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  1. I have a challenge for you once Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out on DVD (Or you can see it out of theatre by other means) [Tiny Spoilers for Solo] The challenge is to name (if you can't find a canon name for the species) and stat every single alien species you can get at least a pretty good look at in the movie. There's quite a few unknown species (to me at least) in the movie, I can remember at least 4 at Lando's sabacc table when they first meet him. Key locations to find these kinds of species would probably be Dryden's Yacht, Lando's sabacc tables, the one at the beginning when they meet him (also try and look through the bar where said sabaac table is located) and the table at the end of the movie when Han wins the Falcon from him, and the mine on Kessel ran by the Pyke Syndicate. Bonus points if you can find the names of the native species of the mud planet Han fought for the Empire on and the snow planet Han and Beckett robbed the train on and then stat the native species of said planets. More bonus points for statting Moloch's species, Rio Durant's species (if they arent already I wouldnt know), and the species of the Pyke Syndicate. As I said, it's a challenge, but it'd be really cool if you did it Edit: Saw you said you already satted the Pykes so you already have earned yourself a few bonus point :3 Edit 2: Also if you need help I’d be happy to try and stat some species. I just took a look at your possible species list and even if you didn’t take on what I’ve said here you still have a ton of stuff to do. I’m sure I’m not alone in offering help so if you need it I’m quite sure there are some people who would offer it to you.
  2. I remember seeing something about bounty hunter clans or guilds while reading a pdf of the many supplements over the 3 games but I can seem to pinpoint which one. If anyone is able to find I would be greatful. If it helps I remember reading something along the lines of "if your not apart of one of these clans/guilds/schools/groups you'll have a hard time getting contracts..." Can't remember much else (remembered the school part afterwords.) Anyway if any one can find again I would be grateful
  3. Thank you. All of your answers were very useful.
  4. Im starting out as a game master and I am searching for a galaxy map that I can print out so that both I and my players know where we are in this massive universe. Thanks in advance
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