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  1. everyone saying to dabble into melee and ranged heavy I think you've all forgotten that i'm trying to stay as a brawl character. In the past I've played wookie marauder/doctor and that was fun until it got wickedly broken. I'm playing from scratch, from character gen, and the only bonus things I have is the repulsor fist and 1 rank in mechanics. What I'm looking for is anything that strictly adds concussive to brawl weapons. So far the only attachment/modification I've found is weighted head.
  2. So from what I understand, concussive is the ultimate "suck my ****" of eote/fad/aor. If anyone has played mtg it's like playing mono blue control. So by staggering my opponent enough times I can keep them down eternally. Now weighted head is good and all but on any regular brawl/melee weapon it just takes too long to kill them. Since i'm going to be the DPS of my party, I need, well, DPS. Our GM has allowed us one special item and I stumbled upon the repulsor fist. Whilst not a weapon, it the most overpowered piece of equipment I have ever seen. It runs as follows: Damage: 8 Crit: 3 Concussive: 1, Slow firing 2 Now what you notice is it doesn't have hard points so I can't mod it separately. In my campaign, I assume the role of a Besalisk Armourer. Originally from the homeworld working under a hutt weapons manufactory until it became non-profitable and we were abandoned on an orbiting space station. Being a Besalisk I have 4 arms, but since I can only have 1 special item, I only get 1 Repulsor fist. What I want to do though, is equip Refined Cortosis Gauntlets over all my arms which I can then mod for weighted head. The aim is to keep my opponent subdued forever. Now I ask you, community of fantasy flight, is there a way to beef up my concussive rating even higher?, can having 4 arms grant me additional attacks each turn? will I drive my GM into insanity? Is the repulsor fist too overpowered? how do I manage more than 1 opponent to keep them both subdued? Can I get linked on it and do a hulkbuster suit style 'go to sleep, go to sleep...'?
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