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  1. I actually really enjoyed reading this compared to what I was expecting! I noticed a couple typo like errors. The boost die in the appendix, the caption is "unmodified" even though all of the other listed dice are "modified". I think there was an extra "of" here "...relation between of success and advantage," which is 2nd introductory paragraph, third line. I could be wrong but I thought I'd just let you know! I'm glad you included the appendix too, In case I decide to mix up the play experience when I eventually get another game~
  2. I love it! Thanks a million for putting in the work to create this However there's one small typo I noticed under Enact Command for the hacking rules "******** down elevators".. It made me chuckle so thanks for that too ^^
  3. Really looking forward to trying this out at some point! I was thinking of working on a Dragon Ball setting awhile ago but never got around to it. Hopefully I can get my group together again soon and give this a go!~
  4. I made an account just to comment, I noticed an error in the Misdirect tree. Fourth Row, Control upgrade, "targetng" typo. Also, I love the sheets and work you put into these! Thank you!
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