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  1. Dude, for a mantis, you're pretty cool. Thanks for the post
  2. Yeah not to sound like buzz kill but I feel like the on I should be no attachments. But I also think it should be higher glory because it don't give a **** about Phoenix shenanigans
  3. Fiveringsdb.com Main site used for podcasts
  4. Feels very berserky. Good to see Amora and his big *** sword back
  5. Hey none of that yoshi-foolery here. You take that crap to the Below,Beneath thread with the taka-foolery
  6. One of the imperial siblings killed doji satsume. Probably Sotorii, but possibly Daitsu, if the story team wants that rout. But I think story wise this would blow the roof off the empire. Civil wars and shady coup attempts would abound
  7. Sotorii. Satsume called him on his crap. Agasha sumiki feels cautious around him. If found out causes major drama throughout empire. Duty vs justice vs loyalty vs all that jazz. Decline of virtue. Could be an aight story
  8. Reactions to new article. Yay, decent unicorn Phoenix have better monks than dragon? Seriously with the 4 drop shugenjas already Mandatory neutral
  9. Seriously I check this site all the time, so.... what the **** is iron mine?
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