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  1. I’m getting one core box and giving away all the CIS specific components to a friend who is also buying a core box and giving me all the Clones specific components.
  2. This works on tablets now?
  3. I’ve got more Hoth Rebels if you want them. 2 full squads
  4. Was hoping for some input on this list. I ran a variant of it last night with 4 Z6 squads and only 1 taun taun. It was really good. I’m thinking of dropping Chewy to add more Z6s (even though I hate the Z6, so tired of it). Legion HQ Title: Test List Faction: rebels Mode: standard Commanders: - Leia Organa (90) = 90 - Han Solo (120) = 120 Operatives: - Chewbacca (110) = 110 - Sabine Wren (125) = 125 Corps: - 2x Rebel Troopers (40) + Z-6 Trooper (22) = 124 - Rebel Troopers (40) + Rebel Trooper (10) = 50 Support: - 2x Tauntaun Riders (90) = 180 Total: 799/800
  5. Me seeing the new Legion stuff announced and “storing” my X-Wing collection.
  6. That movement notch on the side is really perking my curiosity.
  7. I can’t either, but I’m still getting the Clones, splitting a core set with a friend. I think I will need to hold off on new X-Wing purchases for a while.
  8. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/7/23/the-grand-army-of-the-republic/ i cant wait.
  9. Already missed out on death troopers this morning.
  10. I’ve been busy all week. Those eyes will be green or grey soon.
  11. So Legion was my first exposure to painting minis. My first rebels were terrible. Poor detail. I stripped the paint, reprimed, and took another stab at them. These are much better.
  12. I’ve got to sell some rebel core units to make room for these units.
  13. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/7/2/rebel-spirit-1/
  14. I’m getting 2 Sabine models so I can do multiple poses.
  15. I drove an hour to Barnes and Noble to pick up these ships and now I can’t use them. Sigh.
  16. Ask. Lots of times it’s in back because there is limited space on the shelf.
  17. Is there an online mode to play real people?
  18. Can someone direct me to some instructions on how to use the Legion TTS? I'm completely lost.
  19. Can anyone post a link or instructions on how to use the Legion TTS? I'm totally lost.
  20. So FFG is still holding the “second quarter of 2919”. That leaves only three weeks.
  21. The upper one is the one I’m using. Although I’m officially at capacity with it.
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