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  1. It Depends why you are wanting to get from your dueling. Dueling for duelings sake leads to nothing. If you ware wanting to Duel to go for a honor victory, Crane. If you are looking for a dishonor victory then I would say Dragon. Winning via conflict, depends on your play style. I would say that Dragons Personalities have better printed duels and the fact they are all Military makes its easier build a deck to win duels consistently or just win because you have a tower. Crane has better a dueling support for conflicts via holdings and events. Kakita Dōjō is better for letting you win a conflict, as is storied Defeat. Crane also has more printed Duels in the conflict deck.
  2. So they do exactly what I thought they should do but I was to unobservant to notice, nice. Being wrong does have its upsides. Edit: now that I look at it it could still do with a little organising.
  3. I was thinking about i think the biggest hurdle is marketing. Most of FFGs other LCG titles have their marketing done for them in some regards. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror. People know what these are regardless of FFG. If they like the setting and look for a game then they will find these. L5R doesn't really have that. In fact there is more confusion as its easier to find O5R videos and websites than FFGs. FFG just need to push the Brand. As it has been said before in this thread, this needs to be the big Samurai IP. Two of the most straight forward ways i can think of this is to push those fictions out and other media. Currently the Story ties in the RPG and the LCG and isn't actually product dependent. It doesn't even need to be fictions to do with the current story arc, just more stories. Most of the articles that are coming out from FFG are all designed for existing players. New Fictions, Rule updates, details about Koteis. Most of these wont attract new players. New fictions are great, if you know what is happening or where they fit in. The stories should be kept in an archive which is linked to every fiction articles released so that newcomers can see "Wow that's a lot of fiction and I can start here". Currently this is done by the community and you need to look for it in the forums, and some people aren't even sure which forums those are as the RPG forums have their own "lore" Forum separate from the LCC. Making this more accessible is huge as unlike ruling and other info they are always relevant and people will want to read them. Scrolling though years of articles to find 1 story just because there ins't a set place for them is ridiculous. As for other media, people have already suggested re-skinning games which is a great idea. I do also think that more of an effort on youtube. Currently they have 14 Videos in total that have L5r mentioned in them. Half of which are just the minute long Clan Videos (which are perfect actually) and the other 7 are over an hour long each. You try getting someone to watch a hour long video of people playing a game they don't understand, it wont be to engaging. Make a heap of simple videos, just small rule interactions, tech plays people have done or single card previews "This is Hida O-Ushi. A Samurai from the Crab Clan, her ability is "if you win a Conflict as the defender you can declare another Military Conflict", useful with crabs defensive play style. Also she a lead character from this Short Story which can be read here. This card will be released in Crab Clan Pack "Defenders of Rokugan"". From what I wrote above some one with no experience in this game should be able to pick up the following. Involves Samurai there are Multiple clans You need to defend Conflicts other than Military multiple play styles short stories there are Clan Packs. There also would be information gathered from just looking at the card that doesn't need spelling out to attract new players. Keeping it simple means you're not talking down to your older players and you're inviting new players to find out more. Now I am not saying do this for every single preview or ruling, but just to start getting FFG L5R out there.
  4. Its defiantly efficient. More than likely too efficient, pushing it into the broken section, therefore making it competitive. You have the new stronghold which will filter through the dynasty faster, meaning more keepers/holdings/Characters in the discard pile for your to recur with rebuild/ring wins/Gateway. It also means if you are digging for a key character you have 7 chances of seeing them rather than 4. Also if you are doing some sort of crab rush you can by 5 people a turn. You then have Kaiu Shihobu who can filter out EVERY holding in the deck. Having less cards in a deck means you are more likely to see the cards you need consistently. When a combo like gateway to meido exists it baffles me that they made a card to help make it easier to find key cards via deck thinning. The design intention is great, fun and a direction I like, but these cards are too good. Kyūden Hida needed to only work if you have holdings in play already or only buy as many people as there are holdings (promoting the play-style it was made for). Kaiu Shihobu might be fine, but I probably would have made it just Kaiu Wall holdings as they are just going to run into the same design problem with having rebuild exist. Toolbox holdings. It means they cant make any more good holdings for crab anymore because she AND Rebuild exists.
  5. Well lion and unicorn would use it seeing as they allready use recursion from the discard pile. Infact most decks that run Miya satoshi could make use of it as well.
  6. My first worry would be the victims of people who abuse it to go to time as well as the Judges. How long or how many times can you be writing notes before it becomes stalling? How do judges police this? Judges then get flack for handing out Losses for stalling (I believe this is the penalty for stalling (please correct me if I am wrong)) as some people will be genuinely taking lots of notes and those who were stalling would still cry. Personally I find I lose my focus of the game when interrupted so I would prefer it if there were less opportunists for this to happen.
