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  1. Too true. Literally the plot of Beneath, Below, Beyond.
  2. When I started playing L5R about a decade ago I was playing Mantis and had never played any other Clan. They where what I loved in Old5R so I really want to play Mantis as a full faction and love how they are being written into the fiction and being developed. However I believe that FFG may have missed the boat on this one as far as the LCC goes. I think for Mantis to be introduced as a playable clan they needed to release a Premium Expansion for Mantis instead of "Children of the Empire", alongside a Dynasty pack for Mantis. At this Stage Phoenix Clan have 38 Dynasty cards and 31 Conflict Cards (not including cards from Children of the Empire). Currently "Children of the Empire" has 33 Dynasty Cards and 25 and Conflict Cards, If you give each other clan 1 Dynasty and 1 Conflict card and make the rest Mantis that leaves you with 26 Dynasty and 18 Conflict. Add a Clan Pack of about 9 Mantis Dynasty Cards and 7 Mantis Conflict cards. This gives you 35 Dynasty and 25 Conflict cards. throw in some provinces and some strongholds and they would still be behind the current amount of cards BUT it would be reasonable and it would be plausible for them to come into the competitive scene. But that's not what is happening, and the other Clans will be getting more and more cards in their pool making it an even bigger and bigger gap to fill. By the next time a Premium Expansion (I am guessing a year) it will be such a big difference in a card pool, Mantis would be playing catch up for a couple of years. I could be wrong though and they plan to release another Premium Expansion this year, Closing that gap sooner, but I would be surprised. Now don't get me wrong. This isn't a dig at "Children of the Empire", I like the story direction and flavor it brings. I just think it means that the Mantis Boat has sailed away 😥
  3. Just another reason to splash unicorn and play the card that switch the conflict type (I've forgotten the name).
  4. I am disappointed that it has 0 strength. I am glad the ability can be used at any province you are defending.
  5. Jamadman

    Children of the Empire

    Sweet. I just didn't read properly. Thank you for correcting me.
  6. Jamadman

    Children of the Empire

    So with the abilities that say "initiate a duel", does the character that has the ability have to partake in the duel?
  7. I just want to know if specialised defences works in the way I think it does. If I were to play it on a province with 5 strength it will go up to 10 strength, if I were to play it again in the same conflict will it go up to 20? Does the effect also stack with holdings that give province strength and other effects? For example I have a boarderland fortifications on a pilgrimage. The province has 7 strength. I then play a nezumi infiltrator at home to increase the province to 8. If I play a specialised defences will the province strength increase to 16?
  8. Is that a official ruling? Because the wording is definitely not clear. I agree its implyed but it does not read as so.
  9. The new phoenix void role locked spell also counters iron mine. Having two fate phases means you need 2 iron mines to keep 1 character without fate around.
  10. Jamadman

    All and Nothing preview

    It would be easy enough to do. Just make abilities and events trigger off certain having certain honour dial values rather than just being higher/lower than your opponents. Or just have certain abilites be powered up when your honour Dail says a certain number. Eg an event "give a character +2 pol. If your honour dial value is 2, gain an honor". Pump enough playable cards with triggers like that and you might start changing the bid 5 meta.
  11. Jamadman

    The Ebb and Flow

    Doesn't that trigger in the fate phase or am I getting my sequences mixed up?
  12. Jamadman

    The Ebb and Flow

    I did try and thing of ways around that, but ultimately I think that if you are actively trying to active that then you are hurting your own economy by not having the fate in your pool and are more than likely making sub par plays to just keep him in play.
  13. Jamadman

    The Ebb and Flow

    I disappointed with this yoritomo. I understand they couldn't make him to powerful as a nurtal character as they didn't want him to be an auto induclude in every deck but I am having trouble even justifying playing him at the moment. I think a better but simular card design would have been for him to have the ability "yoritomo gains mil and pol equal to the number of fate on him. Reaction: after you gain fate out side of the fate phase, place that fate on yoritomo instead (max 2 per turn)" this way you are using the extra economy that mantis is seeming to give to boost him in play and it gives him some syngy with other clans meaning me might see play. It fits into his character of manifesting his own destiny as opposed to everyone else's set destiny. I would probably also make him 4 mil 4 pol so he isn't totally wrecked by cloud the mind.
  14. Jamadman

    Multi-Clan Cards

    There were a few dual clan cards in old5r. I can see it eventually happening but not for quite some time. The game needs to finish building the current clans up before introducing cross clan cards. I think there would need to also be a story element to push for this to happen as well.
  15. Jamadman


    Lowering the honor win condition to 20 is not a good idea. Leads to a lot of potential turn 1 wins. WotC can mean lion win turn 1 with a 5 and 1 bid. Other clans can also just use guardian kami or kami unleashed to get that two or three extra honor to win. It would mean no one could ever bid 5, people would not be able to play their deck. I would be garbage. I used to think the better solution would be to increase the win to condition for honour to 30 and the starting honor of each clan by 5. I am less sure now with duty being a thing. At the moment honour is possible. Its just not easy and not entirely viable against dishonour, but it shouldn't be. Honour shouldn't be any easier than conquest or dishonor. It shouldn't just beat dishonor. In the dishonor honor match up both players should end up having to go for conquest. The problem is that is too easy for scorpion to switch and in crabs case, go for conflict while applying enough dishonor pressure ser to prevent honor. There just needs to be more conflict honor hybrid cards. Like "met condition X is met, ready a character and honor them" . "+2 glory (may pol or mil instead?) on a character you control in this conflict, If you win gain honor equal to your current honor dial value". Alternatively if you are adiment on rewriting the rules just have it that successfully defending gives you 1 honor.