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  1. Busy seeking permission to join the throng this weekend - and really keen to join the giving bandwagon... so even if I don't play I'll pony up a quid (as we'd say in Lahndaan) for every player that does four rounds, and another five pounds per maniac that does the full 8 (up to a maximum of £50). Also - as I passionately hate the concept of squadrons - I'll throw in a fiver for every squadron-less fleet submitted - and played - up to a maximum of £50 too. Howevs... would it be bad of me to donate to a UK-based charity? No offence to my transatlantic cousins, but I'd feel a little strange giving to what appears to be a primarily NA-facing organisation when our front-line medical staff are so clearly struggling in the UK at the moment - was thinking https://www.nhscharitiestogether.co.uk/ might be acceptable to any UK-based players?
  2. Not so much now... https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/content/news/uk-games-expo-august-cancelled/ 😞
  3. @Aresius 245 bt Realadmiralsdoitinspace 30 in Pod Starhawk C (MOV 215 for an 8-2) And the pod chock full of unreleased big ships ends without a single Starhawk being destroyed (though fans of big capital-ship explosions don't be too disheartened - my Liberty failed to make it past round 4 in every game!) In a match notable for its brevity - speedy play all-round - my catastrophic failure to notice a Turn 4 bail command at the top of the game meant my entire strategy of sacrificing a Lib for a close-range barrage in the face of a speed 0 starhawk (with my own starhawk poised in the flank) sort of didn't come off - spectacularly. Kudos to a clearly superior (and jolly nice) player... and thanks for Biggs for allowing us the delay.
  4. The final game is gone... Aresius wins by a big chunk
  5. Er... it might do. Or I might have found a whole new suicidal way of becoming out-deployed though my own objectives!
  6. Just in case y'all are desperate for a last-minute punching bag, I've thrown together and submitted a hot, at-large mess to explode as and when required...
  7. RealAdmiralsDoItInSpace vs RapidReload RealAdmirals was 1st player Station Objective was played RealAdmirals: 232 Mr Reload: 198 Win RealAdmirals with 34 MOV for 6:5 Entertaining game between two players with little faith in their fleets. No colossal mistakes made on either side, and my tactic of barreling in like a mad man on both closely positioned stations ended with the predictable loss of one of my two death pickles being offset by the death of a handful of smaller ships and both stations. RR was top fun to play against, and taught me a lot about the dangers of massive minefields.
  8. Myself and @RapidReload just finished... report in the report-y bit shortly
  9. We're playing tonight - 8pm BST... get your beers and popcorn ready to see my squad-less pickles get pureeed by a whole bunch a' bombers.
  10. If it's not too late... I'm in. (Noooooo - wrong place 🙄... why am I here? Why are we all here? What's going on) Apols
  11. MC80 Battle Cruiser (103 points)- Endeavor ( 4 points) - Bail Organa ( 7 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Engine Techs ( 8 points) - Spinal Armament ( 9 points) - Quad Turbolaser Cannons ( 10 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 152 total ship cost (With the caveat that next door is an MC80 with Home One) Accuracies galore and guaranteed six red dice to play with at long range.
  12. Someone's clearly got that bored-at-work Friday feeling... PS: Kudos to @Nostromoid for original artwork, any mistakes my own blah, blah, blah (unless, of course, they're his).
  13. In... We've only got a few months left - but I'm still a yurpee'n.
  14. Top reporting Baron Fel... and as a (very) part time Eagler well done to James and Sam!
  15. That's more than I was expecting for just 220 points...
  16. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/3/executor-arrives/
  17. RealAdmiralsdoitinspace Vs Podracer RealAdmirals: 202 Podracer: 138 Initiative: RealAdmirals Abjective: Station Assault
  18. De forums say the wave is late... we may have to litigate, But don't worry...
  19. Blimey @PodRacer and @BrobaFett... I'm not happy with the level of thought that appears to be going into the Pod 4 fleets. Given the extreme pants-ness of our draft pool, I essentially just chucked everything I had into a metaphorical bag and pulled stuff out at random!
  20. My head hurts trying to understand how this all works... but, then again, it hurts most of the time anyway - so I'm in
  21. Very true... but there's a helluva lot of competition for that slot. Simple fix (with my option) would be to make DCO cancel both crit types... but as an exhaust.
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