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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/4/8/quelling-rebellion/
  2. Pooleman

    X-Wing sale

    It’s not letting me order the Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack
  3. Pooleman

    X-Wing sale

    Does this work in store as well?
  4. I love these. You’re the guy who made the generator so we could make our own ship cards, right?
  5. I’m getting one and giving all the droids to a friend who is giving me his clones. I picked the clones since they have fewer models to paint.
  6. Pooleman

    YT-1300 models

    Just fly the Lando model. The cardboard and dial is all that matters. People paint, LED light, and modify their ships. The plastic on the leg doesn’t matter.
  7. I’m curious why my Guardians of the Rebublic pack came with 2 copies of “Saturation Salvo” and i can’t equip them on any of the ships in the entire faction.
  8. I see in the new expansion rules that there is a new “STRAINED” condition. It explains the effect of Strained but I dont see where it’s explained how a ship becomes Strained.
  9. You can easily put an RZ-1 on a peg and be done with it.
  10. I thought they should have put 2 RZ-2 dials and cards in the conversion kit.
  11. Who can say? The resistance conversion kit came with three YT-1300 dials and they are costed at a level that only allows you to bring 2.
  12. They want you to buy four of them, then they’ll make a points adjustment. I’m only getting 1, maybe 2. I already have 3 and the dials are the same as the rebel dial. I’ll just be putting them in the dual upgrade kit so you can’t tell the difference.
  13. Why can’t you kill 2 snipers? Leia rolls 2 dice, and there are 2 minis.
  14. I always try different dumb lists, it’s more fun. And I like to bring Leia just to bombard those snipers into oblivion on turn one. Triple s piers is just lame.
  15. The rebel dial has all the same maneuvers, but has a white move instead of s blue. My opponent didn’t care.
  16. I had no interest in building a Hoth mat or painting my 1.4 in winter theme until this latest announcement. I’m also curious if the AT-RT rider will fit on the tauntaun.
  17. I’ll be buying a set of these for the sole purpose of having a gutted tauntaun to cram Luke into as scatter terrain.
  18. It must be because they come with that support unit (I’m guessing it’s a support since there’s an extra unit card).
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