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  1. Figured as much about juke, and prockets makes sense as well. Can't wait to get back into the game again.
  2. Got around to checking out the new first order stuff and immediately spotted an issue with "Midnight" and possibly a quirk with the /sf's. Midnight first. Her ability reads, "While you defend or preform an attack, if you have a lock on the enemy ship, that ship's dice cannot be modified." That sounds to me like Juke will no longer be her go to EPT. Can I get some confirmation one way or the other on that and should I go unstaple those cards? The TIE/sf quirk that I spotted was how its innate ability "Heavy Weapon Turret" works with Proton Rockets. Heavy Weapon Turret reads, "You can rotate your turret indicator only to your front or rear firing arc. You must treat the front arc requirement of your equipped missile upgrades as a turret attack." Since proton rockets require a bulls eye arc and not just a forward arc; can you use these abilities together? Can you only fire them out the rear using a pseudo bulls eye arc, or would it allow you to just treat it as a range 1 turret attack?
  3. I ran a similar build and was largely disappointed with Multispec camo on Meg. I think across two tournaments I ended up using it once, and only at the end of a game that my opponent ended up conceding. I had mentioned not having used it at all, and he target locked her as a favor. Didn't even get to remove it. That all being said, if you're just looking for a ps 10 or 11 ship to have in, I would say QD or Vader is probably the best bet. QD with LWF, SpecOps, Adaptability, FCS and tech of choice comes out to 35 points and lets you put stealth device on Omega Leader with a 0 point bid. Can run the list as all 8s or 2 8s and a 10. Likewise if you think you'll see a lot of Black 1 Poe, you can drop the tech from QD and have Inqy and a 0 point bid. A standard Vader with adaptability gives you a 1 point bid in the first build and another potential target for OP, but it really works wonders on Vermeil.
  4. With his double reaper list, the PS 1 can strip target locks or sticky tokens from comm relay and optics. Feroph can jam again if necessary or just token up and dive on in. If any number of those ships are not repositioning and just accepting eating tokened and target locked attacks, while still having no tokens themselves, you've basically won the exchange before it even started. Add in when you can block with your PS 1 and you've set up kill boxes while having the tankiest small ship on the board. Sure Vermeil's ability is easier to get off, but I've spent the majority of a tournament not having enough dice for him to fix after spending his target lock, then a die for OP. It's very often unnecessary in that set up. With OP on Vader, he would certainly get more use out of it, but a change to Feroph would also dictate OP changes hands. I'm also not sure why you're including GC with Vermeil, that has 0 interaction with his capabilities. It doesn't affect his primary attack and he has no slots for secondaries.
  5. I'm actually becoming more of a fan of Feroph over Vermeil. Since they want to jam everything anyway, you will have the same likelihood of getting use of both abilities. Vermeil's is limited to a small modification on stronger dice once per round while Feroph adds a significant modification to much worse dice and can be used as many times as he gets attacked. Having 2 reapers means he is able to token up on turns when he might be a target (or left as bait) and having 2 dice behind a token, palp and (mechanically) a reinforce, he can shrug off 3 and 4 hit attacks all turn long. Were he to also have the OP condition, I have a hard time seeing when Vermeil would have a more significant impact.
  6. Optimized prototype only lets you spend the die on primary attacks, not secondaries. The control aspect still works well in what can otherwise be a pretty predictable list though.
  7. I'm not sure the missiles are worth much more over the primary, particularly if you end up spending your lock and need to reacquire it the next round. Have you tried rebel captive instead of the tac officer? I would imagine the little bit of stress control would help keep aces off vader or make them a little easier or more predictable for RAC to arc dodge/bump.
  8. It might see better mileage in an epic format, and the imperial aggressor pilot "Double Edge" could get even more value out of this combo if you're willing to pay up for a second cruise missile. Probably not terribly effective, but there's room for shenanigans there.
  9. Another vote for LWF on the reaper. Tac Officer looks like it would largely be a waste in that list. At best, you're letting Duchess focus and evade, which you can do better with different crew. Likewise, outmaneuver doesn't have the same punch that other EPT's do. Green dice tend to be weaker than red dice, so a situational mod to reduce those instead of a mod to boost your reds or give you better efficiency elsewhere feels like a terrible trade off. Who do you feel like wants the optimized prototype in this list? Duchess is probably off hunting aces and won't be around the reaper, so keeping it on himself looks like the best answer. That means he would absolutely want to keep his own tokens/actions to get some mileage out of his point cost. If he becomes a 30 point blocker and Duchess bites it, you've basically lost the game.
