaijin is...a few shuji and other techs refer to it. So either those are banned for gaijin schools, or functionally the same, I guess?
  7. Oh, I'm not worrying, this is just a sort of thought exercise. Since we have a new direction on how schools are built, and just...rolled out, I figured let's give this a try. For example, for Ishiken, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Void spells are a different technique entirely, and access would be gated via schools (Isawa Ishiken?) and perhaps some titles. Otherwise, it might be tricky to do. Shiba Illusionist might still be missing, for a certain value of missing.
  8. So, out of curiosity, I've been mulling over what kind of schools/concepts are there that are missing from this edition so far. Crab: I actually don't feel that there is any school that requires representation? Hida pragmatists could be represented by more unarmed kata really Crane: Kakita Artisans! We have sword smiths, but no Artisans Dragon: Agasha Alchemists and/or Yamabushi are what I feel are missing so far. Otherwise..probably everything we have? Lion: Matsu Beastmasters, and that's about it? Phoenix: Isawa Ishiken and Henshin. Titles for Tensai. Shiba Illusionist Scorpion: Shosuro Butei! Maybe Soshi magistrates. Unicorn: Utaku infantry? I did like some of the horse related schools, to raising and caring for animals.
  9. Tortoise are on the GM Screen with playable info, so we are probably not seeing them in another book. I'm just curious whether we might see some more Minor Clan DLC pop up?
  10. What Tonbo Karasu means, there are a ton of new possibilities for titles for unspeakable ancient horrors! Actually, I was wondering whether the Dragon book might have rules on Yobanjin...though both Badger and Dragonfly could be the extra minor faction in the book.
  11. I'm curious what "gaijin" will mean here. Mainly because I'm looking forward to some of the gaijin from the Unicorn novella, as those were really interesting, and they may show up more in the lore after the events in there, so here I am hoping for that to pop up.
  12. Gaijin "clans" more like nations, and schools and mechanical stuff. The Pony novella dropped a lot of nice hints, now I'm hoping for some fruition. Also, "unicorn" (aka rhino) stats in the game xD
  13. I mean, as far as I understand Yobanjin, they are the people who did not bow to the kami, and refused to take part in the Empire. From that PoV, expanding into Yobanjin lands would be more like fulfilling the original vision of the kami, it could be argued.
  14. I'm hoping the Unicorn centered RPG book will include info on gaijin and burning sands stuff
  15. Not sure how I feel about Doji Bureocrat...seems similarly oddly specific/odd as the Kakita swordsmith..the idea is nice, but not sure it warrants a whole school. Also, the lack of Kakita Artisan is not making me happy
  16. Besides all the cultural stuff, I also really enjoyed Shono as a PoV...when he decided to do things, he DID them, and did them well. Also looking forward to whatever will be the continuation here.
  17. The Burning Sands novella has different gaijin peeps, as the Burning Sands is an actually different IP, and wasn't bought. As a fan of the old LBS stuff....I like what they've done in the novella. I'm hoping that for whatever Unicorn sourcebook comes out, instead of a Minor clan we'll get some rules for creating gaijin players.
  18. Just curious what'll be the difference between deathdealer and infiltrator, as both seem to be on the edge of "ninja AND bushi" So looking forward to that.
  19. On the other hand...sending him to the capital might lead to more shenanigans? I can see either work, to be honest.
  20. For minors, we musn't forget that we may have similar DLC like the Mantis. For Unicorn, I wouldn't be surprised if instead of a minor clan, we'd have gaijin character creation? If not, I'd be quite ok with an LBS supplement! For Dragon, I think they'd have religion as their focus. General shintoist stuff, the Perfect Land Sect, AND the yobanjin are in some ways religious dissenters. Badger would make sense in that case. A collected book on minor clans might also work, looking at their history, their current status, perhaps an up and coming Minor clan alliance?
  21. Actually, what's with FFG and eyes? I'm kinda surprised Yojiro got out with both of his xD I mean...despite cries of Heresy, what is the Rokugani stance on religion? The issue with the Perfect Land is that they consider it a heretical sect of their own religion...not sure what they think of Qamarist stuff. Then again, I think there is a difference between kami magic and djinn, so I wonder what she'll think.
  22. Another thing I like a lot....Shono is a badass. Like, he is sad, and grieving and confused...but when he fights? He fights. He's a great rider, archer and swordsman, can wrestle, and picks up quickly the quirks of the djinn. I appreciate him kicking asses and taking names.
  23. I am biased towards this, as an LBS fan. I like the "conflict" between Unicorn and the Caliph: the Unicorn claim the people via blood relation (Rokugani custom) while the Caliph claims via religion. And Shono outplaying the djinn was hilarious, even if the djinn was helping. I hope to see him show up in the future. I'm just worried we won't be seeing any further updates on this for a while
  24. I was liking Shono from his first story....yes, he is mopey here, but for an understandable reason. But man....he needs to let his inner sarcasm out moar. MOAR! Shono believes in Chagatai who believes in Shono! I think they really managed to hit the right tone for Shono, being a hybrid of Rokugan and everything else.
  25. Yeah, FFG didn't get LBS rights, for Medinaat etc..., so they are making up some of it. Ivory Kingdoms is still in, I think but rest is not. I've generally liking the novellas, but was really looking forward to this one. I love LBS, due to a GM and some awesome games, so very curious what FFG will be doing with it.
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