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  1. 31 minutes ago, Azrapse said:
    1. In a browser, go to your router address. It's usually or
    2. If the address is right, you will see some login webpage asking you for username and password. Usually you need to enter the router's admin credentials here. This changes per router brand and model, so you better check your router manual. In most of the routers I have had, it's been username: admin password: admin.
    3. Find the section where you manage the port redirection. It is usually under Advanced settings, and it's called "NAT", "Network Address Translation", "Virtual Servers", "Port Forwarding", or some other similar name.
    4. Find the way to add a new "server" or "service" to the table. It usually consists on specifying an internal IP, internal port, external port, and the protocol.
      • In the internal IP you need to specify the local IP address of the computer running Fly Casual which your friend will connect to. This address will usually start with 192.168.xxx.xxx. You can find the IP address of your computer by opening a command line (Start button, type cmd and press enter), and typing the ipconfig command. (Just ipconfing, and press Enter).
      • In the internal and external port, you need specify the port that Fly Casual uses (that is 7777).
      • In the protocol, specify TCP or TCP/UDP.
    5. Save the changes. You router might want to restart. Let it.
    6. Start the game in your computer as a host. Windows might now be asking you in the desktop (check if the window doesn't appear on top of the game) whether you allow the game to accept incoming connections. Say yes.
    7. Your friend must enter your router's external IP. You can now what your external IP is by going to https://www.whatismyip.com/ . It's the one called Public IPv4 address.
    8. If all went well, your friend's game will connect to your game.
    9. Play, have fun.
    10. Profit.


    If your computer is set to get a dynamic IP address from your router every time it's switched on, you will need to repeat the entire process every time.
    Perhaps you better change your computer to have a fix IP address in Windows network settings.


    We specifically mean the router, correct, not the cable modem? I have an Apple Express router and these web addresses are not allowing me to enter the router. Apple does have an app that may allow me to make these specific changes.


  2. 19 minutes ago, ScummyRebel said:

    Which is why I gave up. I sorta buy stuff now and then but I’m done keeping up with the Joneses. My empire has had nothing “new” since the original Imperial specialists (Bossk excepted), and my rebels are almost all pre-specialists (one unit of veterans excepted because I didn’t have enough corps units). I am probably only going to pick up for them the escape pod + the heavy weapon trooper packs.

    I play rebels and clones so the escape pod was essential for me. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, JediPartisan said:

    So here’s my take (wow free unsolicited advice that’s not worth anything🙄).

    At 35 points, R2 can be that VP that wins the game and once Republic gets vehicles he’ll be even more useful (yeah, yeah, for those rebel people too😆). 3PO can be useful, but swinging 50 points can be a lot harder than 35. Just my opinion, but I could be missing something.



    The republic has vehicles now. 

  4. On 11/1/2019 at 11:23 AM, Lightrock said:

    Soooo, shops in my area are finally selling Dewbacks and I'm wondering if I should buy any and if so - how many. I know that Tauntauns have been quite a success but I'm not certain their Imperial equivalent is that good. What do you guys think? Feedback from people who already got to play with/against Dewbacks would be especially appreciated  but any opinions are welcome.

    Specifically, I'm looking for the following information:

    1. Are the red no surge defence dice, armor 1 and 6 HPs enough to keep them alive?

    2. Are their melee attacks sufficiently powerful to make an impact if they do make it to melee?

    3. Should you run them with or without a ranged weapon? In the latter case, which one would you use? 

    4. Is their mobility sufficient? Do you have to use spur often and if so, does that create problems with having too much suppression?

    5. If you were to use them in an army, would you take one Dewback or is that one of those units that only really start making an impact if you field 2-3 of them?

    6. In general, do they fit in the overall style of play of the Imperial armies? Or maybe you see a potential of them enabling a completely new army archetype that did not exist before?

    Thanks in advance for all your opinions.  :) 


    Who cares if they are good? Put them on the table because they look “Star Wars”. I’m rebel and clones only and I may buy 1 just as a terrain piece. 