  10. That question was worded a bit clunky, so for clarification for the next person to read this; A ship with wookie commandos (or wired for that matter) can reroll their eye results and Saw's effect would also allow them to reroll another die that was not already rerolled, assuming all stress, damage and range conditions are met. The original wording might suggest that any ship within range 2 could reroll eye results and any other result, which is not the case.
  11. Vessery is by far the best, if not the only pilot, worth running in a TIE/D defender. That being said, the x7 configuration tends to perform better in tournaments. Assuming that is what you want the list for, and not just a beer and pretzels game night, we can try to optimize from there. Both Ryad and Vessery are more than likely the pilots you will want to run. Being a middling PS hurts them a bit, but defenders can usually outmaneuver most ships with practice. Ryad's long green K turns in particular help keep arc dodging aces like Poe from being able to do a short 1 maneuver with a boost/br to arc dodge; you just put too much space between you. If you only have 4 points for EPTs, expertise on one ship is probably very lackluster compared to juke on both. Since your ships are relatively low PS compared to a lot of what you'll fly against in the current PS wars, you will probably be pretty free to spend whatever tokens you have left for offense by the time you get to shoot. The ships built this way want to spend tokens defensively if possible and just stay alive, getting damage when and where they can. Which brings us to Meg. You have 2 very defensive oriented fighters already, that push decent dice if your opponent is not actively trying to stop target locks to feed Vess or remove the token stacks from both ships. Meg is a great defensive closer, but that isn't what your list needs. You need a hard hitting flanker who provides a big threat. Preferably with the ability to target lock, although a striker like Duchess wouldn't be bad in a list like this. With only 29-31 points available to you for your third ship, your options are a little sparse. Vessery likes a ship with a low PS or FCS so you never lose the opportunity to spend that target lock. You could quite possibly fit in a bomber or tie/shuttle if you feel you can make the ordnance or crew work, or an ace like Inquisitor who has slightly better damage than Meg. Keep him well behind your defenders, and that's a pretty hard call for your opponent.
  12. Just in comparing the third ships, Omega Leader is probably the most consistent end game piece between the three. The Rho seems like it would be the most bursty, which equates to big swings of game influence, but its poor turning means you won't be getting off those shots often. I would imagine the Inquisitor would be the highest average damage per round choice, but he is also the most fragile if he gets caught in a bump or just takes a few close range shots in a single round. I'd give it a long consideration if any of those capabilities are worth more than just a cheap /x7 defender, which is probably the low ps benchmark that compares best to your third ship selections. If you are leaning on the Rho solely for the synergy with Backdraft, then I'd say you're better off with another option. It's a lot harder to get consistent rear arc shots on a specific target than it would be to just front arc someone; particularly if your opponent sees it coming. Vader could replace him and make it easier to set that up, but I'm assuming you are set on running both /sf aces. For other consideration, you could load up a decent bomber for 30ish points, or a palp shuttle if you like the /sf aces and feel like the third ship isn't bringing a lot to the party otherwise. If you are going to try and work the Rho in, I would highly recommend trying to squeeze in pattern analyzer or at least primed thrusters on Backdraft. Those sloops are the easiest way to get him facing the right direction, and being able to do that along with a barrel roll will give you the most area coverage. PA is just more versatile in the event you need to switch target locks or refresh your focus instead, but probably not worth the extra point. I'm also a huge proponent of sensor cluster on QD. You lose out on the double modded first shot, and almost guaranteed one or two additional barrel rolls or target lock swaps over the course of the game, but the greater control over her shields is usually worth the trade. You are guaranteed to always have an evade as long as you have a focus, and you have something like an 84% chance to have 2+ evades (assuming you're rolling all 3 dice). That means she keeps her shields longer and is a much scarier presence early and mid game. Just my 2 cents. TL;DR - I vote for Meg.
