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  1. We specifically mean the router, correct, not the cable modem? I have an Apple Express router and these web addresses are not allowing me to enter the router. Apple does have an app that may allow me to make these specific changes.
  2. Can anyone walk me through the process of opening the port on my router to allow a friend to join my game. I can’t figure this out.
  3. Will this run on iOS or at this time?
  4. Is the multiplayer function active again?
  5. I play rebels and clones so the escape pod was essential for me.
  6. Ugh. I can’t keep up with this. My wallet is screaming.
  7. Lol. That’s fine. Gives me time to work on other projects.
  8. I noticed FFG is no longer giving us a proposed release window (Q1 2020, etc).
  9. I found the STL file for the ship on thin givers. But what did you use to add the tea detail shown in white in the pics and where did you get the landing gear?
  10. Ugh. I just saw this clip on Facebook. The more I see of the latest movie the more I find myself saying......
  11. The republic has vehicles now.
  12. Who cares if they are good? Put them on the table because they look “Star Wars”. I’m rebel and clones only and I may buy 1 just as a terrain piece.
  13. I’m a Rebel Player but I bought into Clones also. 2 more squads done (close to done)
  14. I wasn’t aware ESB needed defending. It’s nearly perfect.
  15. Here is my desert setup. Sadly, I don’t have a true desert mat, I got a tundra mat that I thought could work with desert or forest. All this terrain covered exactly 25% of the board.
  16. Do they have to be Fleet Troopers specificities?
  17. I’m getting one core box and giving away all the CIS specific components to a friend who is also buying a core box and giving me all the Clones specific components.
  18. I’ve got more Hoth Rebels if you want them. 2 full squads
  19. Was hoping for some input on this list. I ran a variant of it last night with 4 Z6 squads and only 1 taun taun. It was really good. I’m thinking of dropping Chewy to add more Z6s (even though I hate the Z6, so tired of it). Legion HQ Title: Test List Faction: rebels Mode: standard Commanders: - Leia Organa (90) = 90 - Han Solo (120) = 120 Operatives: - Chewbacca (110) = 110 - Sabine Wren (125) = 125 Corps: - 2x Rebel Troopers (40) + Z-6 Trooper (22) = 124 - Rebel Troopers (40) + Rebel Trooper (10) = 50 Support: - 2x Tauntaun Riders (90) = 180 Total: 799/800
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