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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? That sounds good! Can you let us know the schools involved when you get it?
  2. Horvagab

    Setting idea: Expansionist Rokugan

    Was thinking Toturi also needs a "backup" Lion Champion in his stead. Not necessarily the Jeweled part, as above, the Ruby Champion can take that up. What I'd like to do here is moving troops thorugh PHoenix and Dragon borders, with a side order of Badger. This means that most cavalry will be useless. Plus, I'm waiting for the Pony novella, cause it could be interesting if the Ponies push for expanding the eastern borders as well to their usual holdings. As for Sotorii...I think he should pass his gempukku, and be there to lead and learn from Toturi, perhaps? Commander, but subject to the Emerald Champion.
  3. so, been having an idea for a setting twist, kind of. It'd be running from roughly the current time in FFG setting: Daisetsu becomes the heir/emperor child, Shoju as his regent. Sotorii stays as crown prince, practically. Everyone at the higher level is worried about the potential civil war... until someone, somehow gets the idea into their mind, to provide a huge distraction: A war of expansion into the Yobanjin lands. Sotorii manages to get approval to take part in the campaign, the main force will be made up of the Imperial Legions, and Toturi joins him. Besides the Imperial legions, the Dragon, Badger and Lion step up to provide the main force, with the Shiba and Kosori from the Phoenix also helping out. Toturi needs to leave someone as his voice as champion, most probably. It's not a perfect idea so far, as the Unicorn-Lion war would need to stop... or maybe get to an uncomfortable ceasefire. Some kind of Yobanjin raid to start it off might also be needed for narrative sense.
  4. I want a chapter on fashion. A whole chapter. All of it.
  5. Kuroiban as a title seems like a better solution than as a school. Same with Inquisitor I feel.
  6. Hm...if Shoju wants to downgrade Scorp power and public apperances, being a bad regent, while making sure to groom Daisetsu to rule well, could work for him. @Shiba GunichiI believe the Crane lands were hit by imbalance as well? Or the flood is related to them, possibly
  7. Yeah, the existing minor clans could use some more love... Fox for example, same with Hare. No idea what the goal with the Deer is. It's...strange.
  8. Main problem I can see is Sotorii's allies will use him as a puppet. Though I can see Crab allying with him if he can offer them resources for the Wall, for one. If that happens, Mantis might show up as well.
  9. Yeah, current Daidoji bushi covers Iron Warrior. I wonder, will this book will deal with maho and shadowlands-related threats within the Empire? In which case we could see a a lot of themes covered, while Shadowlands proper covers a much narrower scope.
  10. Phantom Hunters could be like the Monk Archer school that I forgot the name of, and get access to specific invocations and using them in a specific method. Hm, I wonder what other schools will there be? Crab: Either Kuni Witchhunter, or perhaps something about the Hiruma? Recovering their old stuff? Crane: Something Daidoji related I guess, perhaps Daidoji scouts? Dragon: No clue, to be honest. None at all. Lion: some kind of Ikoma tactician, or some kind of archer? Nothing else comes to mind Phoenix: I wonder if this is the book where we will see Isawa Ishiken show up? Otherwise Inqusitiors might pop up? Scorpion: Something Yogo, or bushi might work? Depends on how specific these schools are
  11. Horvagab

    Children of Tradition

    Thinking on it...there were at least a few people with the social authority to actually teach him better. His father, for once. Some of the Jeweled champions, the advisor, perhaps even some of the Imperial daimyos. I just have a feeling no one bothered. He was handed off to competent teachers whose authority rested on Sotorii's patience and meekness, and there was none of that. Sotorii's behavior is awful, but it's still sad to see him basically trapped by it. And in certain ways, I have a feeling that Daisetsu grew up to be cosnciously unlike his brother in a lot of ways, so in some certain respects, Sotorii showed him what not to do, and that led to Daisetsu being regarded as a better heir. And the even sadder thing? I think he himself recognizes that Daisetsu would be the better Emperor, but he has nothing else going for him, so will probably stick to it because there is nothing else he can do. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what kind of hanger ons attach to him to stoke his flames. Also... was Toturi the elder brother who was passed over, or the younger brother who inherited? I think he might have a special understanding of the siblings that others might not, depending on that status. Edit: Oh, there is no excuse for the duel, best I can think is that Sotorii was never really taught that social consquences are for him too. While I think his behavior is...inborn, so to say, he also never had competent teachers or authority figures to help him. Still want to see more stories from his PoV though, sad as it is.
  12. Horvagab

    Special Arrows

    Also in cities, where markets are a thing, it's possibly that the lord handles it differently. Also, those who have attendants or servants would get the servants to buy what is needed. No mere samurai would stoop to buying something. But giving a servant some koku to do visit hte market, and btw, buy those arrowz please, now that is acceptable. Unless you're a Yasuki, Mantis or perhaps Daidoji. Then you buy all the stuff.
  13. Horvagab

    Children of Tradition

    Well ****. I mean... Sotorii is still a bully, but I have a feeling no one actually...taught him anything? Or dunno.... not on a very basic level? It's like they expect him to pick up cues by himself, and he didn't manage. Not ot mention I have a feeling that in some ways the Emperor (and the Crown Prince) is almost exempt from the regular nuances of Rokugani society. I mean, he is still a bully, but it seems he doesn't have the tools to engage in a non-bully way? At the same time he is astutely ware that Daisetus is better than him in most ways, my gut feeling, so he knows he's not measuring up, but doesn't know how to be an emperor, and people just expect him to know. Also, it's kind of strange. Daisetus has Dairu, Jodan has Shoju, but Sotorii has no one. I wonder if that means he scared anyone away who could be a friend of his, or he never really got anyone "assigned" to him as a friend. I don't know what I want more: the stories where he showed up to be seen from his PoV, or from the PoV of his honor guard, the people who spend most of their time with him. Also, while we see the Emperor lower his guard with Shoju...I have a feeling he doesn't do the same with his sons. Both seem to think of him as a distant figure, which is really not helping matters for either one.
  14. How is the Otomo Schemer is looking, out of curiosity? Does it seem interesting?
  15. Ah, so priest is more shrine keeper. Which is nice, as titles seem to be social standings and stuff, rather than inherently profession based like the schools.