  13. Using only upgrades and ships you currently own, I made this list. •Quickdraw (34) Spec Ops Training (0), Veteran Instincts (1), Fire Control System (2), Sensor Cluster (2) •Colonel Vessery (41) TIE/D (0), Outmaneuver (3), Ion Cannon (3) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (22) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1), TIE Shuttle (0), Systems Officer (2), Fleet Officer (3) Total: 97 points That gives you room to throw on your other TIE mk. II or a cheap missile on one of the ships. Ideally you'd want a Lightweight Frame on Quickdraw if you can proxy it or if you plan on picking up a striker or tie aggressor, but the missile isn't a bad option either. It's not a top meta list, but it could certainly win a casual tournament. In a typical game, you'd want the bomber and Vessery near the front of the initial engagement. Line them up in an inverted "V" formation a bit off center with QD towards the outside edge, bomber leading the point, and Vess on the inside. QD and Vess do big moves forward first round and bomber goes short, then reverse that for round 2. Try to give QD the initial target lock from systems officer if you can get her in range, otherwise it's fine to give it to Vess. Use the bomber's action to give out double focus tokens as often as you can. Try to give one to Vess every round, then QD if possible or to the bomber himself if QD is out of range. Vess will want to Barrel roll out of any arcs he can, but more than likely other ships will move after you and your best bet is to take a focus action so he ends up with 2 tokens. He'll get free target locks for both attacks if he shoots at anything QD shot at that turn thanks to FCS, so you should have great mods for offense or defense if you need them. I'd recommend spending the focus token on the ion cannon shot if you only have 1 when it's his turn to shoot. That'll lock them into a white 1 straight and Vess can often k-turn behind them and ion them to death (outmaneuver gets its value here). QD wants to focus most turns. Barrel roll if it keeps you out of arc, but with sensor cluster that focus is a pseudo evade token and helps keep her shields around. She gets a bonus shot once per round when she loses shields, so saving those shields is how you get the most value out of her. As long as she stays on the same target, she'll have free target locks from FCS (spend them every shot!) and if you have an extra focus from the bomber, don't be afraid to use it to boost one of your attacks. That focus token on her is a huge deterrent so you don't want to spend it needlessly and it's often scarier just sitting there than when used to push 1 more damage through. You want to trade the bomber early for a high value ship from your opponent. QD and Vess are action efficient enough once the opponent's list has been thinned a bit. Vess sucks late game without the free target locks, but a defender is still a strong ship in general. It should serve you well as long as he's in play. A smart opponent will try to take out QD first, or at least all of her shields. If it looks like you'll lose her, use your bomber to get a target lock on something that Vess can shoot at for free mods, and have QD run away. If they chase, she has her rear arc and you make her shots count as much as you can. Don't save focuses for defense at that point, just push all the damage you can. In a perfect world, she will either get extra damage on the ship chasing her, or make them spend tokens so Vess can ionize them and save her butt.
  14. Small point in that you have 121 points in your rebel list as it's listed now. 40 for poe, 20 for gsp, 31 for wedge and 30 for luke. The lists are fine if your friends already have some experience with the game, but if they're brand new then you're throwing out a lot of advanced mechanics for a starter game. Double sided cards, upgrades that upend regular rules and ships that are difficult to fly do not make friendly matches, nor do they encourage people to get into a game if it's well above the complexity level they're comfortable with. You probably want something very basic, even minimal upgrades. Also for the sake of making the game recognizable, I would try to keep some of the old classic names like Luke and maybe Vader if you don't go crazy with him. You could do Vader with Lightning Reflexes and 2 black squadron Tie/ln's with crack shot. Nothing wild and crazy, and the only real rule changers are one off upgrades. Likewise, you could run Luke with another generic x wing like red squadron. Give em both vectored thrusters so everyone has the opportunity to use and see how barrel rolling works, then you've got 5 points for an EPT and astromechs. For simplicity's sake, I would put predator on Luke and r2-d6 and crackshot on the red squadron pilot. Neither of those lists is terribly powerful and I'd guess they're comparable in capabilities. There is also a good bit of crossover between the lists in what they can do, so they can learn by watching the other person play as well as when they are setting dials themselves. Just my 2 cents and some food for thought. Hope you guys have fun and you bring a few more into the fold!
  15. Would be nice if you had some way to mitigate the potential salvo damage on Laetin, but otherwise it looks like it would be fun to make use of R5-TK.
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