  7. Or policy debate, meek informant or upholding authority. Then there are card effects that reveal cards as they add them to hand or to play then. Prefect gift, pillow book, shrine maiden, the sword smith (forgotten the name), test of skill. There is plenty of ways to have hand knowledge.
  8. I realised how silly my question shortly after posting when I remembered that watch commander existed, but thank you for posting the answer 😅
  9. Hold on a second. Is there a ruling I am missing? The new stonghold is unlimited, I understand the idea is that you can use it every conflict, what is stopping you from using it multiple time when a conflict is declared? Just name every card and waste everyone's time?
  10. Your right it's a lesser version of reprieve. Reprieve is bonkers. I've played crab consistently from release and the value you get from reprieve is far too good for how reliable it is. If you had withstand the darkness, reprieve and iron mine you would never need to place fate on character. Way to much value.
  11. Not sure I like the wording on the stronghold. I am guessing because it doesn't say "claim the ring as the attacking player" that you don't get the ring effect. I can see people getting this wrong. On a different note I do like that direction for dragon. Also those crab cards, absolutely bonkers. I am guessing repreive is hitting the restricted list with "withstand the darkness" coming out. Also rebuild and "strategic weakpoint" seems like something that will slip into crab decks. Add assassinate and way of the crab and you can wipe a board.
  12. I think the delay in any card news is linked to the story. Spoilers for cards may give away plot points that are about to happen because this cycle addressing the fallout of the recent fictions. Also, the RPG will be releasing an adventure that is set at the winter court which may also have tie-ins with the story. So I am hoping everything is tied together and when the pieces fall together there will be a small explosion of news/updates. That or I could be completely wrong.
  13. I wonder if the scorpion letter will be from kachiko. I do hope so. I would be fun to see how she describes recent events without actually having any solid details on it (can't have anything trace back to her or the crown prince)
  14. Unfortunately I think that it would be imensely overpowered. You could use it you make people dishonour out very quickly when combinded with backhanded complement. Or block your opponent from drawing cards. I feel a better way to go would be to introduce cards that trigger on particular honor bid values. Eg this ablity only can be played if there is a 3 on your honor dial. If you had enough cards like it of different values you could make a game where the bid vaules are other than one and 5.
  15. So by the end of the year we should have the minimum pool of cards for the rotations. I am a bit sad that it is only 1 clan pack as they seem to bring more fun toys than dynasty packs, but I also suppose we don't know the actual release scedule for clan packs as they have been speed up. 2-3 a year was what it was going to be right? They need to release them in the same order other wise some clans won't get to use their packs for long and it would suck to buy one only for it to rotate out in less than a year.
  16. There are other companies that are known to include a copy of errataed cards as bonus cards in the next pack they release. It would be nice but I am not expecting it for l5r.
  17. How does the new Tadaka fit in with the restricted list? They both have the same name so are they both restricted or just the first one?
  18. When I started playing L5R about a decade ago I was playing Mantis and had never played any other Clan. They where what I loved in Old5R so I really want to play Mantis as a full faction and love how they are being written into the fiction and being developed. However I believe that FFG may have missed the boat on this one as far as the LCC goes. I think for Mantis to be introduced as a playable clan they needed to release a Premium Expansion for Mantis instead of "Children of the Empire", alongside a Dynasty pack for Mantis. At this Stage Phoenix Clan have 38 Dynasty cards and 31 Conflict Cards (not including cards from Children of the Empire). Currently "Children of the Empire" has 33 Dynasty Cards and 25 and Conflict Cards, If you give each other clan 1 Dynasty and 1 Conflict card and make the rest Mantis that leaves you with 26 Dynasty and 18 Conflict. Add a Clan Pack of about 9 Mantis Dynasty Cards and 7 Mantis Conflict cards. This gives you 35 Dynasty and 25 Conflict cards. throw in some provinces and some strongholds and they would still be behind the current amount of cards BUT it would be reasonable and it would be plausible for them to come into the competitive scene. But that's not what is happening, and the other Clans will be getting more and more cards in their pool making it an even bigger and bigger gap to fill. By the next time a Premium Expansion (I am guessing a year) it will be such a big difference in a card pool, Mantis would be playing catch up for a couple of years. I could be wrong though and they plan to release another Premium Expansion this year, Closing that gap sooner, but I would be surprised. Now don't get me wrong. This isn't a dig at "Children of the Empire", I like the story direction and flavor it brings. I just think it means that the Mantis Boat has sailed away 😥
  19. Just another reason to splash unicorn and play the card that switch the conflict type (I've forgotten the name).
  20. I am disappointed that it has 0 strength. I am glad the ability can be used at any province you are defending.
  21. Sweet. I just didn't read properly. Thank you for correcting me.
  22. So with the abilities that say "initiate a duel", does the character that has the ability have to partake in the duel?
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