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  1. I agree. But you’re getting a lot of other good content in addition to the model.
  2. Another neutral expansion with more deployments, battlefield conditions, etc. FFG is really pushing Legion hard. This last week has been awesome for updates.
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/11/at-st-down/ This looks awesome!
  4. I’d like to see those Death Star troopers with the big helmets as corps troops. Hoth rebel troopers could be some corps units.
  5. Do you want to do karate in the garage?
  6. Are you saying we have the same father? Nice.
  7. Yoda would be the only true counter to Palp. Personally I think that Legion needs Lobot.
  8. All the stuff we disagree upon aside....Jan and PAthfinders have just moved to “Shipping”.
  9. Thanks. I can’t access the article here.
  10. Does the expansion come with both options?
  11. This is all very off topic but I think we as a society need to stop sweating all this micro aggression stuff. Anyway, Jyn Erso!!!!!
  12. What?! I’m a 40 year old man. If someone calls me “boy” I in now way think I am being threatended with violence. As an America who speaks American English I respectfully disagree with you.
  13. Or a rebel trooper, who also has nimble.
  14. Can a 1.4 FD laser claim an objective in someone carry’s it to them and drops in in base contact with the laser?
  15. I’m hoping someone will not want the Jedi half of their core set. Buying 2 core sets and swapping the units you don’t want fjrvthe ones you do is a great value.
  16. I’m hoping they release a new core set when the new factions come out. I may get the Jedi faction and give the seleratists away.
  17. I only run Rebels and I’m pretty excited.
  18. I’m hoping if you “TEAMWORK” her with Chewy then she, Chewy, and Han can all be blessing each other with tokens.
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