  5. On 10/14/2019 at 8:09 PM, ArcticJedi said:

    I think the title says it well enough that I don't need to restate myself, but... I will anyway. Do you guys think we'll be getting Republic Commandos as a Spec Forces team? I doubt we'll be getting Omega or Delta Squad, but it would be cool if we did. Now I fully expect you guys to paint them in such fashion(though some of you will make them stark or custom... or maybe squads from the old {2002?} Clone Wars).

    What do you guys think? I think they'd be pretty good with their configurations/Shields/the repulsor blast that Battlefront two has given them.



  6. On 1/26/2019 at 11:04 AM, Alpha17 said:

    With all the talk of the Occupier tank, I rewatched the ambush scene of Rogue one, and now I'm trying to duplicate some of it's deserty urban combat feel in Legion.  These are my current buildings.  At the very least, I'd like to double what I have here, and add an additional overpass/walkway for more sniper positions and vehicle obstructions.  Stay tuned.  Hoping to have a full table worth of terrain by a Feb 16 tournament my local game store is hosting.



    Here is my desert setup. Sadly, I don’t have a true desert mat, I got a tundra mat that I thought could work with desert or forest. All this terrain covered exactly 25% of the board. 





  7. 7 hours ago, kyten44 said:

    Hello old friends. I have not played x wing in over a year. Since before 2.0. And to be honest, i miss it. And am thinking about picking it up again. However, i am nevous about the changes from version 1 to 2. Am i going to be disappointed when my old ships or tactics dont work anymore? Basically, how is the learning curve? And does the game still feel alive and active?

    Also, are the Imperials still the best? 😃   well that was a silly question. Of course they are!

    Play Legion instead. 

  8. 2 hours ago, Ranker said:

    Is it still optimal to buy two core sets for Clone Wars like we did for the initial game or is it better to one buy and fill out with expansion packs?


    Also for someone out of the loop the last 2-3 months, is Clone Wars set in a different era and therefore some units/rules won't be in effect or will it be fully compatible with releases thus far?

    I’m getting one core box and giving away all the CIS specific components to a friend who is also buying a core box and giving me all the Clones specific components. 

  9. On 8/13/2019 at 4:21 PM, TauntaunScout said:


    So without wanting to buy any more plastic, I am looking for advice on upgrades. I will be playing with:

    1x Rebel Commander (a singly based artillery spotter!)

    2x Rebel Veterans

    2x Mk II Blaster

    3x Tauntaun Riders (anything else would be uncivilized)

    1x Snowspeeder

    So that's 667 points. In addition to the above models, I've got access to the extra personnel models one would expect for the vets, one full set of snow painted Rebel Operatives, and if absolutely necessary two squads of snow painted rebel troopers. I'd like to avoid the grey & white paintjobs and stick to proper Hoth models wherever plausible though. Likewise, I have a snow AT-RT and 3 Atgar Towers, but I hate to give up a Support slot and lose a squad of tauntauns!

    So what upgrade cards would I be overlooking? I don't want to share my ideas lest I influence the answers. I am considering ignoring the tail gun on the snowspeeder, and I can always take a second commander with my grey & white uniformed Rebel Officer model...

    I’ve got more Hoth Rebels if you want them. 2 full squads  


  10. Was hoping for some input on this list. I ran a variant of it last night with 4 Z6 squads and only 1 taun taun. It was really good. I’m thinking of dropping Chewy to add more Z6s (even though I hate the Z6, so tired of it). 


    Legion HQ

    Title: Test List 
    Faction: rebels 
    Mode: standard 

    - Leia Organa (90) = 90
    - Han Solo (120) = 120
    - Chewbacca (110) = 110
    - Sabine Wren (125) = 125
    - 2x Rebel Troopers (40) + Z-6 Trooper (22) = 124
    - Rebel Troopers (40) + Rebel Trooper (10) = 50
    - 2x Tauntaun Riders (90) = 180

    Total: 799/800

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